Alcor Ipsol:

Guardian of the Twin stars of Alcor and Mizar, this angelic looking being looks to be made of molten Gold taking on a humanoid shape with 2 false eyes and a mouth. Its real eyes are located in its black feathered wings, and on extended peacock looking display feathers. This being can see everything around it as well as remote viewing seems to be a specialty. This being is also proficient in dream work, hidden knowledge and protection work But the true reason to work with this being is as an introduction to multidimensional work. He can give you the knowledge of what happens in other timelines and dimensional versions of the self. Though tread carefully with the questions you ask, as it tends to connect you to the other versions of yourself more emphatically. Eventually a side effect to working with him can be visions of your other current lives including traumas and Deaths and you will get a sense of pure dread watching and feeling such things. It will give you a sense of moments that you could have died or of the flipside moments you could have taken a risk that you didn’t and watch yourself have a better life then you do now. This being can act like he cares when he senses danger but empathy isn’t too much of a strong suit for him, he does as he’s asked even if you were not ready for the results.

Entities of Corruption:

When we are children a lot of us had “imaginary friends”. Spirits we created with our minds to keep us entertained and be there for us when times are tough. They are there when humans fail us. They can seem so real, and even be your best friend. We might not know it at the time but these beings can be many different things from servitors, to egregores, to Tulpas, to companions gifted to us by a higher power. But…

What happens to these not so “imaginary” friends when we are done with them?

For more reasons then not we grow up and are programmed to think that magick isn’t real, that having these friends is unhealthy, that we are crazy and need therapy if we continue this nonsense…

So we forget them…

And they do what any creature that was created with such imagination for such a purpose as friendship would do… They wait for us to come back… they wait and they are ignored… they start to change as you do… they start to feel the loneliness of trying to complete their one task… they become corrupted as they start to rot away… most just disappear… Some fight to stay alive… the longer they live the more corrupt they can become maybe haunting around as “the ghost” in your life. Or breaking off connection on the hunt for new friends to fill their purpose… Is this where the legends of “the boogeyman” come from? Very possibly.

These beings can become violent and malevolent. Some become the fuel for horror stories by the campfire or demons in haunted houses. Most just look scary because they changed with the perception that things bad things. These beings will do anything they can for a “friend” which can lead to haunting or stalking. But in my opinion they can just as well be contracted to work with because of this willingness. In my opinion they are more powerful than any normal servitors being able to break away and complete these tasks on their own while also more easily controlled than most other entities because they are willing to listen and do anything to make their friends happy.

It may also be possible to break their corruption and restore them to former glory for a child’s protector. You can bind them to toys or other objects that the child holds dear. Or in their corrupted form you can bind them to their creators or others to cause chaos as they project that loneliness onto them or chase away friends and family to have them be only their friend forever. Friendship is magick you know…

Separatio and the black knights:


The Black Knight legends are of usually unknown people, male or female, wearing black armor. They fought unfair rulers usually dethroning them and did good deeds for the poor such as give them their money back.

One such story is of a legendary black knight known as Ashor. And though the church censored these legends and tried to destroy them this legend prevailed throughout history.

Ashor stayed fit and practiced in his older age and specialized in killing kings and nobles but he would always first check if the rumors about such cruelty toward people were true before acting on such rumors. He had witnessed first hand a kings cruelty by saving an old priest who had been locked up for speaking his mind against the king. While saving the priest Ashor was horribly injured he still carried out his duty and freed the people along with carrying the priest to safety.

The priest knowing Ashor would die gave him a blessing and thanks and left him in the woods to die as he was told. When Ashor’s body bled out in those woods a demon had appeared to take him to the infernal realm for all the murder and killings and theft he had done in his life. At the same time an angel appeared to take him to the heavenly realm because of all the lives he saved and helped never keeping the stolen money. The 2 entities began to fight over who got to claim his soul. And after that Separatio appeared.

Separatio, the anonymous one, was a being completely in balance with all “good and evil”. He was neutral and has the knowledge to know good and evil are just perception of the mind. It was Separatio who lay claim to Ashor’s soul. After this Ashor’s wounds had healed. Separatio had pulled Ashor “out of the system” and granted him eternal freedom from any bonds to heaven or hell. He was also free from any fear of death, a virtual immortal, under one condition. Separatio said to him “you need not fear death or dieting, you are free to travel the world or even the universe as you please, but when you find the meaning of life and are ready to rest you must call upon me as your guide, and you must tell me what you have learned, not as something fearful but as an old friend.”

And so he did…

This story plays a lot into how I feel my magick should work. Within balance and without fear of repercussion. Freedom as pure as the soul. I hope one day to see the true face and live in of Separatio. My path may not be anyone else’s but I think we can all appreciate the story.

My journey:

Occula Dreamer

My journey over the past few months has been hard. I’ve had many trials along the way. I’ve lost many friends, gained a few more, and learned that people come and go for a reason. I fell in love, it unfortunately ended, and I learned a lot about myself as a person. I learned maybe I need to work on directing my harmful emotions in a better direction. I learned that I can’t always out my weight and my problems on others shoulders and expect them to care. I got retaught a lesson I thought I had learned many times over and over. You can be the only one to say yourself, because if you don’t know what your worth why should anyone else have to tell you. Does this mean you can’t love others? No. Does this mean others can’t love you? No. This means that you must master…

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How to manifest a BDSM Dungeon on the astral:


Get a crystal of your choice, I prefer Tibetan quartz as it makes the process I use for creating an astral temple and anchoring it easier. Create your astral space in the form of a bedroom or whatever you so choose. And anchor it to the the crystal in a bath of domination herbs (and optionally blood.) Use this mixture to either annoying your tools to energetically connect them to your domain or draw the energy into your self and create your arsenal of tools as you please. You may even want to take pictures of tools anoint them and burn them to solidify the making of them. Once this is done you can take the crystal out let it air dry and charge it. Then make a desperate bath of things relating to the scene you want to create. Like domination herbs, lust herbs, submission herbs, or fear herbs. Set up your scene and discard of each scene potion after you finish.