Love Magick: My Truth Pt.1

Love magick is on my mind a lot with February approaching pretty fast the season of love is nearly here. So you may have realized I myself usually avoid this subject at all costs. For me it because a clear taboo that I was uncomfortable with. But for the sake of this being a taboo free blog I will explain why I have these feelings, my guidelines and advice for performing these spells, and how to make sure they don’t completely backfire.


So first what are the different types of love spells?


The general attraction spell which is the safest of all the love spells to use and the ONLY one I recommend to anyone. This is to attract a nonspecific or unnamed person or a few people in your life. This type of magick does not use names, but can use qualities you look for in a partner into your life. Though you don’t need to add qualities of a person it will help targeting good partners for you. The issues you could have with this is the number of people it attracts and how you will stop it when you choose a partner. I recommend programming these aspects before you actually need them.


Specific love spells are tailored and made to attract and claim one specific person. This magick usually is not in the best interest of the user or the person it is used on as it takes away their free will to choose. It makes them Basically a slave to your will. This target of yours if they did not already have feelings for you may be in a constant internal fight with themselves. They will feel in love with you but be mentally screaming this is wrong don’t do this snap out of it and get a grip. They know there is something wrong, that these emotions are fabricated and when it ends they will want to know why, they might become obsessive or even dangerous and this is why it is so important to program an ending to your spell once you get the person or you break up. This is one of the most unsavory types of magick out there and you had better think long and hard about this because if you do really truly love this person you would never do it without their consent or at all. Basically don’t do it. End of story.


Seduction magick is when used when you want to seduce your target to get something out of them. This is usually not out of love but more of a sexual passion or some other material/spiritual gain be it sex, money or energy from the other person this technique is quite frequently used in vampirism. Energy or Glamor magick is a very good window into seduction magick. This can be either category mentioned above.


Domination magick, while this can be on the sexual side or loving side more often than not it is used as a power exchange. This is meant to dominate and control your target to get what you want from them or get them to do what you want. This is a specific person love spell.


Love curses are usually on the other spectrum of love spells they are meant to use love and kinder emotions to torture your victim. As long as you can take the backlash and trust me you will get backlash if you make this about you wanting revenge instead of say just doing it  for a friend, the outcome can be quite brutal for both involved. This is the kind of love magick that would be considered under specific love spells and can hold the greatest risk. This is purposefully meant to cause obsession in disloyal, dishonest, lovers, and cheaters. It is made to put their heart through the grinder for the rest of their life so that when they think about others or go to see others they are haunted by your image and emotional responses they can’t control. They can be driven insane by these circumstances and become violent, stalkers or worse if not handled with care. This curse is often not intended by the castor either. It is its own entity born from hatred and loathing that can spread its web to anyone else you feel a connection to in the way of love. In a way by cursing them you have accidently cursed yourself.

Restoring Of Power

Restore Power
If one was unable to cast or manifest or even lost abilities,there are ways to restore power.Also,if one is seperated from the witch self and unable to manifest,it is possible to restore.
One method is create a poppet of yourself.This can be to recreate the soul of a witch.When you create this soul doll,place inside many herbs of power,witchcraft and anything you want.Perhaps you were a weak healer or vampyre ,add items inside to create these items.Place strength,immunity and endurance herbs and items inside.Draw veves and sigils for both inside or outside.You are creating yourself as a witch or occultist,let your imagination go wild.Add items inside and outside.Link it to yourself or your body .Create ways to never become seperated or damaged again. Make yourself more deamonic,more whatever you want.

By working with this doll,your magick will either return or begin again as a new source of magick within yourself.What is lost,damaged or stolen can always be rebuilt,reborn or made anew.Take the precautions to never have it happen it again.




Occult Vaccinations

Occult Vaccination
Protecting one against curses sent to you can allow one to become immune .I have been working on it for some time.I dont know anyone more cursed ,despised and hated then me,However,My power is undeniable as I am still here unscathed.Why may you ask or perhaps how am I still here?I practice extreme forms of protection for one.My protection spells are constantly tested.My walls are fortified.Some people are naturally immune to spells,I work on that mentally.I have a strong mental reserve one that was never broken by abuse since childhood.Rather abuse is much like a curse.It is how you handle it mentally.I came into the craft being abused ,raped and stalked.From there,I have been in many witch wars which I continue to stand here in full power.I lost my faith in every religion and every god.I broke every pact I ever made.My power is my own .I have spoke about that from day one in my groups.I serve no gods,no spirits.I am godless truly.I perfected my own energy,my own power.I solidified myself.I accepted my own nature,I bowed down to myself .I read everything I can,I practice daily.I keep a few familiars with me but very few.They serve me not by pact or binding .They choose to serve me.I did not decide on this path ,I was forced.I continually vaccinate against spirits,witchcraft however I continually practice being immune to maledictions with my mind,my energy fusing it to my soul/consciousness.I servitored my own soul for this purpose.I create myself in spirit form which I posted about on Occult KItten facebook blog. This can be seen as a poison path practice.Dis honor is not honoring the self.I choose to not honor a single being other then myself.Serpents should be honored and revered.Cleopatra chose to die with the bite of an asp.She achieved immortality.What does the serpent’s bite bring you death or immortality?


