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Discord is a free app with out censership.There is a desktop and mobile version.One sets up servers which is much like a small website or even a facebook group.It is with out censorship or police.There is no way to report or be banned.

I have several servers going on there.I have a free mentorship server for those who wish to be mentored.The following mentorships are available: sex magick,aura/glamours,seductress/siren and psychic development.

I also have a Temple of Babylon which is completely sex related as well as any other taboo occult practices.

Erotic Occult is a basic occult server with an erotic art theme.

Erotic Roleplay is a server for roleplaying with an erotic twist.

I also have a shared server with Dreamweaver with many topics in it.

Black Arts has a school is also there in discord.I am going to publish an updated list of courses available.

If you are interested in joining this uncensored forum,feel free to message me here,on tumblr under ikinkykitten or in discord -my tag is OccultKitten#0534.



Happy Word Press Anniversary

Happy wordpress anniversary to me.I am so happy to see this day.I have grown so attached to this space.This blog was at one point my only source of happiness and joy.I started it because I was being facebook banned constantly.I had many issues in facebook from being cursed,publicly smeared and being reported to the point my personal profile was threatened as well as the groups unpublished.I wanted to have a space where I could write and share information to the public in some form.

This blog has become my pride and joy for me.It is the most stabile and secure space in the Occult Kitten society I am building in the occult community.I have seen it grow so much in this year.I am about to make a huge announcement for this blog in a few short weeks.Stay tuned!

This is also a place I share with Dreamweaver.There is nothing more important then this space to me.

Thank you for all your support -Dreamweaver,social media members/followers and subscribers.I am looking forward to our future and the exceptional changes we are going to make.

Other News :

Mentorships are available via facebook and discord.

Black Arts is announcing classes/courses stay tuned.


Djinn Basics

Succubus are said to be a class of djinn made of smokeless fire.It is also very possible for djinn to be in a living person.The Queen of Sheba was said to be a djinn in the flesh.Below are djinn basics.There are 9 classes of djinn.I am only listing 5 and these were notes I had in my notebook.I am not sure of the source of this information as it is not my work completely.If you know the source ,Please let me know.I am including a basic djinn lamp paragraph for those who wish to create one to work with the djinn.

The djinn are one of my favorite spirits to work with.They are a class that is neither angel or of the dead but not quite demonic.Most consider the djinn to be demonic however they are a parallel entity to humans.They are so close to us its impossible to not interact with.Most commonly known the islamic religion.In Islam they are considered devils but they are good djinn too.Very human like.
Djinn means hidden or concealed.They live ,die and maintain a free will of their own.Both human and djinn are a special class of beings.Neither are angelic or demonic or share the same spiritual essence.These spirits are made from fire and lived on Earth before mankind.They fought each other and created much destruction.To remedy this situation,angels were sent to fight them and put them in check.
Some consider all spirits of nature to be djinn.However the djinn are very intelligent.The humans are one class and the djinn are nine classes.Djinn outnumber us drastically.

Humans and djinn can and have married.Some of produced children.Relationships can produce human children carrying djinn soul and djinn carrying human soul.
Djinn are able to die from either old age or illness.Both are possible. Succubus djinn
Several theories are known of where and how they live.Typically they live in abandoned or unclean places.Some of these places include bathrooms cemeteries and ruins.It is unknown how they live in these places since they have large communities.One theory is they haunt these places.The djinn could live in the spiritual aspects of nature but not in the physical.Also could be living in a parallel world.#succubus slut

5 Classes of Djinn
Effrit pronounced as eff-freet means to rub with dust in Arabic.Some say it means to create.This is a very intelligent class of djinn with societies very much like humans.They tend to haunt subterrean places and caves.Very effective in magick.Effrit manifest either as demonic and good natured. However they are often conniving and manipulative.Very well versed in human nature,they knows how to push buttons.Effrits are quite effective at getting things done when asked to do something.
Marid pronounced as Ma-Rid meaning rebellious in arabic.They are often seen as large and having a rather imposing presence.These are the ones that Aladdin worked with 1001 arabian nights.They tend to work best with rituals with include a body of water or a bowl of water.They are wish fulfilling genies.

