Love Lust Magick Course

Valentine’s Day Special
Love Lust Magick Course
This is a special in honor of Valentine’s Day.This course covers a love poppet basics,lust and love correspondences,cover some deities/spirits for love,bindings and lust/love basics.Covers theory and techniques of this type of magick.Spell share from my personal grimoire will be included.Philtres,blood magick and wortcunning are included.Students need a valid paypal,email and a free discord account.Course is open as early as Feb.19,2019.Course runs 2 weeks with options to stay and socialize with students and 24/7 access to classroom.Total course cost is $30.00.Message this page,my personal profile or Occult Kitten’s facebook blog to begin enrollment.Must be 18 yrs old.


Aura Control,Energy Control

Aura Control,Energy Control
I have been speaking about absorbing energy alot via succubus and curse eating.This is based on energy sent to you.Where do you place and store energy ?First be sure the energy you consume is under your control.Know yourself,Be sure you control your own thoughts and actions.Once the energy is controlled,you make it your own.I direct,place it where I need it.Many times,I place it into my immune system,any place I am hurt or just build up my physical energy and stamina.
I build up my aura up.I place energy into my aura to shield,protect and also to influence.
Once you have a solid aura energetically,you can begin to extend and shrink it.I begin in my ritual room by extending my aura then further out.I also began to experiment with changing its color,size by shrinking it as well.
This can influence others and your environment.You can pull,extend or place your aura on others.By placing your aura /energy on someone,energy can be forced into their own aura and mind.
You can extend your aura over large areas or extend your energy over large distances.This takes practice and also large amounts of energy.Influencing bigger things takes larger amounts of energy.To influence a city,an event or long distance ,larger amounts of energy are needed to influence or dictate the course larger things will run.
The aura is a way to the mind as well.Soak the aura with a charged energy and it will soak into the mind.I am going to post on extending your energy versus absorbing energy passively sent to you.



Poppet Workshop

Poppet Workshop
This workshop is going to cover basics to advanced poppet building as well as linking the poppet .Various spell techniques will be discussed in conjunction with the types of poppets.This will cover poppet making materials,types and techniques depending on the type of poppet from a money poppet to a curse voodou style poppet will be discussed.
Workshop cost is $15.00 for this two day event held Feb.25 and Feb.26,2019.Students will need a valid email address,paypal account and a free discord account.Workshop is in text as well as a live chat option for those who wish to discuss.Must be 18 yrs old.
Please contact for any questions or to register for this workshop.


What is Black Arts?

What is Black Arts?
Black Arts is an online occult school.Occult mistress and founder is Occult Kitten.This school is in an uncensered private server for students with the opportunity to stay in the school as a social media forum.Occult Kitten is one of the most cursed and hated occultist in social media who is now teaching the art of execration magick.Currently the Maledictions Course is being offered with a starting date of March 5,2019.Plans for several other courses are in the making as well.Some of the future courses to be offered by Kitten herself are Rites of Blasemphy for those who want to explore the art of blasemphy.This course will cover blasemphy of the christian god as well as occult deities/spirits.Blasemphy is not just reserved for the christian god.
Also,an advanced curse course is in the making consisting of advanced curse techniques and the creation of a curse attachment.
Also,in the works,there is at least one other teacher coming into the school as assistant mistress and co-founder.She will be offering a healing course and perhaps some other gems for us .
There have been talks on other teachers coming into the school to teach other occult techniques and magick.Information on school events and the option to be able socialize,be apart of the occult school society will be posted as we advance.Thank you for being here and your interest in Black Arts.


Kitten’s Maledictions Course

This is a brand new course open to all who are interested in learning the art of cursing.Geared towards beginners and intermediate students ,the course intent is to have students fully understand and be able to create then cast their own curses.This course covers the terminology,the mentality,emotional and magickal concepts needed to be successful in cursing,altars,curse items and being able to write/create their own personalized curses to destroy their enemies from the jinx,hex to the curse.Classroom is in the discord app.Students need to have a valid email address,a paypal account and then be able to create a discord account which is a free app.Classroom is a private server which is by invite only .Course material will be both text with the option to live chat.Students will be able to freely discuss and ask questions both as a group and in a dm.The choice to remain in a server to socialize after the course is complete is available.Payment must be complete by the start date which is currently March 5,2019.The current cost for the Maledictions Course is $50.00. Payment plans are accepted so long as it is paid by the starting date.Interested students can follow all class updates and information on facebook on the Black Arts facebook page.I will also be posting here all information.For those interested in this course and already on discord,feel free to contact me at OccultKitten#0534.I am also available here for any questions or more information as well,I am looking forward to sharing my love of cursing to those who want to advance into the black arts.I can be reached in tumblr under ikinkykitten.


