Disempowering An Attack

Disempowering An Attack
I talked about being a curse eater.There are many forms of curse eating as well disempowering attacks and enemies.One of my favorite and most well done is with social media.Most of my enemies are former friends,admin/mods and wanna be daters.I generally do not date in social media.The only person I dated claimed he felt he was my dirty little secret.Being desired can bring complications.One of my most well known attackers claimed I was a succubus.How did I handle it-build myself into a succubus both in social media and in my practice.I now own that attack publicly and personally.I was cursed by multiple people now I teach,promote execration magick.I have studied it,learnt it,absorbed them.Now I promote and teach execration magick.I own those,its my fuel and it is mine.I was told I need to go to rehab because I discussed drug use and the occult.Really thank you.Welcome to Cannabis Occultist now.Read all about it in a few of my groups where I have shared links and blogged on my experiences.I was attacked again as well for being a succubus with that attack.Please continue as it does not hurt me rather it is what I built on both personally and publicly.Yes I am a succubus slut who has gotten high and….. There is no power in that attack against me now as I was and always said what I am.

Rather then fight a curse or an enemy,make it yours-own the motherfucker.Attacks are meant to make you or your actions taboo and immoral.This is a fundamental misconception of the occult and is created within the occult community.One of the main reasons I created my own society.Please see my previous posts on Kitten Society.

When we accept taboo practices,we find ways to inner power.Taboo practices are ways to black magick.I view black magick as the use of forbidden magick.Forbidden magick can be a variety of practices.If you already accept whatever the attack is,you are beginning to absorb it.When you are accepting the curse,you absorb it.When you accept an enemy at some point as friend,family or enemy,you can absorb their power if so desired.Vampyrism is a prime example.I have a few more posts on this topic.


Living Spirits

Living Spirits
Many do not completely understand what I am speaking about when I talk about the deamonic or spiritual aspects of the self.I take the concept of thoughtforms and servitors to apply to myself.This is taking parts of myself,creating an energy form both internally and externally.Servitors are forms of spirits man made.By incorporating aspects of yourself into a ritualistic aspect ,you can advance yourself.As I believe the mind and consciousness is the soul,It can be reprogrammed .This gives you the ability to create yourself into a living spirit.The living spirit is a servitored controlled aspect of yourself that is part of your consciousness.This can allow one to send energy out to complete tasks and return also allows yourself to have astral abilities by these servitors being aspects of the consciousness mind that is physically aware.This combines the astral spiritual and ritual aspects of the self into a physical form with abilites of a physical body such as second sight ,hearing and for myself the ability to experience sexual pleasures perhaps even to the level to create new spiritual baby aspects of the self to grow .By creating these living spirit family ,one can also influence or create your genetics and family blood line.This could possibly allow or create spiritual hybrid children physically.Perhaps a succubus may become pregnant or carry within her the spiritual female egg inside her to be able to create a child at some point with a mate of her choice.Or even allow her to change the genetics of the human female egg within herself to create a succubus child or whatever deamonic or monsterous type of child she can choose to bring into the physical body that she resides in.Living spirits to me is like skin walking where my deamonic form of myself is a true spirit on a soul level attached to the physical self.This can be worked with much like possession in which the deamonic spirit self eventually takes over the body completely.This can allow one in ritual to cast from a deamonic self form.This is taking a witch or occultist practicing witchcraft to a deamon working occult magicks.This changes the spiritual signature of ones self as well as advance the abilites of the occultist to the abilities of a deamon or god who walk the earth.This can also be worked with on a primal animalistic level or even to the point of being able to influence the sun,moon and nature by creating them into servitor aspects of the self.Below is an example of a deamonic primal animalistic aspect.How do you view the living spirit aspects of yourself?


Baphomet,She Males-Left Hand Path Symbols
Baphomet is a goat like human with both breasts and an erect penis.Often associated with Satanism,it is not for me personally.It is a symbol of the unity of the animalistic nature of man and woman into one being.I do not believe in duality personally as to me it is the illusion of rhp dogma however I do believe in the unifying of the animal nature of each of us.There is much symbolism and stories behind Baphomet that I am not going to get into here.Everyone can research that on their own time.I do see Baphomet as being a symbol of the left hand path often equated with Satanism.She males are humans with both breasts and a penis.Are these not symbols of the unifying of the masculine and feminine principles of the self should one believe in this duality?.Are she males also the closest we as humans have to Baphomet?Perhaps she males are symbols of the left hand path before unifying with the deamonic or animalistic nature of ourselves .Regardless of sexual orientation,she males are the closest form of Baphomet in the flesh.Recognized in porn and also BDSM scenes-why not be recognized as symbols of the left hand path in modern times?If one is to believe that the self is made of both male and female aspects to be united then the she male figure would be a great image to work with.She-goats are women who have unified with their animalistic satanic self where the He-goat can be seen as the male who has unified with his animalistic satanic nature.All are symbols of the left hand path of the adversary.I enjoy the image of a she male but identify with a She-goat personally.How do you view these concepts,images ,the lhp and satanism?I am most curious on these.


