Alcor Ipsol:

Guardian of the Twin stars of Alcor and Mizar, this angelic looking being looks to be made of molten Gold taking on a humanoid shape with 2 false eyes and a mouth. Its real eyes are located in its black feathered wings, and on extended peacock looking display feathers. This being can see everything around it as well as remote viewing seems to be a specialty. This being is also proficient in dream work, hidden knowledge and protection work But the true reason to work with this being is as an introduction to multidimensional work. He can give you the knowledge of what happens in other timelines and dimensional versions of the self. Though tread carefully with the questions you ask, as it tends to connect you to the other versions of yourself more emphatically. Eventually a side effect to working with him can be visions of your other current lives including traumas and Deaths and you will get a sense of pure dread watching and feeling such things. It will give you a sense of moments that you could have died or of the flipside moments you could have taken a risk that you didn’t and watch yourself have a better life then you do now. This being can act like he cares when he senses danger but empathy isn’t too much of a strong suit for him, he does as he’s asked even if you were not ready for the results.

What is Transcendental Occultism?

Transcendental beliefs began in the late 1820s and 1830s.The core belief is that society and its institutions corrupt the individual.Self reliance and  independence make people at their best.Individuals are capable of original thought with out the influence of previous masters and leaders.Transcendentalists wanted an intense spiritual experience and were not content with being sober,mildness or rationalism.The movement began to die out and then had a re-emergence in the 1840s/50s.Individual expression and purposefulness are center stage in this movement.When an individual is free of society’s corruption and pure then a real community can be formed.There was also a belief that we are connected to the oversoul which is likened to the human collective consciousness.

Matt Zane had his own twist on this with transcendental Satanism.This is a sect of Satanism I most identify with as well.He was a porn star and musician who took shrooms.In his altered state,he saw a man who made a deal with the Satan before his birth.His sect is based on the satanic self being separated from us and needed to be found to be integrated into the conscious self.I had a very similar experience with shrooms many years before I knew this sect of Satanism existed.

What is transcendental occultism? I view transcendental occultism as being a mix of all of those things being very left hand path oriented.The left hand path and Satanism both speak of breaking the dogma of society,religions and many other dogmatic systems indoctrinated upon us.I have always taken this to heart with many of the systems and correspondences of witch craft as well.I also have always taught to raise your own energy for ritual purposes rather then rely on spirits for the success of magick.I see the individual mind just as potent as a spirit.I also view spirits as part of ourselves in the human collective consciousness that is separate from us externally while being lost or hidden inside of us.I hold a few spirits inside of me based on that.I have my succubus self,Madame Satan and another deamonic form as well as animal forms of myself.These are aspects I had to find within me and externally in the human conscious collective.I also have the belief that various substances can open the mind as a portal to the self that very few acknowledge or work with.I wanted an intense spiritual experience as well each time whether it is through sex magick or altered states by substances.Various occult systems can hold pieces of us depending on what we are and what we connect with in the collective consciousness.Please also view my blog here on alternate realities and past lives here on Occult Kitten.

I hold a deep passion and love for the Victorian times .I have always felt I lived that era.I also find many of my beliefs falling within the transcendental beliefs,transcendental Satanism and into the modern taboo subculture of today.I understand this belief system is not widely accepted however it is also much of my own gnosis.I am what I am .I would rather be true to me then anyone else and can not place a theistic mask on myself for the public.I am also writing a few more blogs on the 1800s influence on my practices.2.jpg