Ghoul in arabic means to seize.The class of djinn that is generally trouble.Monstrous personalities and do not decent part of them.Ghoul live in graveyards.They are very hard to control and not fond of humans at all.Humans can and will get hurt.They are too dangerous to call on unless you are extremely adept.Djinn Purfection
Vetala pronounced ve-ta-la.Interesting djinn to work with.These seem to be a class of being that was borrowed to ancient indian and tantric traditions.They are supposedly vampiric in natures.They are said to possess humans who have recently deceased.Possession halts the decay process so in a sense the body will look alive and well.A zombie that will look alive and well.Superb shapeshifters that use that ability very well and often.To the magician that have a good rapport,they bestow psychic abilities of all sorts.They can appear both good and bad to the person to the person trying to control.
Sila pronounced sea-la.This is the safest to work with because they look favorably on humans.Considered most rare.Also they come to when called.If they decide to manifest its usually female.Best at shapeshiftering out of all the djinn.They like to interact with with humans and cross the veil with out hesitation.Remember to be respectful and be on guard.They tend to become overly involved in human affairs.

Djinn Oil Lamp
This can be put on an altar.Make your own oil lamp for a succubus or djinn.Take a small dish or lamp.Add in lamp oil with a small wick.I purfer to work with a clear glass oil lamp for safety purposes.You can add olive oil with scents into the lamp as well.Succubus are said to be djinn.Ones of smokeless fire.This is a way to work with succubus or djinn.I have one I made for my own altar.Djinn Succubus Slut.


Vagina,Spiritual Aspects

Ishtar-Opener of The Womb
The vagina has long been associated with the third eye.It is where the woman connects with sacred sexuality and psychic energy.If one is connected with the psychic sensitive energy of the vagina one can connect with the sensitive psychic energy of the feminine.For those who work with the Succubus or deamonic/satanic energies ,this would be the deamonic feminine.The third eye can be equated with the vagina spiritually or energetically.One can develop the third eye via the vagina.This can translate into various psychic abilities manifesting during sex.

I used to work with a small version of the triangle of manifestation.When you apply this shape to the vagina.It is about manifesting from the vagina which would correspond to being able to manifest your desires sexually.The use of sex magick.

In tantric tradition,the triangle is the triangle of life.It also has the meaning of Holy Door in the greek alphabet.The triangle was worshipped similar to the cross.The triangle is connected to the female trinity and also meant creative intellect.

I am going to be adding a few more posts on this topic here .This is a reclaiming of the power of the vagina and female power.


Kitten’s Mentorship Program

I am currently offering mentorship free in 2 forums.How does it work exactly and what am I currenty offering ?

Current mentorship programs available-

Sex magick

Siren/Seductress magick


Psychic Development

To be able to apply for these mentorship programs-Must be 18 years old and apply to Kitten’s Occult Circus group in facebook.

If you are interested in a discord mentorship-please connect me via my discord tag-OccultKitten#0534  and I will add you to my servers as well as my discord mentorship server.If you are interested in being a teacher or suggesting a course -message me so we can discuss it.Thank you-


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Just a quick run down of the facebook groups and blogs I have for those interested in checking them out.Also,new to facebook is mentorship group-Kitten’s Occult Circus.See below for details under facebook groups.

Blogs-Facebook,Check it them out

Occult Kitten-main facebook blog .This is the page all my groups are linked too and ran under.

Succubus Slut- a blog focused on sexuality,feminine empowerment and succubus/female deamons and feminine magicks

Devil’s Rose- blog focused on black arts,lhp,occult and witchcraft topics

Black Arts is a blog for the occult school and courses -Black Arts.

Mystic Marajuana is a new blog focused on all cannabis related from memes to spiritual topics.

Occult Kitten Facebook Groups

These are all linked under my main blog-Occult Kitten.All are open for membership ,please answer the entrance questions.

Black Arts – main lhp/occult/black magick group

Strange Magick-khaos magick group with a dark twist -lhp/Occult topics

Occult Kitten-BDSM kink group /sex magick/occult

Cannabis Occultist-cannabis ,altering substances and the occult,transcendental occultism and transcendental Satanism

Temple of Ishtar-ancient and modern sex workers/sex industry,sex cults,ancient sacred whore practices Babylon sex magick

Kitten’s Roses-female only group focused on the female body and spiritual aspects

Kitten’s CLaws is a group focused on curses,execration magick and maledictions

Kitten’s Occult Circus-Must be 18 years old Mentorship group offering various topics for mentorship

Devilish Charm- black magick/witchcraft group

Sorcery of the Seductress-female only group focused on feminine magick and the deamonic feminine sex magick

Art of Apotheosis -self deification discussion group

Lair of the Incubus -beast,vampire,sex magick and other sexual deamon magicks

Kitten’s Mesmerizing Music-occult music tech magick group

Occult Kitten’s Dark Divination -divination group with approved readers

Satan’s Sex Kitten-erotic themed satanic group focuses on erotic topics.BDSM ,sex magick and blasemphy

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