Sex And Tarot Workshop

This is a brief mini-course on reading the tarot with a sexual twist.This is a two day workshop where acolytes will learn the sexual meanings and associations of the tarot.This workshop does not include the traditional meaning of the tarot.Sex related spreads will be covered however it does not include anything other then sex associations of the cards and spreads.This workshop fee is $30.00.Alcolytes have a week to read and interact with the workshop .Acolytes will have access to all school resources however not other courses unless the master pass is purchased.School includes a school library,erotic art/discussions and other topics.Must be 18 years old,a valid paypal account and a free discord account which will allow you access to the course.

Sex,Spirits And Sorcery Shop

This is the first official shop of Kitten.This shop is for those who are interested in occult products and over 18 years old.This shop carries a variety of items that are handmade.Deamonic oleums,handmade ritual oils and powders,handmade scourges and a variety of lust and sex ritual items as well as incubus and succubus ritual items are there.This shop also features a working digital altar for manifesting on and an erotic temple for those who are looking to explore the erotic arts more deeply.Shop will hold auctions,contests and giveaways .There is also a sneak preview erotic event before the grand opening for those in discord.Contact me via here or in discord at OccultKitten#0534 for more information.Thanks for your interest.

Kitten Services Available

Black Arts is open and running two main courses.The courses currently running are Maledictions Course.This covers the basics of beginning the dark art of cursing.This course has recently been re-written and updated.Course covers a variety of curse techniques and other basic to intermediate information as well as access to my personal curses.

Feminine Mystique Course is a female oriented course for those interested in the sacred feminine.Reclaiming feminine magick,sacred powers of the female gentalia.working with the menstrual magick,aura,perfume and makeup magick to name a few topics in this course.

Black Arts has enrollment requirements that must be met prior to enrollment.Message me for more information.Each course fee is $55.00 for students over 18 years old.

Readings are available.Clients must be at least 18 years old.The kama sutra tarot readings are done in the kama sutra spread for $20.oo.Santa Muerte Tarot is 3 card reading for $5.00 and a general tarot reading is $15.00.

Bone Readings are available as well.I read bones in my own way given to me by the spirits.This is done with a custom set of bones done by me.These take abit of time as it includes both animal and spirits.Past present and future are in this general spread,One never knows what the bones will say.Reading fee is $25.00 payable by paypal only.

Reveal The Truth Reading is done via drawing bones on who the culprit is and why.This can be done alone or in a combo readings of tarot or full bone readings.Readings are done generally by dm or email however the phone is an option for those who are interested.This reading alone is $10.00 or in combo price of $30.00.

Sex,Spirits and Sorcery is my official kitten erotic occult shop for clients over 18 years old.This shop is located via discord,This contains handmade oleums,oils,variety of readers and readings,powders and more.

Please be aware that I reserve the right to deny service to anyone I want for any reason.

Please feel free to contact me via OccultKitten#0534 or here.Thank you

Kitten Discord News

Facebook is not stabile for me.I am mostly active in discord at this point to escape the censorship control of most social media.

I have an erotic occult roleplay server that houses a variety of roleplay from BDSM to the occult sex magicks.Some of the other topics housed in this server are BDSM,shibari,tantra,kama sutra,sex magick,erotic art and pdfs,various occult altars,erotic storytelling and poetry,taoist sex magick to name a few.This is a very erotic server.

My other server is an an occult server covering a variety of occult topics.It does contain some sexual content and topics however is more focused on the occult with some fun topics in there.

Both servers have altars in them.Digital altars that we are able to manifest from.Multiple members have noticed that they are able to manifest the scenes from role play and from the digital intention altars.Each server has its own set of altars for working and manifesting on.

If you are interested in joining me in discord servers,you will need to register on the discord app.Once you do that,you can message me here with your discord tag or contact me via discord at OccultKitten#0534.I am on daily and will respond.



Discord News

Discord is a free app with out censership.There is a desktop and mobile version.One sets up servers which is much like a small website or even a facebook group.It is with out censorship or police.There is no way to report or be banned.

I have several servers going on there.I have a free mentorship server for those who wish to be mentored.The following mentorships are available: sex magick,aura/glamours,seductress/siren and psychic development.

I also have a Temple of Babylon which is completely sex related as well as any other taboo occult practices.

Erotic Occult is a basic occult server with an erotic art theme.

Erotic Roleplay is a server for roleplaying with an erotic twist.

I also have a shared server with Dreamweaver with many topics in it.

Black Arts has a school is also there in discord.I am going to publish an updated list of courses available.

If you are interested in joining this uncensored forum,feel free to message me here,on tumblr under ikinkykitten or in discord -my tag is OccultKitten#0534.



Happy Word Press Anniversary

Happy wordpress anniversary to me.I am so happy to see this day.I have grown so attached to this space.This blog was at one point my only source of happiness and joy.I started it because I was being facebook banned constantly.I had many issues in facebook from being cursed,publicly smeared and being reported to the point my personal profile was threatened as well as the groups unpublished.I wanted to have a space where I could write and share information to the public in some form.

This blog has become my pride and joy for me.It is the most stabile and secure space in the Occult Kitten society I am building in the occult community.I have seen it grow so much in this year.I am about to make a huge announcement for this blog in a few short weeks.Stay tuned!

This is also a place I share with Dreamweaver.There is nothing more important then this space to me.

Thank you for all your support -Dreamweaver,social media members/followers and subscribers.I am looking forward to our future and the exceptional changes we are going to make.

Other News :

Mentorships are available via facebook and discord.

Black Arts is announcing classes/courses stay tuned.