Sex And Tarot Workshop

This is a brief mini-course on reading the tarot with a sexual twist.This is a two day workshop where acolytes will learn the sexual meanings and associations of the tarot.This workshop does not include the traditional meaning of the tarot.Sex related spreads will be covered however it does not include anything other then sex associations of the cards and spreads.This workshop fee is $30.00.Alcolytes have a week to read and interact with the workshop .Acolytes will have access to all school resources however not other courses unless the master pass is purchased.School includes a school library,erotic art/discussions and other topics.Must be 18 years old,a valid paypal account and a free discord account which will allow you access to the course.

Kitten Services Available

Black Arts is open and running two main courses.The courses currently running are Maledictions Course.This covers the basics of beginning the dark art of cursing.This course has recently been re-written and updated.Course covers a variety of curse techniques and other basic to intermediate information as well as access to my personal curses.

Feminine Mystique Course is a female oriented course for those interested in the sacred feminine.Reclaiming feminine magick,sacred powers of the female gentalia.working with the menstrual magick,aura,perfume and makeup magick to name a few topics in this course.

Black Arts has enrollment requirements that must be met prior to enrollment.Message me for more information.Each course fee is $55.00 for students over 18 years old.

Readings are available.Clients must be at least 18 years old.The kama sutra tarot readings are done in the kama sutra spread for $20.oo.Santa Muerte Tarot is 3 card reading for $5.00 and a general tarot reading is $15.00.

Bone Readings are available as well.I read bones in my own way given to me by the spirits.This is done with a custom set of bones done by me.These take abit of time as it includes both animal and spirits.Past present and future are in this general spread,One never knows what the bones will say.Reading fee is $25.00 payable by paypal only.

Reveal The Truth Reading is done via drawing bones on who the culprit is and why.This can be done alone or in a combo readings of tarot or full bone readings.Readings are done generally by dm or email however the phone is an option for those who are interested.This reading alone is $10.00 or in combo price of $30.00.

Sex,Spirits and Sorcery is my official kitten erotic occult shop for clients over 18 years old.This shop is located via discord,This contains handmade oleums,oils,variety of readers and readings,powders and more.

Please be aware that I reserve the right to deny service to anyone I want for any reason.

Please feel free to contact me via OccultKitten#0534 or here.Thank you

Dark Divination Course

Dark Divination Course
This is a new course focused on working outside of the tarot or oracle decks.Creating a bone set of your own,a black skrying mirror,dreams for guidance and various forms of skrying are the majority of topics.We do discuss basic tarot/oracle decks briefly.Candles and flowers/plants even touching on animals.Oujia and spirit boards are discussed as well.Course cost is $55.00 and all course requirements apply.


Devil’s Rose Course

New Course -Devil’s Rose
This is a new course open for enrollment!!!
This is a course focused on various plant magicks such as the making of oils,incense and powders .Course includes the working with plant familiars/spirits,creating plant servitors,Magickal lamps/candles and various ritual workings including poppets and pendulums.Much,Much more included in this course.Information packed!Course cost is $55.00.All enrollment requirements apply here.Please see pinned page post for all requirements.Feel free to message me here under Occult Kitten or my personal profile.

Discord Q & A

Quick Discord Q & A
What is discord? It is a free app offering live chat or text mode.You are able to create servers with groups within the server.So for me,I have my own server with my blog groups there and a shared server with Dreamweaver with my facebook groups there.There are no censerships,no bans or flagging of material posted commented or shared there.I have a variety of posts from my word press,blogs and groups.Server members are able to post comment or react to posts there.Friend requests and pm’s are also options offered there.To me,this is a great social media platform alternative.Please feel free to message or comment your discord┬átag or reach out to me-OccultKitten#0534.There are no social media police in this app.This is where the Black Arts school is located as well.


New course!

Heal Thyself course: learn the basics and advancement throughout this healing course. Learn How to heal your self and others through Crystal work, herbal work, elemental healing. Everything has a dark side, join us to learn the dark side of healing, and the sacrifice it takes to truly become more then just a run of the mill healer, to truly grasp the power of life and death, peace and pain. This course is $20 for the time and effort put In to channeling and writing this work, and the information and knowledge is yours to keep and use as you wish.
For our other courses and more information check us out at:

200 Subscribers!!!!

200 SUBSCRIBERS! I can not believe we made it this far.Thank you to all who subscribe,follow and are active here in wordpress,discord and also facebook!Thank you to Dreamweaver for her presence,support and undying devotion to our vision.

When I started this word press,I was going through a lot personally and as an occult leader.This blog and all blogs mean the world to me,I can not even imagine not having them here for all of us.I learn so much from blogging and the feedback/community it has created.It is not about the drama for me,it’s about the craft,knowledge and growth.

For all who are subscribed and any new subscribers that subscribe in the next 3 days,I am offering a one card Deamon Tarot Reading for any who comment here on this blog.I am offering this reading as a thank you for all present .

All you have to do is comment here on this blog in the next 5 days and I will pull a card for you with your reading.

I am excited to see how far we can go together.Thanks for all and god damn 200 subscribers !! We are going to change the world!