Devil’S Mask

Each of us wears a mask.What mask you wear defines who or what you eventually become.To achieve apotheosis,one must embody all the many spirits of your pantheon at once.I do not follow any one known pantheon however I do know what spirits I am.I follow my own pantheon of myself in various spirit forms.Masks can allow you to morph into who you want or need to be in order to accomplish goals or attain certain things.I gave up all my beliefs,became godless/spiritless and began wearing my own spiritual deific masks.I changed who I am,my goals and desires.My life is manifesting in ways I never imagined.In the end,I decided I am a slave and submissive to one only-myself.I bow only to myself when I put on any deific spiritual mask.I wear human masks,spirit masks,deamonic masks and animal masks all forms of myself.In the end,there is only the self.Know thy self ,become the self.


Curse Eater Part 1

Curse Eater
What is a curse eater?How do they feed and what can they do?
A curse eater is a vampyric deamon who has the ability to eat curses.Curses are a type of magick that is cast to harm another.A curse eater is immune to being harmed by a curse large or small.Rather they feed on it.Someone who has the ability to passively accept energy sent to them absorbs energy.A skilled person creates and allows one to send energy.Once energy is sent,it is attached too.Once attached,that energy source can be tapped into and drained.
If curses are sent upon one,a skilled person can feed on them becoming a curse eater.A curse eater becomes stronger by eating curses sent to them.Curse eaters can be in a variety of deamonic forms.It is a form of predator magick.Instead of being a victim,a curse eater is a predator who may be smart enough or manipulative enough to make themselves a target in order to grow stronger.Feeding projects such as projects or life goals.A curse eater is a damned creature who has no soul.Its only goal is to eat dark energy,to absorb this curse energy.These creatures are dark,bold and strong.Unwilling to die or unable to die,there is only their agenda.The stronger the curse the more they feed.Curse eaters have nothing to lose.As they feed on curses,the source and casters of these curses are fed upon.Appearing stronger then they are,the victim will be a constant source to feed on.When dealing with a damned cursed occultist,one never knows which skills they have acquired.
Curse eater is a skill,a deamon and an aspect of ourselves.Curse eaters carry within their essence a darkness which carries no light.
Am I curse eater?Yes.


Self love and the Occult:


They say one who can not love themself in turn can not love others. If this is true or not I do not know but I must bring it to point that I myself struggle with self love every day and yet give my all to others to try and make them happy. Does this mean I disrespect myself or my own needs? I sure hope not. I try to take care of myself to the best of my ability, but naturally my energy gets lower because I just lack the motivation to pamper and love myself like I do others. Physically that is. Spiritually I try to discover myself in hopes that maybe one day I will be able to recognize this in the flesh. How powerful I truly am within and project it without. But more times than not, I am depressed. I don’t have the energy to get up and move around or follow up on my practice sometimes. And to me I see that as a huge weakness in myself. I have nothing to hide, I am not going to sugar coat my life or say I am the most powerful practitioner of magic there is. I am not going to claim I know all or I have the ability to ever find out all there is to know. If I did then I wouldn’t have such bad feelings in the first place would I? I would know the perfect path to the perfect life. Or maybe that’s just it. Maybe you have the ability to see to that path in another lifetime or timeline and yet here where you are now never being able to achieve exactly those some conditions. Maybe I became skeptical of my own power or my path… maybe I just stopped believing in myself…

And it’s not just me either…




No matter how famous…


How posh a lifestyle…


How powerful they think they are…


We all have our highs and our lows. They may or may not choose to admit it, But they all have problems. They all experience love, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, skepticism and realizations. If they were perfect, they would not be invested in the occult.


This Especially rings true for those of the Left Hand Path…

Most of not all of them find their ways here because they are the beaten, the broken, the abused, and the damned… They are the forsaken… looking to take back the power they feel the world has stolen from them.


They stopped looking to some Hero, Savior, or God to save them…


They found this power that they had “Lost” or more so given away in the guise of being saved… and they found it within themselves.


We do not walk this path because we have all the self love in the world. We walk it because we feel we lost it and everything about ourselves. We walk it to discover who we are, because we can not love those whom we pretend to be. For feeding the following will never free ourselves, We are in search of the truth, therefore we have no love for fake personas and idealism.


