Djinn Basics

Succubus are said to be a class of djinn made of smokeless fire.It is also very possible for djinn to be in a living person.The Queen of Sheba was said to be a djinn in the flesh.Below are djinn basics.There are 9 classes of djinn.I am only listing 5 and these were notes I had in my notebook.I am not sure of the source of this information as it is not my work completely.If you know the source ,Please let me know.I am including a basic djinn lamp paragraph for those who wish to create one to work with the djinn.

The djinn are one of my favorite spirits to work with.They are a class that is neither angel or of the dead but not quite demonic.Most consider the djinn to be demonic however they are a parallel entity to humans.They are so close to us its impossible to not interact with.Most commonly known the islamic religion.In Islam they are considered devils but they are good djinn too.Very human like.
Djinn means hidden or concealed.They live ,die and maintain a free will of their own.Both human and djinn are a special class of beings.Neither are angelic or demonic or share the same spiritual essence.These spirits are made from fire and lived on Earth before mankind.They fought each other and created much destruction.To remedy this situation,angels were sent to fight them and put them in check.
Some consider all spirits of nature to be djinn.However the djinn are very intelligent.The humans are one class and the djinn are nine classes.Djinn outnumber us drastically.

Humans and djinn can and have married.Some of produced children.Relationships can produce human children carrying djinn soul and djinn carrying human soul.
Djinn are able to die from either old age or illness.Both are possible. Succubus djinn
Several theories are known of where and how they live.Typically they live in abandoned or unclean places.Some of these places include bathrooms cemeteries and ruins.It is unknown how they live in these places since they have large communities.One theory is they haunt these places.The djinn could live in the spiritual aspects of nature but not in the physical.Also could be living in a parallel world.#succubus slut

5 Classes of Djinn
Effrit pronounced as eff-freet means to rub with dust in Arabic.Some say it means to create.This is a very intelligent class of djinn with societies very much like humans.They tend to haunt subterrean places and caves.Very effective in magick.Effrit manifest either as demonic and good natured. However they are often conniving and manipulative.Very well versed in human nature,they knows how to push buttons.Effrits are quite effective at getting things done when asked to do something.
Marid pronounced as Ma-Rid meaning rebellious in arabic.They are often seen as large and having a rather imposing presence.These are the ones that Aladdin worked with 1001 arabian nights.They tend to work best with rituals with include a body of water or a bowl of water.They are wish fulfilling genies.

Ghoul in arabic means to seize.The class of djinn that is generally trouble.Monstrous personalities and do not decent part of them.Ghoul live in graveyards.They are very hard to control and not fond of humans at all.Humans can and will get hurt.They are too dangerous to call on unless you are extremely adept.Djinn Purfection
Vetala pronounced ve-ta-la.Interesting djinn to work with.These seem to be a class of being that was borrowed to ancient indian and tantric traditions.They are supposedly vampiric in natures.They are said to possess humans who have recently deceased.Possession halts the decay process so in a sense the body will look alive and well.A zombie that will look alive and well.Superb shapeshifters that use that ability very well and often.To the magician that have a good rapport,they bestow psychic abilities of all sorts.They can appear both good and bad to the person to the person trying to control.
Sila pronounced sea-la.This is the safest to work with because they look favorably on humans.Considered most rare.Also they come to when called.If they decide to manifest its usually female.Best at shapeshiftering out of all the djinn.They like to interact with with humans and cross the veil with out hesitation.Remember to be respectful and be on guard.They tend to become overly involved in human affairs.

Djinn Oil Lamp
This can be put on an altar.Make your own oil lamp for a succubus or djinn.Take a small dish or lamp.Add in lamp oil with a small wick.I purfer to work with a clear glass oil lamp for safety purposes.You can add olive oil with scents into the lamp as well.Succubus are said to be djinn.Ones of smokeless fire.This is a way to work with succubus or djinn.I have one I made for my own altar.Djinn Succubus Slut.


Lunar Magick

Lunar Magick
Most are familiar with the lunar cycle being part of traditional witchcraft.The full moon is said to be most potent with witches being at full power as well.The moon does not produce its own light rather it reflects sunlight.The full moon is one whole side of the moon reflecting sun light.The moon gains power or light from another source.It is under the influence of another and it then influences us/Earth especially water.Witches are the same being influenced by that which is being influenced.
The moon is a mirror reflecting many things.To me,its speaking of false light and dogma.Working with energies and such that are being influenced by a larger source.How much dogma do we see in witchcraft and religions all over the place?
The dark moon and the dark side of the moon is said to be a place and time of uncertain energies,working with spirits and necromancy.Darker magicks in general are best.This also speaks of the moon as a being a source of uninfluenced energy translating to a non- dogmatic energy/magicks.I can not see how any lunar goddess is a power themselves as the moon itself has no light of it’s own.
For those looking into working with dark energy,one may work with the dark moon or dark side of the moon.Traditionally this is a time of the month witches avoid casting magicks.Those looking into magick involving khaos and uncertain energy this is it.
I align more with the dark moon and always have had more experiences during the dark moon.My practice focuses on being your own source of energy.The dark of the moon aligns with this more.
The moon is still under the influence of other forces such as gravity,it is not being influenced as much.
How do you view the lunar cycle and magick?


