Love Magick: My Truth Pt.1

Love magick is on my mind a lot with February approaching pretty fast the season of love is nearly here. So you may have realized I myself usually avoid this subject at all costs. For me it because a clear taboo that I was uncomfortable with. But for the sake of this being a taboo free blog I will explain why I have these feelings, my guidelines and advice for performing these spells, and how to make sure they don’t completely backfire.


So first what are the different types of love spells?


The general attraction spell which is the safest of all the love spells to use and the ONLY one I recommend to anyone. This is to attract a nonspecific or unnamed person or a few people in your life. This type of magick does not use names, but can use qualities you look for in a partner into your life. Though you don’t need to add qualities of a person it will help targeting good partners for you. The issues you could have with this is the number of people it attracts and how you will stop it when you choose a partner. I recommend programming these aspects before you actually need them.


Specific love spells are tailored and made to attract and claim one specific person. This magick usually is not in the best interest of the user or the person it is used on as it takes away their free will to choose. It makes them Basically a slave to your will. This target of yours if they did not already have feelings for you may be in a constant internal fight with themselves. They will feel in love with you but be mentally screaming this is wrong don’t do this snap out of it and get a grip. They know there is something wrong, that these emotions are fabricated and when it ends they will want to know why, they might become obsessive or even dangerous and this is why it is so important to program an ending to your spell once you get the person or you break up. This is one of the most unsavory types of magick out there and you had better think long and hard about this because if you do really truly love this person you would never do it without their consent or at all. Basically don’t do it. End of story.


Seduction magick is when used when you want to seduce your target to get something out of them. This is usually not out of love but more of a sexual passion or some other material/spiritual gain be it sex, money or energy from the other person this technique is quite frequently used in vampirism. Energy or Glamor magick is a very good window into seduction magick. This can be either category mentioned above.


Domination magick, while this can be on the sexual side or loving side more often than not it is used as a power exchange. This is meant to dominate and control your target to get what you want from them or get them to do what you want. This is a specific person love spell.


Love curses are usually on the other spectrum of love spells they are meant to use love and kinder emotions to torture your victim. As long as you can take the backlash and trust me you will get backlash if you make this about you wanting revenge instead of say just doing it  for a friend, the outcome can be quite brutal for both involved. This is the kind of love magick that would be considered under specific love spells and can hold the greatest risk. This is purposefully meant to cause obsession in disloyal, dishonest, lovers, and cheaters. It is made to put their heart through the grinder for the rest of their life so that when they think about others or go to see others they are haunted by your image and emotional responses they can’t control. They can be driven insane by these circumstances and become violent, stalkers or worse if not handled with care. This curse is often not intended by the castor either. It is its own entity born from hatred and loathing that can spread its web to anyone else you feel a connection to in the way of love. In a way by cursing them you have accidently cursed yourself.

The Blue Eyed Demon:


It is said that Demons have walked among men from the beginning aiding them in their ascension and growth throughout time. From the legends of Tiamat(the Deific body) and Kingu(the Demonic blood) coming together to form humanity, To demons preying on men or women in their sleep through sexual encounters, Demons, and even Fallen Angels have always been around interacting with mankind. And when many people ask what color is dominant when thinking if demons most people say red, but the color most prominent when humanity interacts with demonkind is Blue. Blue flames are demonic in nature. A blue rose is a sign of love and affection from a demon. And some people even believe that blue eyes shows the lineage of Angelic/Demonic blood in a family line. This is not to say that all blue eyed people are related to these beings, nor need They believe in them or this article but we are here on the subject today for a reason.


As someone with these piercing and icy blue eyes I would like to talk about all of the things I’ve heard about them from other peoples. I have heard things like “You have the eyes to steal away souls.” Or people whispering “Beware the blue eyed demon.” Or “Those eyes could pierce the soul.” Or “Your eyes can see right through me and chill me to the core.” Or even going as far as to cross the street or get startled or terrified just from me looking at them. It is something that I have lived with all my life, something that never made sense to me why was I like the only one in my family who people had this reaction to?


Well for me, the rumors are true. I live my life as the blue eyed demon that everyone used to call me. And eyes can work a hell of alot of magick all on their own, if you know how to use them. For the amount of people who feared me there was also people who loved my eyes, wished they had my eyes, adored me for my eyes. My eyes could cause fear or love. They could hex or charm. They could be hated or loved and it all depended on the person I was interacting with. My eyes Angelic or Demonic whatever they may be awakened me to who I wanted to be without me knowing it in the first place. And they are not just seeing the future of my awakening but helping me craft it. I can not wait for my awakening day. The day I start to really see through the serpents eyes.

Inner demons familiar:



If you wanted to use your dark ego as a familiar you may try to make a inner demons familiar. Calling out that part of you into your fetch or a Servitor with the ability to go out and do your dark work for you. These would most likely be used to take your fears from you and project them into a target of a hex or curse. They can also help with manipulation of emotional energy and dark thoughts upon yourself or others. But the caution is that it is your darker manipulative personality you are sending out. Remember that this is a part of you that knows all your weaknesses and as such will act as though it can control you even though at its core it is you.

PSA: The Occult Community Wars

Hello Guys,

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted because of work. But I’m starting to see something that is becoming a big theme in the occult community lately and I really have to say I am disappointed that this is what it comes down to. Now I’m not here to point fingers or say who is right or who is wrong, and this is NOT just about the drama within our own ranks here at OK but in a few different occult communities I am a part of. What is this issue you may be asking?


