Self love and the Occult:


They say one who can not love themself in turn can not love others. If this is true or not I do not know but I must bring it to point that I myself struggle with self love every day and yet give my all to others to try and make them happy. Does this mean I disrespect myself or my own needs? I sure hope not. I try to take care of myself to the best of my ability, but naturally my energy gets lower because I just lack the motivation to pamper and love myself like I do others. Physically that is. Spiritually I try to discover myself in hopes that maybe one day I will be able to recognize this in the flesh. How powerful I truly am within and project it without. But more times than not, I am depressed. I don’t have the energy to get up and move around or follow up on my practice sometimes. And to me I see that as a huge weakness in myself. I have nothing to hide, I am not going to sugar coat my life or say I am the most powerful practitioner of magic there is. I am not going to claim I know all or I have the ability to ever find out all there is to know. If I did then I wouldn’t have such bad feelings in the first place would I? I would know the perfect path to the perfect life. Or maybe that’s just it. Maybe you have the ability to see to that path in another lifetime or timeline and yet here where you are now never being able to achieve exactly those some conditions. Maybe I became skeptical of my own power or my path… maybe I just stopped believing in myself…

And it’s not just me either…




No matter how famous…


How posh a lifestyle…


How powerful they think they are…


We all have our highs and our lows. They may or may not choose to admit it, But they all have problems. They all experience love, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, skepticism and realizations. If they were perfect, they would not be invested in the occult.


This Especially rings true for those of the Left Hand Path…

Most of not all of them find their ways here because they are the beaten, the broken, the abused, and the damned… They are the forsaken… looking to take back the power they feel the world has stolen from them.


They stopped looking to some Hero, Savior, or God to save them…


They found this power that they had “Lost” or more so given away in the guise of being saved… and they found it within themselves.


We do not walk this path because we have all the self love in the world. We walk it because we feel we lost it and everything about ourselves. We walk it to discover who we are, because we can not love those whom we pretend to be. For feeding the following will never free ourselves, We are in search of the truth, therefore we have no love for fake personas and idealism.


With that being said…

Always be in the right mind set…

Bindings of One Or Multiple Targets

This is something we all as witches and occultists need to be aware of to cast as well as break for themselves.For those who are working with bindings,be aware that some claim bindings are a two way street and one is bound to that person as well.I agree as I have experienced energy connections where I still receive dreams and such regarding people who I have bound and cursed or even once loved.

For those who are unsure of if the binding will be harmful to you.Light a white candle and state: Let no reversals,curses or bindings trouble me and mine.Let only my target be effected .I would say a beginner can do this as well to be sure that they can not harm you or to work out the emotional attachments as well.

Binding of One Person

I write out the petition paper in a hoodoo fashion.I do not sign or write my name over theirs as I would bind myself there.I add binding herbs such as slippery elm,mullien and graveyard dirt to the petition paper.Fold into a packet while reciting binding chants,intentions and such.After the paper is folded,wrap twine or hemp around the packet for the binding.Taglocks or pictures can be added.I add the packet to jar spells or even inside a poppet.I dispose ritually though,throw away in the trash.

Poppets can be made from something as simple as paper to some thing more complex such as a shirt.Once the poppet is cut fill with binding herbs and curse herbs or justice herbs or whatever your intent is with him.

Petition papers can be wrapped around sticks with twine with the intention of binding.Candles can be done as well such as the Hecate Binding.

Sigils can be worked with as well .I saw a ritual where a triangle was drawn out with the target placed in the center with either angels,deamons or familiars are placed at the three corners to restrain and bind the target.I would say this is a more complex advanced method.

Group Bindings

If they are a company,department or if they are tied together,you can place them under an umbrella binding .For example,I bind all the employees of this department from … and then use one of the binding techniques above.

One could also work with one of the various techniques I have under coven attacks and wars blog here on Occult Kitten.Even choosing words such as my enemies are bound from harming me in any way can be effective on groups.

Other items can be worked with such as binding oils,herbs and the elements.Freezer spells can be worked with to freeze bind your enemy as well may be a good technique to work with during winter.

If they are connected,I ritually link my multiple enemies ,If not stick with one term for all of them such as my enemies ,all those who stand against me.Or work with one at time though it is time consuming and tedious as bindings would have to be done to each.One can also adapt the above the techniques for one person to the umbrella term of all enemies.Stick with it and don’t give up.

One could also work with a BDSM binding technique where they assume the target’s identity in ritual and bind them selves or even choose another to ritually participate as the target and be bound.Remember to unlink after this as well as a unbinding spell for those who are the representative.

Happy Binding!!


Sacredness And Profanity

Who is to say what is sacred or what is profane?Who judges those who appear profane to another or curse loudly?

