Tinctures In Ritual

What is a tincture? A tincture is a traditional herbal medicine made by steeping a plant in an alcohol.There are special ratios to be followed for specific plant simples and compounds.A very popular and powerful tincture for colds and flus is the echinecea tincture or even astragalus root.

Many of these tinctures can be worked with on a ritualistic basis as well.The tinctures can be made in ritual or with ritual components.Prayers,crystals and chants can be added.They can be charged on top of a sigil of a deamon,entity or any other type of veve or sigil.Some tinctures can alter one’s mind set. Since they are usually placed under the tongue,they enter the blood stream quickly.Also,these tinctures can then be worked with to anoint mojo bags,dolls and candles even crystals.

I am going to discuss marijuana tincture in depth here as this is one that most can either obtain or make for themselves for ritual use.Tincture can be made from discarded parts of marijuana.Tinctues are safe .You can control the amount of tincture you take.Tincture making can be done discreetly.Tinctures have a long shelf life.You can get the buzz or the high this creates an altered state of mind for ritual.You can get very altered or light altered state for ritual.If you take prescribed medications-speak with your doctor before taking as this can have some reactions to some medications.

I take a quart mason jar-dry and clean.I also use good quality dry buds,leaves and stems.I grind or break it all up finely.I add in Russian vodka about 80% proof.This creates the correct ratio for needed for safe consumption.If you add a lot of high quality bud,the tincture will be stronger and a smaller dosage is needed.If you use a smaller amount or lower quality of weed for tincture then you may want to use a higher dosage.You can experiment with the dosage for yourself.Take a smaller dosage and wait until you feel the tincture take effect.

Many of the other herbs and plants can be made into tinctures for medical purposes and ritual purposes.Doing some serious research on plant tinctures ,take special care when taking medications prescribed by a doctor as to not mix tinctures and medications together.

Tinctures are under rated when it comes to rituals and creating altered states.Take the time to make them and explore everything from a simple tincture which is a one plant tincture to a more complex mixture of plants or even tinctures mixed together for a variety of purposes.Rosemary Gladstar and Susan Weed are great starts for herbal research.I am going to do some blogs on wortcunning here that are more indepth.

untitled tincture






Occult Kitten’s Professional Deamon Tarot Course

I am proud to present my professional deamon tarot course.I have been working with both the deamon and fallen angel tarot decks for some time.This course will cover the history of the deamon tarot as well as the history of the tarot.We will cover each deamon in depth as well as their divinatory meaning.Tarot spreads and layouts,invocations/evocations of the deamons, wortcunning ,automatic writing and drawing ,ritually working with deamons and the deamon tarot.

This course is left hand path with a strong base on deamons.If you are not ready to delve into the deamonic world,I would not recommend this course for you.Once the course is made,the course cost is non refundable.Under no circumstances will there be any refunds,all course fees paid are final.Course cost is $100.00 flat fee for this 10 week course.Course payments are done through paypal.I can invoice you or you can send it through paypal.

Occult Kitten’s Professional Deamon Tarot Course is through google classroom.Once payment is finalized,a google code and course details are sent to each student via email.Daily lessons,assignments and discussions are posted on a regular basis.Completion of all course materials allows the students who are in the United States to obtain a certificate of completion.International students are not eligible for the certificate due to international shipping costs.

Each student is required to have the Deamon Tarot deck,a gmail account to allow access to the classroom and a notebook for class and personal notes.I do have a link for a free office program for those who wish to keep all of it digital.

I will be active daily in the classroom and can also be reached via email for any questions and concerns.Please feel free to reach out to me.Thank you.



Occult Kitten’s Professional Tarot Course

I am proud to present a professional tarot course.This course is geared for the beginner to learn the tarot. I have read the tarot for over 15 years and have had both professional and private classes.I have also been a professional tarot reader for both private clients,events and groups.The course will cover the following topics:

History and purpose of the tarot

Divinatory meanings of both reversed and upright card meanings

Wortcunning/Herbs/Teas of the tarot

Tarot symbolism and colors

Meditations and Tarot Walking

Tarot Spreads And Layouts

Tarot in ritual and Spell casting

Professional tarot skills-beginning a tarot reading business,handling sensitive client issues and concerns,how to give a professional reading.


Course Details

The course is through google classroom.Every student must have a gmail account to access the classroom.Access to the classroom is by code sent after payment has been received.Payments for the course are non-refundable for any reason.There are no refunds all sales are final for this course.Payment is through paypal only.I can invoice students or students may send the money through paypal.United State residents that are students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course .I do not offer the certificate to international students due to international shipping rates.The course fee is $100.00 USD.The course is 10 weeks and all course materials must be completed to obtain a certificate of completion. Daily assignments,topics and discussions are posted in the classroom to be completed by the student.Lessons will be posted five days a week to cover all material.The student may complete the work at their leisure as long as they complete it.I can be reached by email as well as through the classroom for all questions and concerns.I will be active in the classroom daily.


Course Requirements

Basic tarot card set of the student’s choice

A notebook or grimoire for class and personal notes

Optional- I do have a free office program for those who want to keep everything digital from the class

Please contact me by email or comment with any questions and concerns I would be happy to be of any assistance.



Mental Manipulation

Mental manipulation spells are fairly common in the left hand path community.Many work them to induce madness,suicide or some type of mental loss.These are valid methods no doubt and are mental manipulation spells.However,one can also work mental manipulation for positive workings such as reading better,passing a test or learning a new skill or improve cognitive skills.

I work with some type of skull imagery such as a glass or ceramic skull ,an animal skull or even skull art.An internet print out can be affective.This is representative of the mind in ritual.Herbs can be added as well as crystals to affect the mind.I add rosemary so my spell intent is commited to the mind.I also add some type of binder as well for the spell to be bound to the mind of the target. Mint is a herb of mental energy as well.

