Casting Circles-Atheist Occultist View

Casting Circles-Atheist Occultist View
When I first begin witchcraft,I was very much into the circle casting.I fell out of it as my practice changed and I worked in sacred space not in a circle anymore.I also felt that working in an open space was good for inviting spirits,deities and deamons for spell work.I have since changed most of my beliefs and practices since and I am reworking the circle again into my practices.Each of us has to find the way that works best for them.I am an atheist and transcendental occultism.I view spirits as being part of our selves and our consciousness.
A circle is meant to hold and contain energies raised within then to be released into manifestation.If I cast the circle and raise my own energy inside as well as invoke/evoke myself in spirit form,all of it is contained and under my control.Circles also keep unwanted energies out.This can include interfering wills and energies or even random energy that could negatively affect my workings.
Sacred space to me seems like I am casting in open territory meaning that any energy can attach or affect my casting.It to me now could also allow the spell/ritual to be weaker as the energy is not being held or raised but rather able to dissapate in sacred space.
I am now casting circles again to maintain the power of the energy raised as well as keep unwanted energy out.If it is my energy that casts the circle,creates the circle and is the circle then I have advanced in my path as my goals have to always raise and work with my own energy.It makes me fully responsible for my life and practice.I also feel it also solidifies my path as an aethist and occultist as well moving me towards my own apotheosis as well.
How do you feel about circle casting?How does it affect your practice?




Morphing,Curse Eating

Morphing ,Curse Eating
You are what you eat is a common saying in regards to your health.Take this to the next level.What do you eat spiritually?I personally eat dark sexual energy.I feed on the energy of the sexual lust/passion of others.I feed on curse energy.I feed on massive hate anger and curses cast .Feeding can mean many things.What you eat spiritually is what you become.I was attacked multiple times and accused of being a succubus.So I became a succubus.I was accused of many things and attacked over and over.I was death cursed multiple times.I have died many times spiritually to the point I do not die any more.I no longer die spiritually.I eat the curse everytime to the point that I am building my Deified Self into immorality.
I accept myself as a damned cursed being.When you eat the energies and spirits sent against you,you become what you eat.You morph into the cursed being or attack.
Morphing into what you eat does several things.You take ownership,it is under your control.It disempowers your enemy and attacks.It allows you to gain energy,strength and advance spiritually.It allows you to become various aspects of yourself that you may deny or keep disempowered.Perhaps I was always a succubus not accepting myself in this true form.Now I have become a succubus who is empowered.Rather she is a deamonic strong being greatly enhanced with the energy of several curses.
I accepted,morphed and became the attack sent against me.I do not need nor care to fight a curse anymore.Think passive aggressiveness overshadowed by outrageous behaviour.This holds the psychological aspect as well

Curse Eater Part 2

Curse-Eater Part 2
In several previous posts ,I spoke about what is a curse eater and also absorbing energy.In my posts on Succubus Slut facebook blog,I wrote about how one can work with vampyrism absorbing energy into the self as a feeding technique.Someone sends a certain energy and one can absorb it.Perhaps one sends energy of a certain kind such as sexual energy.One can absorb this energy into the self.One can be a submissive and allow another to send their energy while you passively absorb.
In this case,to be a curse eater one is cursed.To be cursed,negative energy known as a malediction is sent upon the target.Another sends energy out to the target where the submissive ,target or passive absorber takes that energy into themselves.Rather then harming the target,it is foodThis can be said to those who send spirits to another.One could be fed or aborbed if one is astrally projecting to another just as spirits sent upon the target is able to be absorbed.This can be a form of spirit consuming or vampyrism upon the spirits as well as the malediction.If one sees the spirit as aspects of the self,then one can is consuming the one who has sent the spirit as part of the attacker.
Absorbing energy can be taken into the body,mind,soul or the aura of the target.Once a person is skilled in absorbing the energy ,one can direct how the energy is used.One must be able to hook or grab control of the energy right at contact with the self.This can be done as being food astrally consumed,this can be taking the energy as one inhales air.
Consuming energy is a form of vampyrism that can allow one to gain alot of energy and become skillful in connecting and controlling energy as well being able to identify or even see the malediction and its caster.
Vampyrism comes in many forms such as incubus/succubus,traditonal psi vampyre ,spirit eater,curse eater.This can be a form that changes depending on what energy and its source.It can also be seen as one form .I was saw them in seperate forms however I have only one form now of vampyrr.I am going to share a few other techniques and ways to work with being a curse eater and vampyrism.



Curse Eater Part 1

Curse Eater
What is a curse eater?How do they feed and what can they do?
A curse eater is a vampyric deamon who has the ability to eat curses.Curses are a type of magick that is cast to harm another.A curse eater is immune to being harmed by a curse large or small.Rather they feed on it.Someone who has the ability to passively accept energy sent to them absorbs energy.A skilled person creates and allows one to send energy.Once energy is sent,it is attached too.Once attached,that energy source can be tapped into and drained.
If curses are sent upon one,a skilled person can feed on them becoming a curse eater.A curse eater becomes stronger by eating curses sent to them.Curse eaters can be in a variety of deamonic forms.It is a form of predator magick.Instead of being a victim,a curse eater is a predator who may be smart enough or manipulative enough to make themselves a target in order to grow stronger.Feeding projects such as projects or life goals.A curse eater is a damned creature who has no soul.Its only goal is to eat dark energy,to absorb this curse energy.These creatures are dark,bold and strong.Unwilling to die or unable to die,there is only their agenda.The stronger the curse the more they feed.Curse eaters have nothing to lose.As they feed on curses,the source and casters of these curses are fed upon.Appearing stronger then they are,the victim will be a constant source to feed on.When dealing with a damned cursed occultist,one never knows which skills they have acquired.
Curse eater is a skill,a deamon and an aspect of ourselves.Curse eaters carry within their essence a darkness which carries no light.
Am I curse eater?Yes.