I see these as forms of rhp dogma.Those who tell you what is sacred and what is divine while judging you as profane are part of the dogmatic slave society.Satan and many of the left hand paths teach to remove dogma from us.If everything is man made-is it not all dogma?Is it all not profane to be honored by a Satanist,a luciferian or occultist?

The path of leaving behind these dogmatic paths should make us wonder who and where our magickal/spiritual traditions are coming from.Why are there less and less of us creating our own path/magick and spells?

Why do we fear being profane while choosing to be a weak adversary troll version instead of a god in the making?Why is it considered foul and conceited to say/act/do as you are a god?It is not.The weak who are still under the guise of the slave god and do not know they are not free say it is wrong not the deamonic ,not Satan and not Lucifer.

To me,saying or believing you are not a god is blasphemy.Blasphemy against yourself and Satan/Lucifer.Who is to say that being ritually clean or purifying space is right and sacred maybe it is profane as those are rights of the rhp?Perhaps,being so ritually pure is truly unclean?It seems to be the opposite but is it not the false gods who trick and deceive us to believe things should be a certain way?

Washing your hair every day causes damage to your hair ,that is a scientific fact.So,perhaps being too clean,too sacred and too pure are forms of uncleanliness?

To me,there is no god/goddess or deity unworthy of my blasphemy .There are none sacred as they are from the world of man.I am too so I must show myself worthy to rise among them and become more then them.

There is nothing holy but what I deem holy,sacred which can be a profane act.To some,my sex magick/BDSM practices are profane .To me ,they are but acts of true pleasure,pain and devotion.

Feces,vomit and urine are very considered undesirable in magick.Yet,their filth is the power that brings a curse to an enemy.

Do some research and find the profane.Free yourself in the profane and know none are higher then you.Therefore none can tell you what is sacred and profane.Curse like a sailor,tie your lover up ,vampire off your enemy,do as you wish to live the life you desire not as the one as a slave but as one who is burning with fires of Hell and lives.

The occult has had a long history of drugs and alcohol.There is a fine line between being in a negative place with your addiction and be able to practice the art of being drug use while being able to cast/practice magick.Do not be ashamed of yourself,rather find a way to raise above that which others enslave you with.




Healing using elements:

Healing using the elements is one of the major ways of healing. Using the fundamental elements if water fire earth and air. Here are some of the many examples in which these elements may heal.
Water: water is the element of healing. Using water is using the flow of energy to cleanse clear and renew. You can use any type of water. Water can be blessed with healing energy and herbs to make tea, baths, or can be applied to the afflicted area. Running water of a shower or rain can be used to get rid of negative energy and depression by ridding you of positive ions that can cause anxiety and depression while still cleansing the aura. Bathing in a river or waterfall can be like a rebirth of new heath. Even the temperature of water can affect the outcome of healing. Cold water helps blood circulation, rid yourself depression, skin and hair, immune system and energy, fertility and more. Hot water helps rid of anxiety, increase the love chemical in the body, relieves muscle pain, and rids of cold symptoms.
     Fire: the element of fire can be used to symbolically  burn out sicknesses. The energy of fire is powerful in creating shields to prevent negativity and illness. The magick fire energy can be used to burn astral parasites away. It can be used as kundalini healing the spine and back areas while removing emotional trauma and blockages, also clearing chakra build up and resetting energy flow.
   Earth: the element of earth is the element of stability and balance. The energy of earth is to ground you so that the same amount of energy always enters and exits the body. It stabilizes the chakra flow and is the backbone in a powerful healing ritual. The element of earth can be used as the shell to your astral body to stand strong and not fall apart. Earth is the ability to be stable in every aspect of well being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Earth is also a good shielding element. Earth is the element to call on when banishing energy’s as you can banish them into the earth and the earth naturally cleanses energy making negative energy neutral.
   Air: the element of air is the ability to be formless, and adaptable. To be free to change to the surroundings without becoming shaped by outside forces. The ability to be yourself while also being able to take what the world throws at you and move seamlessly through its obstacles. Air is the element of free emotions. The ability to let it all out like a quick breezes hitting the obstacles then pulling yourself back together quickly and as quietly as possible most of the time, knowing when it is your time to strengthen up and hit like a hurricane at times. The ability to freely be you is the ability to stay healing when you are hurt without going stone cold, drowning in your emotions, or blazing in rage.

