Curse Eater Part 1

Curse Eater
What is a curse eater?How do they feed and what can they do?
A curse eater is a vampyric deamon who has the ability to eat curses.Curses are a type of magick that is cast to harm another.A curse eater is immune to being harmed by a curse large or small.Rather they feed on it.Someone who has the ability to passively accept energy sent to them absorbs energy.A skilled person creates and allows one to send energy.Once energy is sent,it is attached too.Once attached,that energy source can be tapped into and drained.
If curses are sent upon one,a skilled person can feed on them becoming a curse eater.A curse eater becomes stronger by eating curses sent to them.Curse eaters can be in a variety of deamonic forms.It is a form of predator magick.Instead of being a victim,a curse eater is a predator who may be smart enough or manipulative enough to make themselves a target in order to grow stronger.Feeding projects such as projects or life goals.A curse eater is a damned creature who has no soul.Its only goal is to eat dark energy,to absorb this curse energy.These creatures are dark,bold and strong.Unwilling to die or unable to die,there is only their agenda.The stronger the curse the more they feed.Curse eaters have nothing to lose.As they feed on curses,the source and casters of these curses are fed upon.Appearing stronger then they are,the victim will be a constant source to feed on.When dealing with a damned cursed occultist,one never knows which skills they have acquired.
Curse eater is a skill,a deamon and an aspect of ourselves.Curse eaters carry within their essence a darkness which carries no light.
Am I curse eater?Yes.


One thought on “Curse Eater Part 1

  1. High five! I’m just imagining us linking elbows and doing a jig. LOL thanks for sharing this, it makes so much sense. I was thinking of the name Arsinoe, or whatever. Trying to understand my nature and rah rah, why am I so damned difficult?! Opposite to friggen everything?! Super mega meta contrarian uuuuugggghhhhh. LOL
    Thanks O, from K. 😉 because I don’t know your identity, but am happy to go with your online handle *shrugs*


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