Occult Vaccinations

Occult Vaccination
Protecting one against curses sent to you can allow one to become immune .I have been working on it for some time.I dont know anyone more cursed ,despised and hated then me,However,My power is undeniable as I am still here unscathed.Why may you ask or perhaps how am I still here?I practice extreme forms of protection for one.My protection spells are constantly tested.My walls are fortified.Some people are naturally immune to spells,I work on that mentally.I have a strong mental reserve one that was never broken by abuse since childhood.Rather abuse is much like a curse.It is how you handle it mentally.I came into the craft being abused ,raped and stalked.From there,I have been in many witch wars which I continue to stand here in full power.I lost my faith in every religion and every god.I broke every pact I ever made.My power is my own .I have spoke about that from day one in my groups.I serve no gods,no spirits.I am godless truly.I perfected my own energy,my own power.I solidified myself.I accepted my own nature,I bowed down to myself .I read everything I can,I practice daily.I keep a few familiars with me but very few.They serve me not by pact or binding .They choose to serve me.I did not decide on this path ,I was forced.I continually vaccinate against spirits,witchcraft however I continually practice being immune to maledictions with my mind,my energy fusing it to my soul/consciousness.I servitored my own soul for this purpose.I create myself in spirit form which I posted about on Occult KItten facebook blog. This can be seen as a poison path practice.Dis honor is not honoring the self.I choose to not honor a single being other then myself.Serpents should be honored and revered.Cleopatra chose to die with the bite of an asp.She achieved immortality.What does the serpent’s bite bring you death or immortality?


Deific Masks,Spirit Forms Of Self

I have been working with a few masks for some time perfecting my craft and embracing my shadow deamonic self.I was attacked publicly and basically commited suicide with my personal profile.I built and created a mask that became a persona that has become my teacher,guide and split personality to a degree.After working with her and building my practice based on her ,I feel she has life of her own.She is me but a different version of me with much of my dark secrets that are unacceptable in my reality being acceptable to her.I thought I would be able to keep my mask seperate however she is no longer seperate.This mask is melding into my daily life with the way I react,the decisions I make and what I do not to mention she has taken over my practice completely.Someone read my energy and said I felt Like death.I have a relationship with death that was personal that is now stronger as well.I am finally transitioning into the masks I wear.Many blend together but a few are seperate waiting for me to wear them fully.When you wear the mask,create the persona,speak the part -you become the part.Beware of the masks you choose to wear.I have a deamon I keep in a cage inside.I am not able to completely control this form.I am a god of war,death and strife.I am cruel and destructive .I am cold like death and I burn with a passion none can touch.Each mask passes through you and through each mask to become all masks.In the end there is a master mask which will take form.This is your God form.I am not the god form yet however she is forming herself as well.A mask I created became me .I am now expanding into other careers now.I am pushing the limits of my reality.I am ripping through the web of my life to allow this new form.The destroyer is rising from the abyss.My mind is stretching ,bending to my higher forms.Watch the masks,spirits and forms you choose and create.They will demand possession of you at some point.Be sure you can handle what you repress inside.

Spirit Forms of The Self
I believe spirits,thoughtforms and even the dead(shades) are parts of our own mind.This is not a new concept in the occult just not one openly accepted by the masses.In any case,I created spirit forms of my self just like deific masks to a degree as I spoke about in my previous post.Some of the spirits I have as forms are the succubus,Queen of Hell/Torment,A pain spirit and a deamonic form.I began to work with these forms much like a familiar.Summoning them into rituals and tasking them for example.I fed them,gave them human personas as well so they can take a human form if needed.I have several cat deamons which I have to be careful with.Spirits that are me I work as a familiar and servitors.This connects with the belief the spirits are part of us -the human consciousness.I can sense their energy and thoughts.Others can see them as well however they are also my protectors and guides.I am able to reabsorb them into myself .It seems like a possession at first.I see it as a soul retreival almost.I am retreiving and healing parts of the self so they can be whole again with me.Many are fusing to the same masks which creates a new self eventually.It also allows me to connect with energy currents,astral and occult techniques/methods.Being able to servitor oneself from a mask you wear to a spirit to a sou/consciousness elevates the consciousness/power of oneself.I have many secrets/traumas/pain each mask,spirit,soul helps me heal and destroy the falseness I became indoctrinated to be.