Summoning A Pumpkin Familiar

Summoning A Pumpkin Familiar
One of more recent rituals and one I have had great success with.You can summon a halloween pumpkin familiar for just the season or to work with all year round.I plan to work with mine all year and will be a permenant familiar for myself.On paper write on paper what you want your familiar to do for you.They will need to be fed on a regular basis so figure out your food source.I feed mine my blood.Use a figure,picture or some type of physical visual form such as a drawing as the basis for his form.With a small pumpkin,carve it or at least empty the guts out.It will be used as the womb or portal for the familiar to cross over through.Inside the pumpkin,add dandelion,catnip and cinnamon.I include a toxic herb such as hemlock,henbane or belladonna.Using a purple candle carved and dressed with spirit drawing oil.I use cinnamon incense as well.Set up your ritual space.I set my visual of my familiar right next to the pumpkin that is dressed with the incense.On my paper ,I also include a name that the familiar will respond and that the familiar is housed in the physical visual of the spirit.Now you can get more in depth and create a spirit vessel to house the familiar.A glass of moon water in a chalice.Sigil work can be added as well into this if you wish.I light the incense and the candle in the pumpkin.Focus on your familiar and your intentions with it.Call it by name and see it cross over into this world through the pumpkin.Once crossed,offer him your blood by dropping a few drops on to the familiar’s home.And burn the paper once you are connected to your familiar .From here ,you have a familiar that is yours to work with as long as you dismiss permenently,thank it for its service and cross it back over through the pumpkin portal.And formally inform him he is free of you.


Familiars Of Many Faces

Witches,Familiars,Sabbats and Shaman Lore
Animal familiars work on the same basis as animal totems,power animals,spirit animals and spirit guides.Some familiars serve as a spirit guide rather then just a guardian or servitor.These practices are more focused on a shamanistic practice rather then demonic consorts.During the witch trials,some witches claimed they went into a trance and travelled to the spirit world to battle spirits to protect their crops and villages from illness.This is a form of the witches sabbat.
Familiars were and are needed to healing and magickal powers.Some of these familiars are sent into battle with and for witches.They also battle another witch’s familiar in witch wars.
Servitors can be created for this purpose however you can summon your own familiars for yourself.

Witches and Familiars
European tales speak of witches having familiars such as ravens,toads,cat and rabbit.These creatures are significant in the craft.Witches would make an evocation to bring forth elementals and the ‘devil’ grants their wish.These can be a number of living things such as animals,plants,trees and stones.They are to do the bidding of the witch,transport her and accompany her to sabbats.Some familiars take on a dream form while others take on a living flesh form.Others can be servitiors or ritual thoughtforms sent out to do the work of a witch.
To make a spell thoughtform or servititor,draw out the sigil of the form you wish it to take.Sigil should be charged with sexual fluids.If a vampiric one,charge with blood and sex fluids.You can create a familiar with bat wings,body of a lion with the head of a cat with the face of a mouse if you wish.In the dream world,you can appear to have many spirits and animals swirling and doing your bidding.
I have always had the traditional cat familiar and have a few others.I am expanding into a few more for a specific purposes.I travel with one or more familars almost every time which a few have witnessed.There are a few demons who give good familiars.I personally have never used a demon to gain familiars .Many things can be done with this concept.One daemon does transport me places easily.I view him much as a familair spirit.

Witch’s Guardians and Familiars
In myth and legend,witches always had familiars and deamons that did her bidding.Today,its a very much lost art.Familiars can refer to a witch’s pets who may do her bidding at times.I have several animals that aide me. Some are servitors and some are flesh.Familiars can be other spirits though.You could have an individual fae spirit or a tree.You can have an individual were wolf spirit that you take into your custody.These creatures can be your familiar,your own army.I am not referring to an energy of an entity such as Lucifer. There are four ways to gain individual familiars.One is a servitor spirit which most are familiar with.The second is a summoning rite where you summon a creature for a purpose.Third is to ask an entity for a creature of your own .Fourth is through a spirit vessel binding which can be by force or choice by the spirit.Spirit vessel bindings can include any type of spirit including both living and dead souls.I am not against using an enemy soul as a slave or battery.You can gain many kinds of spirits for yourself which is a more personal relationship.You may have a close connection with Lucifer however its not the same as having your own dragon working with you or for you.These types of familiars may be yours by claiming them,by pact or an exchange.Mine choose to stay on their accord.Some may enjoy the comforts of a home or affection.Everything is personal and individual.Make your practice your own.