What is Black Arts?

What is Black Arts?
Black Arts is an online occult school.Occult mistress and founder is Occult Kitten.This school is in an uncensered private server for students with the opportunity to stay in the school as a social media forum.Occult Kitten is one of the most cursed and hated occultist in social media who is now teaching the art of execration magick.Currently the Maledictions Course is being offered with a starting date of March 5,2019.Plans for several other courses are in the making as well.Some of the future courses to be offered by Kitten herself are Rites of Blasemphy for those who want to explore the art of blasemphy.This course will cover blasemphy of the christian god as well as occult deities/spirits.Blasemphy is not just reserved for the christian god.
Also,an advanced curse course is in the making consisting of advanced curse techniques and the creation of a curse attachment.
Also,in the works,there is at least one other teacher coming into the school as assistant mistress and co-founder.She will be offering a healing course and perhaps some other gems for us .
There have been talks on other teachers coming into the school to teach other occult techniques and magick.Information on school events and the option to be able socialize,be apart of the occult school society will be posted as we advance.Thank you for being here and your interest in Black Arts.


Kitten’s Maledictions Course

This is a brand new course open to all who are interested in learning the art of cursing.Geared towards beginners and intermediate students ,the course intent is to have students fully understand and be able to create then cast their own curses.This course covers the terminology,the mentality,emotional and magickal concepts needed to be successful in cursing,altars,curse items and being able to write/create their own personalized curses to destroy their enemies from the jinx,hex to the curse.Classroom is in the discord app.Students need to have a valid email address,a paypal account and then be able to create a discord account which is a free app.Classroom is a private server which is by invite only .Course material will be both text with the option to live chat.Students will be able to freely discuss and ask questions both as a group and in a dm.The choice to remain in a server to socialize after the course is complete is available.Payment must be complete by the start date which is currently March 5,2019.The current cost for the Maledictions Course is $50.00. Payment plans are accepted so long as it is paid by the starting date.Interested students can follow all class updates and information on facebook on the Black Arts facebook page.I will also be posting here all information.For those interested in this course and already on discord,feel free to contact me at OccultKitten#0534.I am also available here for any questions or more information as well,I am looking forward to sharing my love of cursing to those who want to advance into the black arts.I can be reached in tumblr under ikinkykitten.


Love Magick: My Truth Pt.1

Love magick is on my mind a lot with February approaching pretty fast the season of love is nearly here. So you may have realized I myself usually avoid this subject at all costs. For me it because a clear taboo that I was uncomfortable with. But for the sake of this being a taboo free blog I will explain why I have these feelings, my guidelines and advice for performing these spells, and how to make sure they don’t completely backfire.


So first what are the different types of love spells?


The general attraction spell which is the safest of all the love spells to use and the ONLY one I recommend to anyone. This is to attract a nonspecific or unnamed person or a few people in your life. This type of magick does not use names, but can use qualities you look for in a partner into your life. Though you don’t need to add qualities of a person it will help targeting good partners for you. The issues you could have with this is the number of people it attracts and how you will stop it when you choose a partner. I recommend programming these aspects before you actually need them.


Specific love spells are tailored and made to attract and claim one specific person. This magick usually is not in the best interest of the user or the person it is used on as it takes away their free will to choose. It makes them Basically a slave to your will. This target of yours if they did not already have feelings for you may be in a constant internal fight with themselves. They will feel in love with you but be mentally screaming this is wrong don’t do this snap out of it and get a grip. They know there is something wrong, that these emotions are fabricated and when it ends they will want to know why, they might become obsessive or even dangerous and this is why it is so important to program an ending to your spell once you get the person or you break up. This is one of the most unsavory types of magick out there and you had better think long and hard about this because if you do really truly love this person you would never do it without their consent or at all. Basically don’t do it. End of story.


Seduction magick is when used when you want to seduce your target to get something out of them. This is usually not out of love but more of a sexual passion or some other material/spiritual gain be it sex, money or energy from the other person this technique is quite frequently used in vampirism. Energy or Glamor magick is a very good window into seduction magick. This can be either category mentioned above.


Domination magick, while this can be on the sexual side or loving side more often than not it is used as a power exchange. This is meant to dominate and control your target to get what you want from them or get them to do what you want. This is a specific person love spell.


Love curses are usually on the other spectrum of love spells they are meant to use love and kinder emotions to torture your victim. As long as you can take the backlash and trust me you will get backlash if you make this about you wanting revenge instead of say just doing it ¬†for a friend, the outcome can be quite brutal for both involved. This is the kind of love magick that would be considered under specific love spells and can hold the greatest risk. This is purposefully meant to cause obsession in disloyal, dishonest, lovers, and cheaters. It is made to put their heart through the grinder for the rest of their life so that when they think about others or go to see others they are haunted by your image and emotional responses they can’t control. They can be driven insane by these circumstances and become violent, stalkers or worse if not handled with care. This curse is often not intended by the castor either. It is its own entity born from hatred and loathing that can spread its web to anyone else you feel a connection to in the way of love. In a way by cursing them you have accidently cursed yourself.