Succubus Basics

Summoning the succubus/incubus was considered quite vogue during the victorian period.This fits me perfectly as many know I love that time period.In latin the word succuba means to lie under or lay beneathThe succubus are said to be of the djinn or one who is of fire or smokeless fire which I tend to agree with.The succubus is said to only be visible to those with second sight.Some classify sirens as succubus.Others see her as deamonic with horns,cloven feet and deamonic wings which is how I view her.Some claim she is a woman who wears white who haunts crossroads and country roads waiting for men to cross her path.She is said to enter the mind of the sleeping for sexual purposes.Some claim the succubus is a beautiful young woman with avian or repetilian features with serpentine tails and forked tongues.I myself in my deamonic form have deamonic wings,cloven feet with a tail,horns,claws and a forked tongue.Penteration during sex with the succubus is said to feel like entering a icy cold place.Most claim the succubus is said to be a horrid creature however Pope Sylvester claimed he had a long term affair with one named Meridiana who assisted him to raise him through the ranks of the Catholic Church.It is said to be dangerous for sex with a succubus shortens their victims life span and destroys their health including death.I know the incubus/succubus choke or suffocate their victim during sex.Succubus are also said to be able to force their victims into sex for the purpose of taking their semen to give to their incubus partners for the purpose of creating children called cambions.I am going to post up my personal summoning for the succubus/incubus here within the next few days.The succubus is a complicated creature of many forms who holds the power to destroy ,bring life or even assist those who gain favor with her.


Menstrual Blood Sex Magick

This is my far one of my favorites for a few reasons.The female menstrual cycle is considered gross by many including women.Menstrual sex is a way to get into blood fetishes,blood magick and sex magick all in one.I prefer the first 2 days as that is my heaviest days.Plastic,towels or an old blanket can be layed down.I dont recommend the shower due to the fact the blood is washed off for the most part during sex.I want it bloody,messy and raw so i go with an old blanket.Sigils can be drawn on both bodies in blood. Humiliation words can be added such as slut ,whore,my kitten and slave.Blood can be eaten and digested in part of the ritual as well.Chants,music or words of power can be added in as well.This can be done via oral sex or even fed to each other from the fingers of each or from some type of item of choice or toy.I prefer to either have oral sex or feed each other my blood.Upon climax,visualize and be focused on the intent.I do not apply dogmatic correspondences of menstrual blood magick workings to my practice as I make my own correspondences.Also,when I am on my cycle many of my discomforts are gone or dimished.My one familair always has sex with me when i am on my period either when i am in sex with a partner or by himself.Blood bindings,pacts and other forms of contracts can be worked with however really anything can be .Servitors can be made this way as well.What types of blood magick,fetishes or sex magick with blood do you practice or want too?what are your thoughts or ideas?What views do you have on the menstrual cycle in general?73844bff2755aa530da43c8a610dd5b4--horror-photography-art-photography

Slavic Vampyres

Slavic Vampyres
The first and prized predator was the werewolf where it was widely believed that a man could transform into a wolf and back again.This could be done at will even after death their spirits were said to be able to transform.This myth of being blood thirsty evolved into the vampyre.Werewolfs who died came back as vampyres after death.He was originally an evil spirit who crept into rooms at night to drink from the living sitting on the sleeping suffocating them.This myth reminds me of the incubus/succubus which I always said was a vampyric spirit.The slavics spread much of their myths corrupting surrounding areas to these beliefs as well.
How do they deal with the “mora”?Effigies are burnt representing the vampyres.Some are buried at the cross roads.Some are chained to their graves with garlands of roses.Roses have a long history with vampyres I am going to be posting on shortly.Some places cut the heads off and place it between the legs of the mora.Russia stakes them in the heart.Poland buries the head smothered in poppies.Slavic vampyres are quite different then the myths we usually hear.Werewolf and incubus beginnings.Perhaps these are all forms of the same spirit that has seperated and became independent much like servitors can be yet they all are connected.What do you think of the slavic vampyres?

Selling Your Soul

I Want To Sell My Soul To Satan
This is the most common misconception of the occult.No,you can not sell your soul however you can willing give your soul to Satan/Lucifer.You willingly can give your soul to Satan/Lucifer.You will have no soul,there is no dark night of the soul.You are but a shell of nothingness.You agree that you are at their mercy.Satan will destroy ,purify and recreate your human soul with his essence within.You will be a vessel with a satanic soul and essence.Those willingly to withstand his fire are forged in fire .To become an adept one must suffer,be damned and rebuild.Do not do this unless you are sure.This can destroy your stability,your current power and break you mentally/emotionally.