Candles can be added into the spell as well.A red one can be added to represent the spell to be as blood flowing to the brain and feeding it.A yellow candle can be added for communication.Blue or purple can be worked with as well also the white candle can be worked with as a universal color.Black can be done to curse or darken the mind,influence the mind into a dark mental state.

I am a speed reader ,I have never cast a speed reading spell however to work with this as example.I would place a skull in the middle of the triangle with yellow candles,red candles and a blue candle.I would add the following herbs around and under the skull-mint,lemonbalm,rose and coffee or tea leaf.I also would use a fast moving item such as a sacred rattle to move quickly allowing the mind to read faster understand better and be a speed reader.

A dark mental manipulation spell is a same set up ,different items.I would place the skull in the triangle and link the skull to the target.Once linked ,I would add into the triangle,broken glass,toxic herbs,thorns,pins and nails and black candles at the three points.Curses could be stated or a cure petition paper written in a language of the witch such as Theban,ogham or whatever language of choice.I would burn the paper as I stated my curses.

Vampyrism can be worked with in mental manipulation such as tendril feeding and implanting of thoughts into another.

The mind can be cursed and manipulated however it can also be healed.Skills such as reading,thinking and understanding can be enhanced in the mind.Mental disease can be healed or restricted for the victim who suffers.Suicide and madness can be induced.

How have you worked with the minds of others as well as your own mind?bjdjsosaq

Death Magick Musings

Death spells are the dreaded threat of the left hand path community.These spells are rare for them to complete.Let’s talk death spell or hex to the grave. Death spells or hex to the grave are spells or rituals done through a variety of skills and techniques meant to kill the target .Death spells are successful if one has the killer instinct inside of them.If one can not kill an animal or a human in any possible circumstance in reality,one can never successfully cast a hex to the grave spell according to historical witchcraft/occult information.

Various techniques can be done to effect the target into death.Death Magick Mojo bags can be created.Clay pots can be worked with,Of course the poppet/voodoo doll can be worked with as they are famous for such things.Death magick is much like any other form of magick based on the witch’s creativity,intent and resources.

Toxic herbs and household poisons can be added to spells.Death deamons ,wraiths and other agents of death can be employed.The shades of criminals,gang members and murders can be employed as well as dirt from their graves or dark objects of witchcraft.

Death altars can be built with the sole purpose of destroying an enemy to death.These can also be altars worked with in conjunction with necromancy.These altars can be worked with for a series of deaths or a slow death for an enemy.

This work as I stated is rare in it’s completion.That does not mean it can not be done rather it can be viewed as a cultivated skill.A mindset and skill set that is needed to be experimented and created with in one’s self.









Animals In Black Magick

Most think of animals as only being worked with in sacrifices in the black arts.However,one can work with animals in many ways also there are ways to work with animals who have been cursed ,killed or hurt by black magick.

Let us start with the ways to aide those animals affected by black magick in the form of curses and hexes or even as an innocent bystander.I had a friends whose animals suddenly died or were poisoned by a black witch.For those alive but affected by black magick curses,if medical help is needed -do so.I also recommend a cleansing or a removal of the curse by being pulled out of the animal.After that,A blessing of love and protection must be placed on the animal.Also,special wards must be placed on the animals.The clearing of their dishes,sleeping places and all personal items belonging to the animal must have the same or a similar process done on them as to not re-infect the animal.

If an animal has been death cursed and dies ,the bodies must be cleansed to the point the spirit of the animal is released from the curse.The place of death must be cleansed as well.All things belonging to the animal must be cleansed or purged as well.Spells to cross the animal over free of the curse must be done to set the animal free.Spells of protection,warding and healing must be done at the burial of the animal as well.

Animal sacrifices are done in black magick for a variety of reasons.This is usually done with respect.Animals sacrificed are done in a respectful and humane way with most sacrifices being eaten .The meat is not wasted.

Animals as totems,power animals and guides can be worked with .Most of the left hand path are familiar with werewolf energy or even lycans.These are most worked with.Servitors can be worked with in animal form.Spirit animals can be sent to work or fight against another or even fight their familiars.

Animals such as pets are often viewed as familiars and they can be.This is one of the most well known.

Animals can also be worked with divination.Druidic animal cards as well as their presence can be studied as to their divinatory meanings.Telepathetic communications can be done with animals to gain information.

Animal parts can be worked with in spells and rituals of various kinds.Skulls can be worked with as spirit vessels.How have you worked with animals or want to work with animals?


Black Candles,Black Magick

Candle magick is an old tradition and most of it is colored based.The color symbolism is heavy for most beginner witches.I was worked solely with colored candles then for some time working with primarily white candles even for cursing.Witches of old used whatever candle they had on hand.Many were not color symbolic of the spell cast.

I then got into only working with red ,black and white candles.Red primarily as blood magick and power.White as an all purpose universal color.Black by far is my favorite.I found a great deal to buy candles in bulk and I chose to stock up on black candles.I started to experiment with using black candles for everything.

Black to me is the color of things hidden,the night and the dark moon.I also align with the abyss and void energy.There is also dark matter and the dark of space.When you have nothing and cast from it -black .

Of course this can be used for nightmares,curses,hexes and return to sender spells.Black candles can be used for money just as well.Money from the void or money to be regained from a loss.I would not use a black candle for a true love spell however to curse or even draw a dark spirit has a lover.

The black candle in general when looked at as being symbolic for black magick can be worked for any purpose.Black magick to me is the use of hidden or forbidden or unknown magick.To me,so is the black candle.How do you view the black candle in magick spells?