Cunt -Reclaim Feminine Power

Cunt -Reclaiming Feminine Power
The word cunt is a derivative of otoris,Goddess Kundi the Yoni of the Universe associated with kin/ken/kind knowledge.Kunta was the name of a Sumerian Queen who invented the first alphabet.During the dark ages,the patriachs began to associate the derogatory terms to the female gentalia to deter people from entering into pagan temples of the female gentalia.The original term was Cunnus Deaboli.
We have continued to degrade ourselves and accept this as a term for our own female gentalia.Reclaim the power of the yoni,vagina and such as feminine power.This is nothing more feminine the our own gentalia.
Source:Cinna Lee Barr


What is Transcendental Occultism?

Transcendental beliefs began in the late 1820s and 1830s.The core belief is that society and its institutions corrupt the individual.Self reliance and ¬†independence make people at their best.Individuals are capable of original thought with out the influence of previous masters and leaders.Transcendentalists wanted an intense spiritual experience and were not content with being sober,mildness or rationalism.The movement began to die out and then had a re-emergence in the 1840s/50s.Individual expression and purposefulness are center stage in this movement.When an individual is free of society’s corruption and pure then a real community can be formed.There was also a belief that we are connected to the oversoul which is likened to the human collective consciousness.

Matt Zane had his own twist on this with transcendental Satanism.This is a sect of Satanism I most identify with as well.He was a porn star and musician who took shrooms.In his altered state,he saw a man who made a deal with the Satan before his birth.His sect is based on the satanic self being separated from us and needed to be found to be integrated into the conscious self.I had a very similar experience with shrooms many years before I knew this sect of Satanism existed.

What is transcendental occultism? I view transcendental occultism as being a mix of all of those things being very left hand path oriented.The left hand path and Satanism both speak of breaking the dogma of society,religions and many other dogmatic systems indoctrinated upon us.I have always taken this to heart with many of the systems and correspondences of witch craft as well.I also have always taught to raise your own energy for ritual purposes rather then rely on spirits for the success of magick.I see the individual mind just as potent as a spirit.I also view spirits as part of ourselves in the human collective consciousness that is separate from us externally while being lost or hidden inside of us.I hold a few spirits inside of me based on that.I have my succubus self,Madame Satan and another deamonic form as well as animal forms of myself.These are aspects I had to find within me and externally in the human conscious collective.I also have the belief that various substances can open the mind as a portal to the self that very few acknowledge or work with.I wanted an intense spiritual experience as well each time whether it is through sex magick or altered states by substances.Various occult systems can hold pieces of us depending on what we are and what we connect with in the collective consciousness.Please also view my blog here on alternate realities and past lives here on Occult Kitten.

I hold a deep passion and love for the Victorian times .I have always felt I lived that era.I also find many of my beliefs falling within the transcendental beliefs,transcendental Satanism and into the modern taboo subculture of today.I understand this belief system is not widely accepted however it is also much of my own gnosis.I am what I am .I would rather be true to me then anyone else and can not place a theistic mask on myself for the public.I am also writing a few more blogs on the 1800s influence on my practices.2.jpg




