Quick Curse Techniques

Kitten's Claws

Elaborate curses take long hours and may take some time to be effective on the target,It can be good to have a few quick curse techniques that can be done on the spot or within a few minutes such as on a work break.

Spitting is a quick way to get a curse going.It takes a lot of saliva to spit forcefully.Spitting on someone is illegal so I am not recommending that in any way.Instead,spit in front or behind them.You can also spit on a taglock item.Also,a spit curse could be worked by spitting on an item that the target will come in contact with such as a car door handle,a door knob or even their desk or chair.

The evil eye can be a skill learnt .I was never really able to do so however with practice ,I can know.I do have a separate post on working with the evil…

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Freezer Curse

This is one of my blogs where at least one curse a day is posted.

Kitten's Claws

Since today is the first snow storm day,I thought it would be a good day to discuss the freezer curse.This is a well known curse and widely used by practitioners of all paths.It is used to mostly silence bad witness,freeze up court hearings ,quiet co-workers and all forms of gossip or even freeze someone out of your life completely.Freeze someone’s words or actions against you and freezing out law enforcement.This could work for Children and Youth cases as well to not only delay them but also get rid of them.

Write on a piece of paper the names of the people,agency,government/law enforcement or meddling family and neighbors and place into a prepared animal tongue,pickle,fig or paper packet.Pray over it with the correct herbs to silence or cursing herbs.Red pepper will make their  lies burn their mouth and poppy seed can be worked with to confuse them causing the loss of paperwork,physical…

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Demonic Ceremony of Calling the Elements

Love your work,V.K.

V.K. Jehannum

The following spell calls on the demonic Kings of the four corners and Beelzebuth to saturate the area in the four elemental energies as well as celestial and chthonic polarities. Another series of mantras is presented at the end if the witch intends to call forth Qliphothic energies as well. Phrases in bold are vibrated and phrases in italics are chanted. The teachings derive from the 218 Current, Zeit23Geist, OFS Demonolatry, the Lilin Society, and Dragon Rouge.

Call to the South/Fire (Ruled by Amaymon and Corson)

Mur + Tzah + Elan Reya Amaymon + Ana tasa Corson Nanay + Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous

Call to the East/Air (Ruled by Uriens and Amaymon)

Murat + Mew + Jen da Uriens elat + Elan Reya Amaymon + Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Call to the West/Water (Ruled by Gaap and Paimon)

Murataz + Sshhh + Linan Tasa Jedan Paimon + Anana…

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Satan The Murderer and Suicidal

Satan's Kinky Kitten

This is going to be a bit different from some of my other posts however it is something I was taught by Satan.In Christianity,the false god states that to murder is a sin that brings eternal damnation.You are sent to Hell for torment and punishment .If you follow the false god and his rules ,you are given eternal life.What is eternal life?Eternal life is a slave meant to be kept naked and with out knowledge.

Satan left his creator by means of war however I see it as a form of suicide.He killed himself and become a new version of who he is much like mankind.After disobeying the false god’s rules,Eve had carnal knowledge and put clothes on.She herself commited a form of spiritual suicide.

Cain who was born a child of the false god was asked to give a sacrifice.What is a sacrifice ?It is meant to be the sacrifice…

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BDSM Wax Play In Ritual

This is a common BDSM technique worked with in play sessions.I am going to cover some of the basics of this form of play then discuss it in ritual.This is one of the easiest forms of being kinky.This is where hot wax is dripped onto a submissive’s body.Some places should not have pooling or large amounts of hot wax filling them or dripping into them as it can cause painful burning.One of those is the belly button and the other is the vagina or anus.Those body parts should not be filled or closed with hot wax.Also,wax play is not safe for above the neck and not on the face in any form.As this can cause serious burns.

In regards to what candles are safe,the best ones are cheap paraffin based candles.Avoid beeswax candles ,scented or perfumed candles burn at a high tempeture and can cause severe burning.Perform a heat check before working wax play  to be sure it is a safe and workable tempeture.

Feathers,fingers or soft caresses can be a sensual experience in a session.This is a form of fire play so use care with use of candles.

How can this be added into ritual?I am going to specifically address solo rituals with wax play.Carving of candles such as symbols,sigils or names can be done however do not anoint with oils as it can raise the tempeture of the burning candle.

Here is how I work with this method:

Set up the altar and begin the rite.I also work nude for many of my BDSM style of ritual.When I am raising energy into a ritual,I will drip wax on myself .I prefer my breasts,nipples ,stomach and thighs.One can drip wax technically where ever they want on them selves for ritual.I prefer to drip wax on those particular places.In the soft wax,you can draw sigils or write letters or numbers.

You can chant or recite prayers as this is done.After I am done,I place the candle back on the altar to burn out if any of the candle is left to burn out.I for the most part try to drip most if not all the candle.

The clean up of the wax is just as much of the ritual as well.One of the chants that can be said is the wax is removed the magick remains as I am the living temple of magick.

Disclaimer: I in no form accept responsibility of this use of ritual or BDSM play-you do so at your own risk.


The Evil Eye

Kitten's Claws

Many have heard of the evil eye and the old stories of how it works with many ways to avoid or turn away the evil eye.How can one work on creating the evil eye power within to be able to affect others with it?

The eyes take in many things including energy and they are able to emit energy .Think of the come fuck me look  or an evil glance given by another.I was never really able to give a curse via the evil eye however after much practice ,I am able to do so.Here is how I did so.Working with my eyes,I pulled energy up from my feet from the ground or earth.Pull it all the way up into the eyes and let them fill with energy.Begin to think nasty thoughts about the target or what you are looking at as well how you want to affect it.Perhaps you…

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Wand As The Riding Crop

Many of us work with these traditional tools such as the athame and such.However ,for those of us who practice a stronger form of sex magick incorporating the tools of BDSM can be added in the place of traditional tools.

One of the tools I replaced was the wand with the riding crop.In BDSM,the riding crop is a tool of authority one that can bring pleasure and pain.One that can strike as punishment or to give pleasure in reward.I replaced the wand with a riding crop I use in BDSM.I have used this item previously for striking myself during ritual for pain .

The riding crop can be worked with to cast circles,invoke,evoke entities as well as being able to direct energies in ritual.I would advise against use of the riding crops with fire,oils and even some herbs if you work with the same riding crop in BDSM.

The riding crop can also be a tool of masturbation by inserting into the vagina or anus for sexual energy.One can punish or bless depending on the type of work being done as well.

Think differently about your practice,your tools and your own sexual power.There is a darkness within and a great sexual power one can tap into.Gremory is a sexual deviant deamon who is said to the soul of women who fall in love with him/her as he is androgynous.There is nothing wrong with being repulsive and in sexual power to manifest that which you desire.Abide by the government/man’s law to maintain your freedom but do as you wish.How can you see working with other BDSM tools as ritual tools?