Deamon Flesh-Warrior Self

Demon Flesh -Warrior Self
Imagine yourself on a battlefield.Imagine seeing both sides.Pick the side you are on.Visualize a deamon coming up to you larger then life in front of you.See the deamon coming into you.It overlaps you entering your aura.Any strong deamon form or warrior form could be applied here.Multiple forms could meld together once you have become an adept with the deamon flesh concept here.kitten#0534
Once the demon flesh is solidified,watch your enemy come up to you.Allow them to strike you.Each strike that is placed on your send back to them .This is not where you fight them blow for blow rather you return the energy of their own blow back to them.
In the source used here -Eye of the Oracle by Somnus Dreadwood-you would state the void whisper .This returns their energy.The deamon flesh becomes more solid.The void whisper becomes to the point that all energy that strikes you is returned by the power of words.One could set up their own set of word phrases to send their energy back to them.
Bring your deamon flesh into you.Create the armour.See it Feel it.
When you return to your surroundings,feel the energy surging through you.Know its yours.



3 thoughts on “Deamon Flesh-Warrior Self

  1. Kitten glad to see you back. Miss your posts. Hope all is well with you. Planning on doing a collection of Halloween Short stories for an ebook release in a few weeks. I would love to use you as a resourse on the wiccan and the occult angles if you would let me.



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