Past Lives,Alternate Selves

Past Lives,Alternate Selves
I view our past lives memories,much like I do spirits.To me,they are the aspects of our selves connecting with time periods of the human collective consciousness.These can be aligned into our current lives to live as you and with you.This allows one to become connected with the alternate you able to live simultaneously.By tapping into the past selves,you can pull energy,knowledge and skills not tapped into allowing one to gain in this life .For example,you may have had a past life as a baker.Perhaps you were the village baker in the 1600s.By creating who that was in your mind,you tap into that energy.This can allow you to channel information to yourself.Perhaps she is able to help you solve an issue with this life such as finding a job and you get a job decorating cakes in a local job with the perfect hours.These can be worked as shades or servitors.You would be working with these past selves like your own familiars,coven or spirits.This allows one to fully tap into the mind of the self and gain power from it.You are essentially able to tap into your own self/ego and create an energy source where you are able to have you as these selves act on your own interest because they are you.These sub personalities can then merge and gain access to the physical self even allowing certain past lives “possession ” of the body to be able to live again thus creating your own reincarnation cycle as well.These shades of yourself can be seen as shadow working.You could even begin necromancy with your past live selves as servitors,familiars even ancestors.You are then servitoring yourself on a conscious level and expanding the conscious mind with the past live aspects that hold knowledge,power and skills that can benefit your current life.It also holds the sci-fi vibe of parallel universes and parallel selves.It also allows one to create their own cycle of energy such as a coven,family blood line/ancestors,shades/the dead/necromancy practices.You would be tapping into the full spectrum of the self.If one would be combined the past lives aspects ,the spirit selves such as the deamonic or god self and even the future selves with the current self.You are creating a telepathic mental connection with many parts of the self and also allowing one to fully know thyself.I work with a victorian self who has a plan as well as a succubus and kitten.Each of these are living now in the flesh and contributing to my current life.I am very comfortable with this practice as it is only myself in various forms.This is to me is the conscious decision to make one a servitor and created as such.Some aspects of me are working by sigils,created by technology others are a very clear natural extension of me while others are creating themselves due to the changes being made in myself and by myself in reality.There many energy forms of myself exisiting and living.I am able to see many layers and parallels across my time period and I am able to see how they benefit me.Each has a true name,a life and things they wish to do.I am working on primal animal selves and myself as various spirits.When building yourself in this manner,you may experience things such as flashes of past lives,strange energy presences and possession.These are you tapping into these hidden aspects of yourself.Control of thought and energy is essential as one must control themselves on an extreme level when first beginning however you will grow stronger energetically.This can also be viewed and worked with as a soul retrieval.You are retrieving your own soul pieces just in a different manner.How do you view the past self?How do they benefit you currently?


Casting Circles-Atheist Occultist View

Casting Circles-Atheist Occultist View
When I first begin witchcraft,I was very much into the circle casting.I fell out of it as my practice changed and I worked in sacred space not in a circle anymore.I also felt that working in an open space was good for inviting spirits,deities and deamons for spell work.I have since changed most of my beliefs and practices since and I am reworking the circle again into my practices.Each of us has to find the way that works best for them.I am an atheist and transcendental occultism.I view spirits as being part of our selves and our consciousness.
A circle is meant to hold and contain energies raised within then to be released into manifestation.If I cast the circle and raise my own energy inside as well as invoke/evoke myself in spirit form,all of it is contained and under my control.Circles also keep unwanted energies out.This can include interfering wills and energies or even random energy that could negatively affect my workings.
Sacred space to me seems like I am casting in open territory meaning that any energy can attach or affect my casting.It to me now could also allow the spell/ritual to be weaker as the energy is not being held or raised but rather able to dissapate in sacred space.
I am now casting circles again to maintain the power of the energy raised as well as keep unwanted energy out.If it is my energy that casts the circle,creates the circle and is the circle then I have advanced in my path as my goals have to always raise and work with my own energy.It makes me fully responsible for my life and practice.I also feel it also solidifies my path as an aethist and occultist as well moving me towards my own apotheosis as well.
How do you feel about circle casting?How does it affect your practice?




Disempowering An Attack

Disempowering An Attack
I talked about being a curse eater.There are many forms of curse eating as well disempowering attacks and enemies.One of my favorite and most well done is with social media.Most of my enemies are former friends,admin/mods and wanna be daters.I generally do not date in social media.The only person I dated claimed he felt he was my dirty little secret.Being desired can bring complications.One of my most well known attackers claimed I was a succubus.How did I handle it-build myself into a succubus both in social media and in my practice.I now own that attack publicly and personally.I was cursed by multiple people now I teach,promote execration magick.I have studied it,learnt it,absorbed them.Now I promote and teach execration magick.I own those,its my fuel and it is mine.I was told I need to go to rehab because I discussed drug use and the occult.Really thank you.Welcome to Cannabis Occultist now.Read all about it in a few of my groups where I have shared links and blogged on my experiences.I was attacked again as well for being a succubus with that attack.Please continue as it does not hurt me rather it is what I built on both personally and publicly.Yes I am a succubus slut who has gotten high and….. There is no power in that attack against me now as I was and always said what I am.

Rather then fight a curse or an enemy,make it yours-own the motherfucker.Attacks are meant to make you or your actions taboo and immoral.This is a fundamental misconception of the occult and is created within the occult community.One of the main reasons I created my own society.Please see my previous posts on Kitten Society.

When we accept taboo practices,we find ways to inner power.Taboo practices are ways to black magick.I view black magick as the use of forbidden magick.Forbidden magick can be a variety of practices.If you already accept whatever the attack is,you are beginning to absorb it.When you are accepting the curse,you absorb it.When you accept an enemy at some point as friend,family or enemy,you can absorb their power if so desired.Vampyrism is a prime example.I have a few more posts on this topic.