Past Lives,Alternate Selves

Past Lives,Alternate Selves
I view our past lives memories,much like I do spirits.To me,they are the aspects of our selves connecting with time periods of the human collective consciousness.These can be aligned into our current lives to live as you and with you.This allows one to become connected with the alternate you able to live simultaneously.By tapping into the past selves,you can pull energy,knowledge and skills not tapped into allowing one to gain in this life .For example,you may have had a past life as a baker.Perhaps you were the village baker in the 1600s.By creating who that was in your mind,you tap into that energy.This can allow you to channel information to yourself.Perhaps she is able to help you solve an issue with this life such as finding a job and you get a job decorating cakes in a local job with the perfect hours.These can be worked as shades or servitors.You would be working with these past selves like your own familiars,coven or spirits.This allows one to fully tap into the mind of the self and gain power from it.You are essentially able to tap into your own self/ego and create an energy source where you are able to have you as these selves act on your own interest because they are you.These sub personalities can then merge and gain access to the physical self even allowing certain past lives “possession ” of the body to be able to live again thus creating your own reincarnation cycle as well.These shades of yourself can be seen as shadow working.You could even begin necromancy with your past live selves as servitors,familiars even ancestors.You are then servitoring yourself on a conscious level and expanding the conscious mind with the past live aspects that hold knowledge,power and skills that can benefit your current life.It also holds the sci-fi vibe of parallel universes and parallel selves.It also allows one to create their own cycle of energy such as a coven,family blood line/ancestors,shades/the dead/necromancy practices.You would be tapping into the full spectrum of the self.If one would be combined the past lives aspects ,the spirit selves such as the deamonic or god self and even the future selves with the current self.You are creating a telepathic mental connection with many parts of the self and also allowing one to fully know thyself.I work with a victorian self who has a plan as well as a succubus and kitten.Each of these are living now in the flesh and contributing to my current life.I am very comfortable with this practice as it is only myself in various forms.This is to me is the conscious decision to make one a servitor and created as such.Some aspects of me are working by sigils,created by technology others are a very clear natural extension of me while others are creating themselves due to the changes being made in myself and by myself in reality.There many energy forms of myself exisiting and living.I am able to see many layers and parallels across my time period and I am able to see how they benefit me.Each has a true name,a life and things they wish to do.I am working on primal animal selves and myself as various spirits.When building yourself in this manner,you may experience things such as flashes of past lives,strange energy presences and possession.These are you tapping into these hidden aspects of yourself.Control of thought and energy is essential as one must control themselves on an extreme level when first beginning however you will grow stronger energetically.This can also be viewed and worked with as a soul retrieval.You are retrieving your own soul pieces just in a different manner.How do you view the past self?How do they benefit you currently?


The connection of physical and astral forms:


There is a connection between the physical and astral forms that almost can’t be broken until death. It is the same thing that keeps your spirit linked to your body so you can always find your way back if you astral travel. We all have this connection and this can be both a good thing and a troublesome thing for some.


I have seen some people asking if injury to the human body can affect their connection to the astral body in any way. I have seen others laugh at them for suggesting such a claim. But it can be true in some cases. One thing that can go wrong is you can injure or calcify your pineal gland, or third eye. This will not stop you from using it completely but it could be said to be the equivalent of trying to see in fog or mist. It can make your astral sight and other related abilities harder to hone in. This does not necessarily mean losing your physical sight will affect your astral ability to see, but in some cases disconnects in the astral and the physical brain can cause the loss of the ability to visualize and see in the astral as long as you are connected to this body and vice versa. If you are “born” blind on the astral that doesn’t mean you will be born blind in the physical. Another thing that can happen to show the connection between the astral body and the physical is when someone loses a limb, but they can still feel a “phantom limb” this is because their astral form has been freed from the flesh and taken the form of the limb to help “heal” the body though it can’t physically help. But this phantom limb can help people to seem to feel prosthetics and function the technology we have today a bit easier.


Another connection we have is the ratio of our astral body vs physical. Just like the example of losing a limb, you can have more or less limbs than your physical body. Your astral body can be larger or smaller than your human body as well. Just because your body is human does not mean your spirit is. Spirit can be of anything energetic, any being or force in existence can make up your astral body. Some spirits just form from energies while others have vast spiritual bloodlines. Angelics, Demonics, Djinn, Draconic, Human, Vampiric, etc. Are all possible bloodlines for some. And beyond that there are trillions out there. These different spirit body types can contribute to other factors such as how connected you are to your physical body when you attempt things like astral travel, bilocation, energy work, why you might feel pain in certain spots, do you feel trapped in your physical body, cramped, unfilled, heavy, light? Do you have certain habits that you feel are deeper connected to your spirit? It can influence your emotions, habits, thoughts, personality, magickal ability and proficiency. All these things are possible things to consider when thinking about the connection between physical and astral.