Bindings of One Or Multiple Targets

This is something we all as witches and occultists need to be aware of to cast as well as break for themselves.For those who are working with bindings,be aware that some claim bindings are a two way street and one is bound to that person as well.I agree as I have experienced energy connections where I still receive dreams and such regarding people who I have bound and cursed or even once loved.

For those who are unsure of if the binding will be harmful to you.Light a white candle and state: Let no reversals,curses or bindings trouble me and mine.Let only my target be effected .I would say a beginner can do this as well to be sure that they can not harm you or to work out the emotional attachments as well.

Binding of One Person

I write out the petition paper in a hoodoo fashion.I do not sign or write my name over theirs as I would bind myself there.I add binding herbs such as slippery elm,mullien and graveyard dirt to the petition paper.Fold into a packet while reciting binding chants,intentions and such.After the paper is folded,wrap twine or hemp around the packet for the binding.Taglocks or pictures can be added.I add the packet to jar spells or even inside a poppet.I dispose ritually though,throw away in the trash.

Poppets can be made from something as simple as paper to some thing more complex such as a shirt.Once the poppet is cut fill with binding herbs and curse herbs or justice herbs or whatever your intent is with him.

Petition papers can be wrapped around sticks with twine with the intention of binding.Candles can be done as well such as the Hecate Binding.

Sigils can be worked with as well .I saw a ritual where a triangle was drawn out with the target placed in the center with either angels,deamons or familiars are placed at the three corners to restrain and bind the target.I would say this is a more complex advanced method.

Group Bindings

If they are a company,department or if they are tied together,you can place them under an umbrella binding .For example,I bind all the employees of this department from … and then use one of the binding techniques above.

One could also work with one of the various techniques I have under coven attacks and wars blog here on Occult Kitten.Even choosing words such as my enemies are bound from harming me in any way can be effective on groups.

Other items can be worked with such as binding oils,herbs and the elements.Freezer spells can be worked with to freeze bind your enemy as well may be a good technique to work with during winter.

If they are connected,I ritually link my multiple enemies ,If not stick with one term for all of them such as my enemies ,all those who stand against me.Or work with one at time though it is time consuming and tedious as bindings would have to be done to each.One can also adapt the above the techniques for one person to the umbrella term of all enemies.Stick with it and don’t give up.

One could also work with a BDSM binding technique where they assume the target’s identity in ritual and bind them selves or even choose another to ritually participate as the target and be bound.Remember to unlink after this as well as a unbinding spell for those who are the representative.

Happy Binding!!



I wrote several blogs on blasphemy and reverse Christianity.However,I was re-reading some of Crowley’s work when I came across some thing that rings true for me however will create some debate.I am going to state here and discuss my reasons for each of you to reflect and debate on.

Crowley: Blasphemy on all of man’s gods.

I have been for some time in my groups discussing apotheosis.How can one serve any god,spirit or deity yet seek apotheosis?To me,you can not.Though,I respect spirits,deities and such,I see them more as parts of the human collective consciousness and also more of a correspondence or tool to achieve a desired effect.I in my personal practice rarely work with any spirit,deity or godform.I do have familiars or thoughtforms I work with which I see as being part of the human collective consciousness as well.

I also wrote about how I was attacked by someone who worked with one god.I began to have an intense hatred for this one deity-Apep.I used to weed out his followers from my groups and had a friend inform of an ancient rite which was done for Apep to lose power .I realized war with gods is possible and even gods can fall.I informed myself of this ritual.Is that a form of blasphemy as well?

If one is to aspire to be free of dogma and the world’s natural repeated cycles -then why would one not be blasphemous against all gods not just Christian?As all gods are man made.Satanism very much promotes the destruction of Christianity however why stop there?Why would it be wrong to deny all gods and be blasphemous to them all as they are all the same?