Do Deamons Take Souls ?
No,they do not.However,that is not to say they do not accept human souls.What I mean is they willing accept your soul as a human and elevate it to one of their own.For example,when you decide to work closely with a deamonic force,you are accepting them taking your soul as their slave then submissive then you are given the oppotunity to stand beside them in honor.They may allow you to even be their master in some cases as you were theirs.You must become their master when your soul and spirit become deamonic and bound to the flesh or you will no longer be free in our society at this time.Meaning I can not allow the succubus within to possess me and smother their target physically.I would go to jail for murder One must become master of themselves in every form.After all,these ancient beings need us to exist.If we forget their names and stories they no longer exist.For example,everyone is aware of the attacks and wars I have with stood just here in social media while keeping my life intact even completing my legal course over the summer.I survived because i died as a human soul as a witch as an occultist.What i am, became is deamonic and that is how one survives and grows in power.Deamons have no need for a human soul but they very much hold the power to destroy a soul recreate a human soul and allow us to become gods.Deamons allow us to become powerful in the flesh and earthbound soul as deamons need to bodies to exist.They do this by changing our souls,they do this by driving us insane at times and by injecting their essence into your mind and body-possession.Perhaps this is how the veil will no longer exist as our bodies will be the embodiment of these beings as I experienced with the succubus.Alot of my practices are about becoming a succubus in the flesh and apotheosis. I have learnt .To lose your human soul is a spiritual death i can never explain to anyone .It is one of the reasons i have apocalyptic visions in my head.Become godless to become a deamon to become a god of your own.Obey the laws of society but truly there are no laws spiritually.You must lose your humanity to advance and become adept.Madness is genius.


Restoring Of Power

Restore Power
If one was unable to cast or manifest or even lost abilities,there are ways to restore power.Also,if one is seperated from the witch self and unable to manifest,it is possible to restore.
One method is create a poppet of yourself.This can be to recreate the soul of a witch.When you create this soul doll,place inside many herbs of power,witchcraft and anything you want.Perhaps you were a weak healer or vampyre ,add items inside to create these items.Place strength,immunity and endurance herbs and items inside.Draw veves and sigils for both inside or outside.You are creating yourself as a witch or occultist,let your imagination go wild.Add items inside and outside.Link it to yourself or your body .Create ways to never become seperated or damaged again. Make yourself more deamonic,more whatever you want.

By working with this doll,your magick will either return or begin again as a new source of magick within yourself.What is lost,damaged or stolen can always be rebuilt,reborn or made anew.Take the precautions to never have it happen it again.




The Blue Eyed Demon:


It is said that Demons have walked among men from the beginning aiding them in their ascension and growth throughout time. From the legends of Tiamat(the Deific body) and Kingu(the Demonic blood) coming together to form humanity, To demons preying on men or women in their sleep through sexual encounters, Demons, and even Fallen Angels have always been around interacting with mankind. And when many people ask what color is dominant when thinking if demons most people say red, but the color most prominent when humanity interacts with demonkind is Blue. Blue flames are demonic in nature. A blue rose is a sign of love and affection from a demon. And some people even believe that blue eyes shows the lineage of Angelic/Demonic blood in a family line. This is not to say that all blue eyed people are related to these beings, nor need They believe in them or this article but we are here on the subject today for a reason.


As someone with these piercing and icy blue eyes I would like to talk about all of the things I’ve heard about them from other peoples. I have heard things like “You have the eyes to steal away souls.” Or people whispering “Beware the blue eyed demon.” Or “Those eyes could pierce the soul.” Or “Your eyes can see right through me and chill me to the core.” Or even going as far as to cross the street or get startled or terrified just from me looking at them. It is something that I have lived with all my life, something that never made sense to me why was I like the only one in my family who people had this reaction to?


Well for me, the rumors are true. I live my life as the blue eyed demon that everyone used to call me. And eyes can work a hell of alot of magick all on their own, if you know how to use them. For the amount of people who feared me there was also people who loved my eyes, wished they had my eyes, adored me for my eyes. My eyes could cause fear or love. They could hex or charm. They could be hated or loved and it all depended on the person I was interacting with. My eyes Angelic or Demonic whatever they may be awakened me to who I wanted to be without me knowing it in the first place. And they are not just seeing the future of my awakening but helping me craft it. I can not wait for my awakening day. The day I start to really see through the serpents eyes.

Clauneck’s Sigil

The  sigil below  is of the demon of Clauneck.He is well known for his sphere of influence over money,wealth,goods and riches,However ,much much more comes with this demon.He is assessing your true wealth.Your soul,mind,power,knowledge,magick and worldly/physical wealth is assessed as well.Clauneck prefers public praise and I do give him praise.Here is a deeper look into his sigil.This will give insight in to his true nature as well.Clauneck’s sigil is made up of the brain,eye,heart and phallus.The heart,brain,eye and phallus are the four weighing scales of merit.The brain for knowledge and experience.The eye for deciphering ascetic and contour.The heart for emotional reactions.The phallus as sexual charge or interest.Clauneck will assess a witch’s merit by these things as well.He has no care for the product only it’s worth and you are judged accordingly.That is why some witches will only hit big a few times while others will excel when working with Clauneck.Many just go into working with him with out knowing his nature.Best to know a demon’s nature before a pact or working relationship is established.Also,with his connection to the phallus,one could work on making jobs,managers/bosses,money or career opportunities come by working with “cum”.Cum=come for you or you obtain.

One could also work with the organs,chakras and psychic abilities connected and Clauneck on how to develop them or allow them to gain value for you . Clauneck is about assessing value and merit according to wealth.What is wealth,value and merit?It can be any number of things.For example,I always held the desire to be an author in my heart.Though,I never pursued the possibility or wrote beyond in my own poetry or journal.As I became Occult Kitten and her blogs grew,the writing and the dream of the author grew value to me meaning it held merit or wealth to me.They are gold to me,nothing can reach their value though in monetary terms,the blog holds none.Work with Clauneck on building value on things that you hold dear and let go of the false merit/value placed on other things.