Blasemphy Rite-Cruxifix Rite

Blasemphy Rite
Consume the power of the cross/cruxifix
Using the deflied blessed cross ,one can masturbate with or even use a dildo by inserting it inside.Focusing on taking the power of the cross into the body,mind and soul.Unholy prayers or words of blasemphy can be said as you do so.Climax upon the cross with intent.

A secondary rite could be having sex with a partner with the cross in the mouth of the submissive or used to give oral sex on while the other partner has sex with them while doing so.Here the submissive is a channel both absorbing the energy as well channeling the energy to the partner they are having sex.The partner who is dom can be uttering the blasemphy words or prayers while having sex with the sub who is giving oral sex to the cross.

Upon climax both can consume the energy of cross/cruxifix while directing the energy into a common intent.Some roleplay can be nun and priest,nun and monk,satan and nun which is by far by favorite.

These rites are not for everyone but they are ways of power which are taboo and frowned upon in most paths.


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