I know this post will strike some as a shock and will create some debate.When making offerings,what will a spirit do with a glass of wine or food?Why would the spirit or deity want a glass of wine?Why do we petition spirits or deities in such a way?
I do not give statues as representations of spirits/deities offerings.I do not place offerings in front of these representations as I do not see them as being the spirit.If I apply the catholic idea of how we are not worshipping the statues but see them as representations of the spirit,then anything could be a representation of the spirit/deity.In that sense,I can be a living representation of any spirit or deity here.Why give an offering to be disposed on rather then applying this offering to the self as a representation of the spirits/deities petitioned?
Why place a glass of wine out as on affering rather then drink the wine personally as a representative of the spirits/deities?
A priest of any order or religion is seen as the representative of the main deity on the earthly plane.I personally view the spirits/deities as aspects of ourselves both internal and externally.When I consume the spiritual offering,I am feeding my connection and self as that spirit within myself.
Possession could even be worked with here as one brings the spirit into the self.In possession,is it not possible that the spirit that possesses is some part of your own consciousness invoked via ritual or even created through ritual?The more one allows one to possess,the more that particular spirit becomes attached into the body allowing the spirit to have a living vessel on earth it is bound too?
I first worked with possession when exploring the wiccan rite of drawing down the moon.Drawing down the moon and sun are possession rituals that are not recognized as such.These rituals can be adapted to begin possession.
So in a state of possession,one could consume the offerings.
I personally do not give offerings but rather pamper/cater to myself.I wear nice clothes,keep my hair up,eat well and wear expensive ritual perfumes for examples.I have gone back via the astral and consumed the power of the offerings given previously to myself.I have reclaimed my blood as the deities/spirits I have given my blood too.I claim myself as a worshipper,devotee and high priestess to the self.How do you view the offerings you give ?

One thought on “Offerings

  1. I don’t think it is really about what you physically give but what are you willing to give up in order to make something happen. Pleasing just oneself only helps One. It’s a two sided coin where spirit can be indulged within by deifing the Self or offering it to something without. Out side self. I see offerings like fuel to a flame or a current to a charge. The more you give (negative) the more you receive (positive). The greatest thing to achieve is a experience. Possession, much like a overloaded charge, allows the magician to experience an altered state of consciousness that gives new insight and revelation.


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