How to manifest a BDSM Dungeon on the astral:


Get a crystal of your choice, I prefer Tibetan quartz as it makes the process I use for creating an astral temple and anchoring it easier. Create your astral space in the form of a bedroom or whatever you so choose. And anchor it to the the crystal in a bath of domination herbs (and optionally blood.) Use this mixture to either annoying your tools to energetically connect them to your domain or draw the energy into your self and create your arsenal of tools as you please. You may even want to take pictures of tools anoint them and burn them to solidify the making of them. Once this is done you can take the crystal out let it air dry and charge it. Then make a desperate bath of things relating to the scene you want to create. Like domination herbs, lust herbs, submission herbs, or fear herbs. Set up your scene and discard of each scene potion after you finish.

Vagina,Spiritual Aspects

Ishtar-Opener of The Womb
The vagina has long been associated with the third eye.It is where the woman connects with sacred sexuality and psychic energy.If one is connected with the psychic sensitive energy of the vagina one can connect with the sensitive psychic energy of the feminine.For those who work with the Succubus or deamonic/satanic energies ,this would be the deamonic feminine.The third eye can be equated with the vagina spiritually or energetically.One can develop the third eye via the vagina.This can translate into various psychic abilities manifesting during sex.

I used to work with a small version of the triangle of manifestation.When you apply this shape to the vagina.It is about manifesting from the vagina which would correspond to being able to manifest your desires sexually.The use of sex magick.

In tantric tradition,the triangle is the triangle of life.It also has the meaning of Holy Door in the greek alphabet.The triangle was worshipped similar to the cross.The triangle is connected to the female trinity and also meant creative intellect.

I am going to be adding a few more posts on this topic here .This is a reclaiming of the power of the vagina and female power.


Cunt -Reclaim Feminine Power

Cunt -Reclaiming Feminine Power
The word cunt is a derivative of otoris,Goddess Kundi the Yoni of the Universe associated with kin/ken/kind knowledge.Kunta was the name of a Sumerian Queen who invented the first alphabet.During the dark ages,the patriachs began to associate the derogatory terms to the female gentalia to deter people from entering into pagan temples of the female gentalia.The original term was Cunnus Deaboli.
We have continued to degrade ourselves and accept this as a term for our own female gentalia.Reclaim the power of the yoni,vagina and such as feminine power.This is nothing more feminine the our own gentalia.
Source:Cinna Lee Barr


Love Lust Magick Course

Valentine’s Day Special
Love Lust Magick Course
This is a special in honor of Valentine’s Day.This course covers a love poppet basics,lust and love correspondences,cover some deities/spirits for love,bindings and lust/love basics.Covers theory and techniques of this type of magick.Spell share from my personal grimoire will be included.Philtres,blood magick and wortcunning are included.Students need a valid paypal,email and a free discord account.Course is open as early as Feb.19,2019.Course runs 2 weeks with options to stay and socialize with students and 24/7 access to classroom.Total course cost is $30.00.Message this page,my personal profile or Occult Kitten’s facebook blog to begin enrollment.Must be 18 yrs old.


Kissing Spell

Kissing Spell
This is an old spell thats been floating around for years.I have never seen an author to give credit however with Valentine’s Day coming up-here it is.
Put red lipstick on your lips.Write on a petition paper,the name of the one who you want to kiss you.Kiss the paper with intent.Take a red candle carved,anointed and linked to your target.Light it as you state their name while burning rose or cinnamon incense.
Burn your intent paper while chanting:
Kiss me when we meet,Kiss me (full name)
Greet me with your lips,tell me you missed me
Most importantly kiss me like lovers do.Magick kisses so I will love you.
Visualize the person you want to kiss you as the candle burns.


Self love and the Occult:


They say one who can not love themself in turn can not love others. If this is true or not I do not know but I must bring it to point that I myself struggle with self love every day and yet give my all to others to try and make them happy. Does this mean I disrespect myself or my own needs? I sure hope not. I try to take care of myself to the best of my ability, but naturally my energy gets lower because I just lack the motivation to pamper and love myself like I do others. Physically that is. Spiritually I try to discover myself in hopes that maybe one day I will be able to recognize this in the flesh. How powerful I truly am within and project it without. But more times than not, I am depressed. I don’t have the energy to get up and move around or follow up on my practice sometimes. And to me I see that as a huge weakness in myself. I have nothing to hide, I am not going to sugar coat my life or say I am the most powerful practitioner of magic there is. I am not going to claim I know all or I have the ability to ever find out all there is to know. If I did then I wouldn’t have such bad feelings in the first place would I? I would know the perfect path to the perfect life. Or maybe that’s just it. Maybe you have the ability to see to that path in another lifetime or timeline and yet here where you are now never being able to achieve exactly those some conditions. Maybe I became skeptical of my own power or my path… maybe I just stopped believing in myself…

And it’s not just me either…




No matter how famous…


How posh a lifestyle…


How powerful they think they are…


We all have our highs and our lows. They may or may not choose to admit it, But they all have problems. They all experience love, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, skepticism and realizations. If they were perfect, they would not be invested in the occult.


This Especially rings true for those of the Left Hand Path…

Most of not all of them find their ways here because they are the beaten, the broken, the abused, and the damned… They are the forsaken… looking to take back the power they feel the world has stolen from them.


They stopped looking to some Hero, Savior, or God to save them…


They found this power that they had “Lost” or more so given away in the guise of being saved… and they found it within themselves.


We do not walk this path because we have all the self love in the world. We walk it because we feel we lost it and everything about ourselves. We walk it to discover who we are, because we can not love those whom we pretend to be. For feeding the following will never free ourselves, We are in search of the truth, therefore we have no love for fake personas and idealism.


With that being said…

Always be in the right mind set…

Succubus Basics

Summoning the succubus/incubus was considered quite vogue during the victorian period.This fits me perfectly as many know I love that time period.In latin the word succuba means to lie under or lay beneathThe succubus are said to be of the djinn or one who is of fire or smokeless fire which I tend to agree with.The succubus is said to only be visible to those with second sight.Some classify sirens as succubus.Others see her as deamonic with horns,cloven feet and deamonic wings which is how I view her.Some claim she is a woman who wears white who haunts crossroads and country roads waiting for men to cross her path.She is said to enter the mind of the sleeping for sexual purposes.Some claim the succubus is a beautiful young woman with avian or repetilian features with serpentine tails and forked tongues.I myself in my deamonic form have deamonic wings,cloven feet with a tail,horns,claws and a forked tongue.Penteration during sex with the succubus is said to feel like entering a icy cold place.Most claim the succubus is said to be a horrid creature however Pope Sylvester claimed he had a long term affair with one named Meridiana who assisted him to raise him through the ranks of the Catholic Church.It is said to be dangerous for sex with a succubus shortens their victims life span and destroys their health including death.I know the incubus/succubus choke or suffocate their victim during sex.Succubus are also said to be able to force their victims into sex for the purpose of taking their semen to give to their incubus partners for the purpose of creating children called cambions.I am going to post up my personal summoning for the succubus/incubus here within the next few days.The succubus is a complicated creature of many forms who holds the power to destroy ,bring life or even assist those who gain favor with her.