Disempowering An Attack

Disempowering An Attack
I talked about being a curse eater.There are many forms of curse eating as well disempowering attacks and enemies.One of my favorite and most well done is with social media.Most of my enemies are former friends,admin/mods and wanna be daters.I generally do not date in social media.The only person I dated claimed he felt he was my dirty little secret.Being desired can bring complications.One of my most well known attackers claimed I was a succubus.How did I handle it-build myself into a succubus both in social media and in my practice.I now own that attack publicly and personally.I was cursed by multiple people now I teach,promote execration magick.I have studied it,learnt it,absorbed them.Now I promote and teach execration magick.I own those,its my fuel and it is mine.I was told I need to go to rehab because I discussed drug use and the occult.Really thank you.Welcome to Cannabis Occultist now.Read all about it in a few of my groups where I have shared links and blogged on my experiences.I was attacked again as well for being a succubus with that attack.Please continue as it does not hurt me rather it is what I built on both personally and publicly.Yes I am a succubus slut who has gotten high and….. There is no power in that attack against me now as I was and always said what I am.

Rather then fight a curse or an enemy,make it yours-own the motherfucker.Attacks are meant to make you or your actions taboo and immoral.This is a fundamental misconception of the occult and is created within the occult community.One of the main reasons I created my own society.Please see my previous posts on Kitten Society.

When we accept taboo practices,we find ways to inner power.Taboo practices are ways to black magick.I view black magick as the use of forbidden magick.Forbidden magick can be a variety of practices.If you already accept whatever the attack is,you are beginning to absorb it.When you are accepting the curse,you absorb it.When you accept an enemy at some point as friend,family or enemy,you can absorb their power if so desired.Vampyrism is a prime example.I have a few more posts on this topic.


Devil’S Mask

Each of us wears a mask.What mask you wear defines who or what you eventually become.To achieve apotheosis,one must embody all the many spirits of your pantheon at once.I do not follow any one known pantheon however I do know what spirits I am.I follow my own pantheon of myself in various spirit forms.Masks can allow you to morph into who you want or need to be in order to accomplish goals or attain certain things.I gave up all my beliefs,became godless/spiritless and began wearing my own spiritual deific masks.I changed who I am,my goals and desires.My life is manifesting in ways I never imagined.In the end,I decided I am a slave and submissive to one only-myself.I bow only to myself when I put on any deific spiritual mask.I wear human masks,spirit masks,deamonic masks and animal masks all forms of myself.In the end,there is only the self.Know thy self ,become the self.


Curse Eater Part 1

Curse Eater
What is a curse eater?How do they feed and what can they do?
A curse eater is a vampyric deamon who has the ability to eat curses.Curses are a type of magick that is cast to harm another.A curse eater is immune to being harmed by a curse large or small.Rather they feed on it.Someone who has the ability to passively accept energy sent to them absorbs energy.A skilled person creates and allows one to send energy.Once energy is sent,it is attached too.Once attached,that energy source can be tapped into and drained.
If curses are sent upon one,a skilled person can feed on them becoming a curse eater.A curse eater becomes stronger by eating curses sent to them.Curse eaters can be in a variety of deamonic forms.It is a form of predator magick.Instead of being a victim,a curse eater is a predator who may be smart enough or manipulative enough to make themselves a target in order to grow stronger.Feeding projects such as projects or life goals.A curse eater is a damned creature who has no soul.Its only goal is to eat dark energy,to absorb this curse energy.These creatures are dark,bold and strong.Unwilling to die or unable to die,there is only their agenda.The stronger the curse the more they feed.Curse eaters have nothing to lose.As they feed on curses,the source and casters of these curses are fed upon.Appearing stronger then they are,the victim will be a constant source to feed on.When dealing with a damned cursed occultist,one never knows which skills they have acquired.
Curse eater is a skill,a deamon and an aspect of ourselves.Curse eaters carry within their essence a darkness which carries no light.
Am I curse eater?Yes.