Alcor Ipsol:

Guardian of the Twin stars of Alcor and Mizar, this angelic looking being looks to be made of molten Gold taking on a humanoid shape with 2 false eyes and a mouth. Its real eyes are located in its black feathered wings, and on extended peacock looking display feathers. This being can see everything around it as well as remote viewing seems to be a specialty. This being is also proficient in dream work, hidden knowledge and protection work But the true reason to work with this being is as an introduction to multidimensional work. He can give you the knowledge of what happens in other timelines and dimensional versions of the self. Though tread carefully with the questions you ask, as it tends to connect you to the other versions of yourself more emphatically. Eventually a side effect to working with him can be visions of your other current lives including traumas and Deaths and you will get a sense of pure dread watching and feeling such things. It will give you a sense of moments that you could have died or of the flipside moments you could have taken a risk that you didn’t and watch yourself have a better life then you do now. This being can act like he cares when he senses danger but empathy isn’t too much of a strong suit for him, he does as he’s asked even if you were not ready for the results.

Separatio and the black knights:


The Black Knight legends are of usually unknown people, male or female, wearing black armor. They fought unfair rulers usually dethroning them and did good deeds for the poor such as give them their money back.

One such story is of a legendary black knight known as Ashor. And though the church censored these legends and tried to destroy them this legend prevailed throughout history.

Ashor stayed fit and practiced in his older age and specialized in killing kings and nobles but he would always first check if the rumors about such cruelty toward people were true before acting on such rumors. He had witnessed first hand a kings cruelty by saving an old priest who had been locked up for speaking his mind against the king. While saving the priest Ashor was horribly injured he still carried out his duty and freed the people along with carrying the priest to safety.

The priest knowing Ashor would die gave him a blessing and thanks and left him in the woods to die as he was told. When Ashor’s body bled out in those woods a demon had appeared to take him to the infernal realm for all the murder and killings and theft he had done in his life. At the same time an angel appeared to take him to the heavenly realm because of all the lives he saved and helped never keeping the stolen money. The 2 entities began to fight over who got to claim his soul. And after that Separatio appeared.

Separatio, the anonymous one, was a being completely in balance with all “good and evil”. He was neutral and has the knowledge to know good and evil are just perception of the mind. It was Separatio who lay claim to Ashor’s soul. After this Ashor’s wounds had healed. Separatio had pulled Ashor “out of the system” and granted him eternal freedom from any bonds to heaven or hell. He was also free from any fear of death, a virtual immortal, under one condition. Separatio said to him “you need not fear death or dieting, you are free to travel the world or even the universe as you please, but when you find the meaning of life and are ready to rest you must call upon me as your guide, and you must tell me what you have learned, not as something fearful but as an old friend.”

And so he did…

This story plays a lot into how I feel my magick should work. Within balance and without fear of repercussion. Freedom as pure as the soul. I hope one day to see the true face and live in of Separatio. My path may not be anyone else’s but I think we can all appreciate the story.

How to manifest a BDSM Dungeon on the astral:


Get a crystal of your choice, I prefer Tibetan quartz as it makes the process I use for creating an astral temple and anchoring it easier. Create your astral space in the form of a bedroom or whatever you so choose. And anchor it to the the crystal in a bath of domination herbs (and optionally blood.) Use this mixture to either annoying your tools to energetically connect them to your domain or draw the energy into your self and create your arsenal of tools as you please. You may even want to take pictures of tools anoint them and burn them to solidify the making of them. Once this is done you can take the crystal out let it air dry and charge it. Then make a desperate bath of things relating to the scene you want to create. Like domination herbs, lust herbs, submission herbs, or fear herbs. Set up your scene and discard of each scene potion after you finish.

Khaos Magick Techniques

Kut Me Up
In khaos magick or chaos magick,there are a few techniques that can create a powerful transformation of reality.The first is the cut up method.This is the cutting of images and words randomly that can deeply affect reality.This can result in the breaking down reality and even going as far as to make someone no longer exist.This technique is based on the creative flow and random cutting.Targets can be cut out of pictures.Texts,images and words all are cut up and placed randomly to create a new language,altering places and people.Pop culture can be worked with by replacing the parts of a cut up image or text.This can allow your culture preferences to change as well.
I practice this in a visualization method over and over.I build alot of energy up and its finally beginning to emerge on a deep level.
I also have done this with art into a collage fashion with tarot cards.This can greatly enhance creating your divination skills.
You are creating something completely unique to yourself with out attachment.
This is also why I spelled chaos and cut with a k.Small changes begin to affect reality with a minor change.
How do you kut up reality?

Play Me Back
Playback is another khaos magick technique that can greatly affect our personal reality.This is the playback of sounds at the same location at various frequencies to affect the area.This applies to pictures,images and locations.Playing them back by memory or technology with slight variations can go as far as placing very dangerous curses on people and places.
Editing reality and memories of yourself/others can alter current events and reality.This when combined with sounds such as alarm systems,breaking glass and screams result in terrible things such as accidents,death and fires.Riots,tradegic events and weapons can be edited into a playback.
Playback with sounds combined with the kut up method I previously posted on can deeply affect reality.Horrid curses can be placed on targets,reality edited resulting in an altered reality.When frequency is added and combined into this powerful method,it becomes even more potent.
I practice this via energetically on a variety of levels creating a very stabile unstabile environment – ordered khaos.So play me back,cut me up.


Djinn Basics

Succubus are said to be a class of djinn made of smokeless fire.It is also very possible for djinn to be in a living person.The Queen of Sheba was said to be a djinn in the flesh.Below are djinn basics.There are 9 classes of djinn.I am only listing 5 and these were notes I had in my notebook.I am not sure of the source of this information as it is not my work completely.If you know the source ,Please let me know.I am including a basic djinn lamp paragraph for those who wish to create one to work with the djinn.