With that being said…

Always be in the right mind set…

Forgiveness Is Not My Nature

Forgiveness Is Not My Nature
It’s no secret that most stand against me however it is a secret how many of my enemies attempt to return to me in friendship.I do not have the power to forgive.It is not part of my nature.I am godless and quite soul less.I can not by any means offer my trust,compassion or acceptance of enemy behaviour.I no longer hold the power to turn the other cheek.There is no redemption.Where I once cowered,I no longer do.I stand tall,pure,cold fire burning.Once an enemy always an enemy.Cursed and damned,prey became a predator who feeds now on those curses.I am the embodiment of that which is cast at me.I do not offer mercy nor kindness.If we are of the various left hand paths,why would we forgive,show mercy or offer redemption?We would be still connecting to rhp philosophy.Respect is all I can give to the worthy.How do these concepts fit into your path,beliefs and life?

What is Black Arts?

What is Black Arts?
Black Arts is an online occult school.Occult mistress and founder is Occult Kitten.This school is in an uncensered private server for students with the opportunity to stay in the school as a social media forum.Occult Kitten is one of the most cursed and hated occultist in social media who is now teaching the art of execration magick.Currently the Maledictions Course is being offered with a starting date of March 5,2019.Plans for several other courses are in the making as well.Some of the future courses to be offered by Kitten herself are Rites of Blasemphy for those who want to explore the art of blasemphy.This course will cover blasemphy of the christian god as well as occult deities/spirits.Blasemphy is not just reserved for the christian god.
Also,an advanced curse course is in the making consisting of advanced curse techniques and the creation of a curse attachment.
Also,in the works,there is at least one other teacher coming into the school as assistant mistress and co-founder.She will be offering a healing course and perhaps some other gems for us .
There have been talks on other teachers coming into the school to teach other occult techniques and magick.Information on school events and the option to be able socialize,be apart of the occult school society will be posted as we advance.Thank you for being here and your interest in Black Arts.


Atheist And Apotheosis

Atheist And Apotheosis
My belief in apotheosis is steadfast and my beliefs as an atheist are very strong within my personal practice.To me,anything a spirit or god can do ,I am capable of.Many people have cursed me ,I am still here.I am strong spiritually enough to battle however most spirits can not even break through to me.If I am to see that I can stand my ground against various spirits then why would I petition them?I can petition myself in a spiritual form.If I can stand multiple covens cursing me and remain untouched,I am able to do anything I desire a spirit to do.Apotheosis to me requires one to be an atheist due to how can you give belief to a spirit or god?Is it not dogmatic to hold a belief that something is a spirit or god?Are gods and spirits creations of mankind?With out mankind,do these gods and spirits even exist?I say no.We feed their existence with our belief in them.So,if I am to feed another as a god,I choose to feed myself as a god form or deamonic form.Apotheosis is that one is a god.Gods are able to bend and create reality for themselves and others.I do that daily for myself and those I caretake.I am not in my full godform now rather in a deamonic state.However deamons are said to be ancient gods.So based on that man made belief,if one is able to create or transform into a deamonic form -is that not an early form of apotheosis?Also,in history there are deified people by both others and their selves.Why am I different ,bc I am not an ancient political leader or something grand publicly?I am me someone who is advancing from a mere witch to an occultist who is building herself up to something I never saw before in me.I can not attribute that to a spirit or god because my occult ,mundane and physical advancements are due to my own work.In my opinion,if I give an offering to another spirit,I give my own energy away.If one is giving energy to a spirit ,why not put that energy into your own goals?I know this is not popular beliefs but I must live,speak my own truth.

The separation of soul and spirit:



What is a soul? A soul is to me your set persona for the lifetime you are currently in. It is a semi predetermined factor you are born into that changes as you change in your lifetime.


What is a spirit? A spirit is the collective being of you throughout all your lives. The spirit is made up of many souls, lives, and past backgrounds overlaying and building up who and what you are completely.


The soul is a shard of the spirit that may be gained back or lost depending on the choices in your life. If you are a Christian in that life your soul may go to heaven or hell but most of the time your spirit will remain the sum of the rest of the untaken parts. When someone summons a relative or someone who has passed they are summoning that soul shard from where ever it may be and not the entire spirit. This is why one can be reincarnated or moved on and still be called upon in that life alone.


This leads to more drastic questions, like what happens if you “sell your soul”. First off it is only a shard of your entire being used in one lifetime, so it may be disposable anyways depending on your believes. But, “selling your soul” means selling your devotion to an entity in that life time in exchange for knowledge, power, etc… and there are a few ways that this could go. This being could be in it for your benefit as a healthy mutual relationship, letting that shard go back to the spirit where it came from letting you keep that knowledge power and etc… for good while making a more permanent bond. Or on the other hand they may devour that soul shard after granting you all you wish for in the mundane life or some other form of keeping that shard for themselves while your consciousness will go back to spirit from there but you will lose all you have gained, to become a part of said spirit giving it the life force of the soul shard at death or becoming a part of its collection. It is up to you to decide how you want to gamble this life away and if you are serious about what your doing.