Kitten’s Black Arts Occult School Mission

Kitten’s Black Arts Occult School Mission
I see way too many people seeking services from others .Why would you pay someone a crazy price for something you are just as capable of doing?I would rather teach someone to do their own magick rather then see them be taken advantage of.I am the only occult school I have know of currently .Please feel free to message me in regards to courses/classes available or suggestions/interest in learning more about Black Arts.I have a current listing at the top of this page of courses.My mission is to teach and create a strong society of people who are educated and practicing black magick.


Poppet Workshop

Poppet Workshop
This workshop is going to cover basics to advanced poppet building as well as linking the poppet .Various spell techniques will be discussed in conjunction with the types of poppets.This will cover poppet making materials,types and techniques depending on the type of poppet from a money poppet to a curse voodou style poppet will be discussed.
Workshop cost is $15.00 for this two day event held Feb.25 and Feb.26,2019.Students will need a valid email address,paypal account and a free discord account.Workshop is in text as well as a live chat option for those who wish to discuss.Must be 18 yrs old.
Please contact for any questions or to register for this workshop.


What is Black Arts?

What is Black Arts?
Black Arts is an online occult school.Occult mistress and founder is Occult Kitten.This school is in an uncensered private server for students with the opportunity to stay in the school as a social media forum.Occult Kitten is one of the most cursed and hated occultist in social media who is now teaching the art of execration magick.Currently the Maledictions Course is being offered with a starting date of March 5,2019.Plans for several other courses are in the making as well.Some of the future courses to be offered by Kitten herself are Rites of Blasemphy for those who want to explore the art of blasemphy.This course will cover blasemphy of the christian god as well as occult deities/spirits.Blasemphy is not just reserved for the christian god.
Also,an advanced curse course is in the making consisting of advanced curse techniques and the creation of a curse attachment.
Also,in the works,there is at least one other teacher coming into the school as assistant mistress and co-founder.She will be offering a healing course and perhaps some other gems for us .
There have been talks on other teachers coming into the school to teach other occult techniques and magick.Information on school events and the option to be able socialize,be apart of the occult school society will be posted as we advance.Thank you for being here and your interest in Black Arts.


Kitten’s Maledictions Course

This is a brand new course open to all who are interested in learning the art of cursing.Geared towards beginners and intermediate students ,the course intent is to have students fully understand and be able to create then cast their own curses.This course covers the terminology,the mentality,emotional and magickal concepts needed to be successful in cursing,altars,curse items and being able to write/create their own personalized curses to destroy their enemies from the jinx,hex to the curse.Classroom is in the discord app.Students need to have a valid email address,a paypal account and then be able to create a discord account which is a free app.Classroom is a private server which is by invite only .Course material will be both text with the option to live chat.Students will be able to freely discuss and ask questions both as a group and in a dm.The choice to remain in a server to socialize after the course is complete is available.Payment must be complete by the start date which is currently March 5,2019.The current cost for the Maledictions Course is $50.00. Payment plans are accepted so long as it is paid by the starting date.Interested students can follow all class updates and information on facebook on the Black Arts facebook page.I will also be posting here all information.For those interested in this course and already on discord,feel free to contact me at OccultKitten#0534.I am also available here for any questions or more information as well,I am looking forward to sharing my love of cursing to those who want to advance into the black arts.I can be reached in tumblr under ikinkykitten.