The djinn are one of my favorite spirits to work with.They are a class that is neither angel or of the dead but not quite demonic.Most consider the djinn to be demonic however they are a parallel entity to humans.They are so close to us its impossible to not interact with.Most commonly known the islamic religion.In Islam they are considered devils but they are good djinn too.Very human like.
Djinn means hidden or concealed.They live ,die and maintain a free will of their own.Both human and djinn are a special class of beings.Neither are angelic or demonic or share the same spiritual essence.These spirits are made from fire and lived on Earth before mankind.They fought each other and created much destruction.To remedy this situation,angels were sent to fight them and put them in check.
Some consider all spirits of nature to be djinn.However the djinn are very intelligent.The humans are one class and the djinn are nine classes.Djinn outnumber us drastically.

Humans and djinn can and have married.Some of produced children.Relationships can produce human children carrying djinn soul and djinn carrying human soul.
Djinn are able to die from either old age or illness.Both are possible. Succubus djinn
Several theories are known of where and how they live.Typically they live in abandoned or unclean places.Some of these places include bathrooms cemeteries and ruins.It is unknown how they live in these places since they have large communities.One theory is they haunt these places.The djinn could live in the spiritual aspects of nature but not in the physical.Also could be living in a parallel world.#succubus slut

5 Classes of Djinn
Effrit pronounced as eff-freet means to rub with dust in Arabic.Some say it means to create.This is a very intelligent class of djinn with societies very much like humans.They tend to haunt subterrean places and caves.Very effective in magick.Effrit manifest either as demonic and good natured. However they are often conniving and manipulative.Very well versed in human nature,they knows how to push buttons.Effrits are quite effective at getting things done when asked to do something.
Marid pronounced as Ma-Rid meaning rebellious in arabic.They are often seen as large and having a rather imposing presence.These are the ones that Aladdin worked with 1001 arabian nights.They tend to work best with rituals with include a body of water or a bowl of water.They are wish fulfilling genies.

Ghoul in arabic means to seize.The class of djinn that is generally trouble.Monstrous personalities and do not decent part of them.Ghoul live in graveyards.They are very hard to control and not fond of humans at all.Humans can and will get hurt.They are too dangerous to call on unless you are extremely adept.Djinn Purfection
Vetala pronounced ve-ta-la.Interesting djinn to work with.These seem to be a class of being that was borrowed to ancient indian and tantric traditions.They are supposedly vampiric in natures.They are said to possess humans who have recently deceased.Possession halts the decay process so in a sense the body will look alive and well.A zombie that will look alive and well.Superb shapeshifters that use that ability very well and often.To the magician that have a good rapport,they bestow psychic abilities of all sorts.They can appear both good and bad to the person to the person trying to control.
Sila pronounced sea-la.This is the safest to work with because they look favorably on humans.Considered most rare.Also they come to when called.If they decide to manifest its usually female.Best at shapeshiftering out of all the djinn.They like to interact with with humans and cross the veil with out hesitation.Remember to be respectful and be on guard.They tend to become overly involved in human affairs.

Djinn Oil Lamp
This can be put on an altar.Make your own oil lamp for a succubus or djinn.Take a small dish or lamp.Add in lamp oil with a small wick.I purfer to work with a clear glass oil lamp for safety purposes.You can add olive oil with scents into the lamp as well.Succubus are said to be djinn.Ones of smokeless fire.This is a way to work with succubus or djinn.I have one I made for my own altar.Djinn Succubus Slut.


Lunar Magick

Lunar Magick
Most are familiar with the lunar cycle being part of traditional witchcraft.The full moon is said to be most potent with witches being at full power as well.The moon does not produce its own light rather it reflects sunlight.The full moon is one whole side of the moon reflecting sun light.The moon gains power or light from another source.It is under the influence of another and it then influences us/Earth especially water.Witches are the same being influenced by that which is being influenced.
The moon is a mirror reflecting many things.To me,its speaking of false light and dogma.Working with energies and such that are being influenced by a larger source.How much dogma do we see in witchcraft and religions all over the place?
The dark moon and the dark side of the moon is said to be a place and time of uncertain energies,working with spirits and necromancy.Darker magicks in general are best.This also speaks of the moon as a being a source of uninfluenced energy translating to a non- dogmatic energy/magicks.I can not see how any lunar goddess is a power themselves as the moon itself has no light of it’s own.
For those looking into working with dark energy,one may work with the dark moon or dark side of the moon.Traditionally this is a time of the month witches avoid casting magicks.Those looking into magick involving khaos and uncertain energy this is it.
I align more with the dark moon and always have had more experiences during the dark moon.My practice focuses on being your own source of energy.The dark of the moon aligns with this more.
The moon is still under the influence of other forces such as gravity,it is not being influenced as much.
How do you view the lunar cycle and magick?


Cunt -Reclaim Feminine Power

Cunt -Reclaiming Feminine Power
The word cunt is a derivative of otoris,Goddess Kundi the Yoni of the Universe associated with kin/ken/kind knowledge.Kunta was the name of a Sumerian Queen who invented the first alphabet.During the dark ages,the patriachs began to associate the derogatory terms to the female gentalia to deter people from entering into pagan temples of the female gentalia.The original term was Cunnus Deaboli.
We have continued to degrade ourselves and accept this as a term for our own female gentalia.Reclaim the power of the yoni,vagina and such as feminine power.This is nothing more feminine the our own gentalia.
Source:Cinna Lee Barr