Well the issue is betrayal, slander, and harassment. It feels like I’m starting to see everyone who I thought are great friends turning on each other like rabid dogs. I can understand that there will be disagreements but why is it so hard to be civil and work things out or just have the balls to get up and walk away. Why does it have to immediately go to nails and teeth fighting trying to make everyone choose sides between friends? Why do you feel the need to make up stuff you never would have said the day before this, and let’s be honest I consider people on both sides of these arguments to be friends and even family at times. It makes me ill to see the shit storm this community or at least what I believed to be a community, is becoming. And yes I truly believed in us standing strong, as being a community where people could come to escape the drama of normal life. I believed in us being as family and I would help you guys in any way I could, so why was it so hard to ask you to just look out for each other?


I am appalled be the behavior exhibited to try and break us apart. I thought we were better than that. But this brings me to my final point where I must express this note to Everyone involved. I have no problem with your honest feedback, reviews, or feelings about another individual or the community they are a part of but please do not bring it to far. Harassment and Slander are crimes punishable by law. So I suggest everyone involved take a moment to realize that it is a real damaging thing to your reputation to be stuck with one of those things and you can get anything from fines to jail time depending on how far you go. I would like to say I still believe no one would go as far as to pass the first two crimes above and to get violent but in all honestly I’m starting to have my doubts.


You know anyone who ever has a problem is welcome to speak to me, I am as unbiased as I possibly can be, and I will attempt to help you the best I can but this had to be said. I’m sorry to anyone reading my rant that has no idea what’s going on but good on you for making it to the end and I appreciate the support I get here! I wish you all filled with peace and hope and a new perspective. Thank you all for reading this and considering my point of view.



Vampirism and Collaring:

In Vampirism a common technique used is to feed and manipulate energies from the vampiric persons influence to the prey. This can be extended in many forms of control over a target. Extending hooks to a person is a continuous way to feed and influence a person. This may just be small changes like small emotional shifts or energy shifts. It can be used to bind a target to the Vampiric individual.


This technique can be reformed very easily. The hooks in an individual can be woven around their neck into a type of collar. This can give the vampiric person a lot more control and the ability to Dominate prey completely. A vampiric person can use this link to implant energies and even emotions and thoughts into the intended person. A little tug on the strings can bring a person to their knees. A slightly harder tug can have some unsavory thoughts to the person when a collar can turn into a torture method. It’s not recommended to take this technique that far (and I take no responsibility for your actions this is for education purposes only.)


Another reforming of the collar can turn it into a harness. This can be used to feed off energies around the heart and core. It can also be modified to do some pretty nasty damage to a person’s core energy if you so choose.


This technique also needs a lead to connect to the collar. The position of where this lead is connected to you can also change the potency of the work you intend to do. If you want to do some real damage or drain their core energy extending from your core will do the most for you. If you just want more control extending from somewhere like the palms or fingertips can help you to pull at the stings. If you want to just have a constant flow I suggest extending from the chest area or wrists.

PhobiaCraft: The Dark Ego


Have you ever had the urge to do something completely out of character for you? Something you know shouldn’t be done and isn’t acceptable even in your darkest dreams?

Then you could be experiencing your Dark Ego.


A Lot of people put their faith the the duality of nature, even if they themselves are not truly dual in nature. Most of humanity is one big shade of grey but for a select few people who see the world split down the middle could have a Dark Ego.


The dark ego is not an evil this it is just the opposite of what you are. It has no morals and programming society had installed into you to conform to their way of life and to accept those dark desires as a part of you is to truly be free. No this does not mean go on a rampage and destroy life as we know it. It means to accept the parts of you that are hidden from the light of the worlds eyes. Accept these hidden desires and your true will without society’s disgust and hatred. See this perfectly imperfect version of yourself not as disgusting criminal and insane but as a natural part of you that was meant to be there. Because Who can change how you feel about yourself besides you? No one, so why suffer telling yourself that mortal pleasures are bad and evil to even think about.That does not mean do things that will get you in trouble. I respect everyone’s right to free will but that does not mean I will not get disgusted with certain actions that are just wrong on so many levels. Just accept you for how you are, if you want to change then do it for yourself, not other people. And don’t just mask over these darker parts because that’s what will destroy you in the end. Don’t let it eat away at you or make you feel disgusting, just because the world says it is. If you want to eat unhealthy food while your on a diet, or watch blood and gore, or do the BDSM, who is anyone to tell you no? Who is going to get in your way of pleasure besides you?


Working with unknown beings without an instruction guide:


First off identify your being the best you can. Put up some screening wards and protections and whatever other precautions you would think you would need. Get all banishing materials needed before any contact with spirits. Know what you are doing and don’t call out for things you know you can’t handle. They will come forward if you call.


Not all beings are going to come with ancient lore or massive ritual instructions. Some are yet to communicate with humanity and some who have have not been documented. Some of them you just randomly bump into in life. Some you run into on the astral. This does not mean they can’t be just as or more powerful than the ones we know of currently.


Please do not discount beings that aren’t “making it big” here on earth. There are infinite realms and realities and timelines that different beings. Different versions and faces of beings here you may have never known or completely different beings and species all together. Each have their own leaders and rankings and such. You can study and learn their cultures and ways they interact, what they can do, how and why. So go out there, explore and meet new beings! (safely of course!)