I do identify with Satanism and luciferian aspects however above all,I am just as powerful ,just as beautiful as any god.If we are go to against the herd conformity -why would this not apply here as well,That herd conformity , the blasphemy/destruction of all man made gods not be part of the occult understanding of apotheosis?

There are many stories of heroes ,witches/sorceress and many normal people have mythic battles with Gods.They serve to inspire us.How can you see these concepts ?



Vampirism and Collaring:

In Vampirism a common technique used is to feed and manipulate energies from the vampiric persons influence to the prey. This can be extended in many forms of control over a target. Extending hooks to a person is a continuous way to feed and influence a person. This may just be small changes like small emotional shifts or energy shifts. It can be used to bind a target to the Vampiric individual.


This technique can be reformed very easily. The hooks in an individual can be woven around their neck into a type of collar. This can give the vampiric person a lot more control and the ability to Dominate prey completely. A vampiric person can use this link to implant energies and even emotions and thoughts into the intended person. A little tug on the strings can bring a person to their knees. A slightly harder tug can have some unsavory thoughts to the person when a collar can turn into a torture method. It’s not recommended to take this technique that far (and I take no responsibility for your actions this is for education purposes only.)


Another reforming of the collar can turn it into a harness. This can be used to feed off energies around the heart and core. It can also be modified to do some pretty nasty damage to a person’s core energy if you so choose.


This technique also needs a lead to connect to the collar. The position of where this lead is connected to you can also change the potency of the work you intend to do. If you want to do some real damage or drain their core energy extending from your core will do the most for you. If you just want more control extending from somewhere like the palms or fingertips can help you to pull at the stings. If you want to just have a constant flow I suggest extending from the chest area or wrists.

Coven Wars And Attacks

I am going to be discussing how one person can attack,drain and destroy a coven.This is very possible.Many are afraid of being attacked by a coven especially in social media such as facebook.I have been death cursed and betrayed by multiple covens.I faced many of my fears and found ways to fight multiple people at the same time.

Many years ago,I was given a set of hand made candle holders that are nearly indestructible.I have a set of 13 -12 are exactly the same.One is my ritual Satanic candle for my altar.I am going to get into other workings with these candleholders in another post.I am going to specifically address covens here.

First begin by gathering a set of matching candle holders.I would say at least a dozen.Once ready ,plan on a larger space for these workings for a period of time as wars can be messy.

Dedicate ,dress and link the candles to the coven .You can name the names  of members or as a whole such as Dumb Decree Coven.Place them into candle holders .If any of them maintain special titles include them.Place them all into a circle figure.Around them ,place a ring of salt.This is to contain them.Think of this as being along the lines of Solomon trapping spirits and forcing them to his will.The circle of salt once put down should not be broken .The circle is to hold and contain them as well as their energy.This is important.One is to not bind them but to trap them in this circle.

Once the candles are set into their holders and set in the circle of the salt,you are ready for the next step.Link the coven members together so they are one entity.This will manifest as the coven is strong and close-a force to be reckoned with.You are right on track when this manifests.I recommend that you do this first part on one night.It may take some time to link members and candles as well as containing the group and linking them as an entity.

I wait a day to be sure that nothing disturbs the linking and coming to gether of the coven.Now you have the coven contained and linked as one unite.This is where you can do anything now.

Cursing can be done via one poppet as a coven now.Poison herbs can be added,deamons unleashed,servitors created for their destruction.Puppeteering can be done.The member candles can be moved and placed within the circle to cause certain events within the coven.No matter what keep them in the circle of salt.

Coven Poppet-

Think of this as being a vessel for the coven members.You should fill the poppet with varipus curse herbs and items.Fill the head with things which will corrupt,poison and madden the coven as a whole and as individual members.Pins and thorns can be added,sigils placed inside and out of the poppet.Keep the poppet inside the circle with the coven candles.In the end,destroy the poppet in a curse and  destroy /curse the coven to be no more.Possibly go as far as a death curse on all of them.

Curse each member one at a time or as a whole.Crystals,human bone powder and glass shards can be added into curses to name a few.

Vampyrism Of The Coven

I have several posts here in the blog on vampyrsim magick techniques.Apply vampyrism here as well.Drain and absorb the coven one by one or whole.The candle vampyrism method can be applied here .Vampyrism sigils can be added to the circle.Think about what you want to vampyre off of them-is it special psi abilities ,their coven power or even their ability to cast magick.The candle method is vampyrism via a candle energy however a crystal or energy work can be applied here .

Once started ,do not stop until the coven is destroyed and is no more.Leave no loose ends at all.This is not for the weak so one must be ready to go all in when following this method.I am doing a few follow up posts on this topic and method.