Witches,Familiars,Familiars Spirits
A familiar is a creature that regularly helps a witch with her craft.They can be corporeal existing in blood and flesh and incorporeal existing in a spirtit/astral form.
Corporeal Familiars are usually common pets that have a special working relationship with the witch.It is forged by mutual trust and love.At times,they are fed the witch’s blood.A witch may have one or more corporeal familiars who make themselves useful when the witch is crafting.My dog has been fed my blood to link us and we are linked.
Incorporeal familiars are considered an imp,fae ,daemon spirit that gives the witch or her workings special powers or effects.Spirits of the Goetia fit the familiar description nicely as they are able to manifest and act as a familiar.
In voodoun,familiar spirits can be housed in a lidded jar that is decorated.Fancy sugar bowls,empty liquor bottles,animal or odd shaped jars can be used as spirit vessels.Fill these jars with hair,nail clippings and your blood as well as spirit attrcting herbs associated with your type of familiar.Charms can be added or a fed lodestone.A drawing powder,sugar or honey is a good additive.Some approach a deity or higher spirit to obtain a familiar.Others do a summoning spell.I summon.Once a familiar is obtained.It is best to feed them.Standard food is bread,milk,honey or alcohol mixed with your blood.Dress your familiar’s jar up,make it look nice.Put it in a safe place with offerings around it.Feed it at least once a month regularly.You can call your familiar forward to complete tasks,add it’s energy to your craft workings or have them teach you the craft.Familiars can be attached to jewelry and certain stones.In fairytales,familiars are given in crisis.I feel you can have them arrive that way but you can summon them just as well.

Witches,Familiars and Lore
The word familiar is based off of the latin word meaning servant due to the familiar’s role of serving the witch to whom they are attached.As an attendant,some of the familiar’s role are to protect,guide,teach magickal/healing arts and to do the witch’s bidding to complete sinister deeds.Most of the time,the familiar as an animal that is often seen as a pet or companion that aids in magick.To some,the familiar exists more as a spirit and is never an animal.Lesser demons,nature spirits,fairies and hobgoblins are the most common familiars.Even the dead can be in service to the witch.The practice of familiars is more prevalent in England,Scotland and Spain.Familiars are seen usually in the form of comfortable animal forms.
Toads are the most common in lore with the black cat right behind them.They are dressed and given bells.Some are made to dance at the witch’s request or demand.
Familiars work mostly for food.Other familiars are ferrets,weasels,rodents,rabbits and insects.Familiars can be passed down through families from parent to child.They can be gifted from a powerful spirit from the Other world.
Demons as familiars.Fae have been equated with demons,Most say they are the same being.I have a demon familiar who is my main familiar.We have a rough play relationship.Our relationship can be challenging with many rewards.Some recieve familiars from the Fae Court or the Devil himself.
One of the most powerful gifts conveyed from a familiar is the ability to assume its form to travel and complete tasks.I have a few familiar spirits that are easy while one is challenging,it is one of the most rewarding personal relationships I have ever experienced.


Feri Tradition

Feri Tradition

This is new to me and something I plan on exploring a bit more.This is a fae tradition that is a sexually positive path.This path speaks of sexual longing,desire and fulfillment.The universe is said to have been birthed from the holy lust of the star goddess birthed from her orgasm.Sex is part of communing with nature and to feed the magickal self.

Sexual and spiritual energy are part of the same energy current.The energy that keeps our bodies functioning.the concept of three souls is prevelant in this path as well.I have posted on the concept of three souls in other groups previously.The fetch is the soul that is responsible for communication with deities and with the higher deeper powers as well as with our selves.The alignment of the three souls and the full embodiment of sex which a point of the Iron Pentacle which sits in the center of the forehead.When balanced with the rest of the pentacle is a state known as the Black Heart of Innonnce.

This path is proud to call itself a left hand path.Alot of it’s practice is based on generation,direction and purification of one’s life force or chi in other circles.Sex magick and rituals are part of the practice seen as something divine,sacred and a pathway to spiritual power.

The Feri Three Soul Concept goes in to godhood as well which I find refreshing since most earh centered paths do not go into god hood rather stressing the union of one with nature.The fetch is the part of ourselves that is animal,child,primal and innocent.The God Self is named Dian y Glas which is the name given to the Blue god of this tradition.He is youth,potency and vitality.Sex is included and a part of all three souls including the fetch which in BDSM terms is similiar to a little or a kitten.The god self holds angelic pieces within him as part of self.A peacock Angel.He is said to exist on the same level as Eros and Shiva.The blue god is said to be somewhat of a gatekeeper as well between the physical world and the void of darkness.He is said to open the gateway and is thought of as two bodies in

sex when he does so.His energy is said to be quite sexual.As an individual god,his energy is seductive in a gentle way.He is said to be soft and alluring.He is a rising serpent and is very phallic arousing both straight and gay men with his presence.His energy is very different then the Horned God.He is said to be the divine twins merged as one being.The mingling of the peacock and the snake.He is invoked both in solo sex magick and with lovers.He is a blue angel of a sexual energy.

I plan exploring this path a bit more.The three souls are said to come together in this path through a sexual orgasm.