Deamonic Mirror

Deamonic Mirror
When I was a baby witch many moons ago,many never saw a change.I only met one random man in a store who knew i was a witch.Over the years ,my path and beliefs have changed so much that I do not know me at times.Many I feel as a stranger to now.I have been destroying many beliefs to the point my lifestyle is changing so drastically.As one path opens ,many paths open to many different directions.One door opens to a thousand doors and worlds.I was once a weak person not worthy of Satan or any other deity.However,I have destroyed so much that I can be as strong they are,enforce my will at will.The knowledge gained,lessons learnt.I advance through adversity,curses and hatred.I advance through damnation.I said to a friend that to survive I had to become a succubus.I had to be no longer human but deamonic.How can one recognize themselves when one has never met the deamon within?If one has never met the deamon how do you know yourself?The most terrifying mirror is the deamonic soul mirror.The first time you battle it,you fight these deamons When one deamon appears legions appear behind,beside and in front of you.The deamonic mirror becomes the portal of your deamons.It opened many deamons I have fought.I am godless now.I can not see a god at times.I see mirrors upon mirrors that are reflections and portals of all versions of myself.They take a mask and become battle ready.Nothing scarier then seeing the apocalypse of the self over and over knowing there is no god,spirit or angel/deamon who can reach this far into your mind.Those who are victorious are deamons who now have the choice to battle for me,advance into godhood or even begin over again to battle me.Know thyself to the core and then destroy the core.Know every cell you hold.There is no other path then the occult.This song reminds me of how I felt at the beginning.Not for the faint of heart.

Many work with deamons and say how they were fearful,afraid ,had great experiences and learnt so much.How they were protected.Part of my practice is that they are the human collective consciousness that we are able to invoke or attract by vibration and summoning .To me,when you work with a deamon ,you are summoning both your sides of the deamonic self you hold within.That determines the lesson or experience with that deamon.You are facing your deamonic self.For me,I was with Lucifer,Clauneck,Satan and Marbas and the succubus/incubus species/race.I invoked those parts of myself both internal and external.There are several more creatures of various races and species.Think about your experiences with deities and spirits.Reflections of yourself within and with out.I am going to write up on black mirror here as well.

When working with mirrors ,there are many ways to do so.Here is a different point of view here.Left hand path works with the black mirror.When working with the black mirror,you are approaching both the darknes internally and externally.These are aspects of yourself in whatever form you work with.By summoning,you summon these parts of yourself into a form of whatever you chose to work with.When working with a regular glass mirror,you are working with the lighter or clearer parts or aspects of yourself.When you work with obscure or unusual reflective surfaces ,it is connected with those aspects of yourself internally and externally.Phones and televisions can be the technical or elctrical parts of yourself.Think about yourself ,mirrors,spirits and experience.


Restoring Of Power

Restore Power
If one was unable to cast or manifest or even lost abilities,there are ways to restore power.Also,if one is seperated from the witch self and unable to manifest,it is possible to restore.
One method is create a poppet of yourself.This can be to recreate the soul of a witch.When you create this soul doll,place inside many herbs of power,witchcraft and anything you want.Perhaps you were a weak healer or vampyre ,add items inside to create these items.Place strength,immunity and endurance herbs and items inside.Draw veves and sigils for both inside or outside.You are creating yourself as a witch or occultist,let your imagination go wild.Add items inside and outside.Link it to yourself or your body .Create ways to never become seperated or damaged again. Make yourself more deamonic,more whatever you want.

By working with this doll,your magick will either return or begin again as a new source of magick within yourself.What is lost,damaged or stolen can always be rebuilt,reborn or made anew.Take the precautions to never have it happen it again.




Tamiel,The White Light ,The Trick

Tamiel,The White Light ,The Trick
Many who almost die say they saw the white light.It is said that we cross into the white light. It is said that the white light is the soul net.It is collect the souls to keep them into the matrix.The matrix is said to be many things.One is for the matrix of christianity slavery or even aliens of some kind.So the net keeps you recycling through the matrix for a variety of reasons depending on the faith.It is the goal of most occultists to be free of this matrix,white soul light.So how could one possibly do this-break free of the slavery matrix of whatever kind you believe?
Now here is where Tamiel comes in.
Tamiel Fallen Angel of The Deep
Fallen angel of the unseen.Her name is associated with to conceal,hand,power,covered hand and hidden power.She teaches astronomy,the study of space and the universe.She instructs on smiting your enemies as well.She is said to have made a false set of light.Her own soul net to catch the souls of those who seek to be free of the slavery net.Her followers are said to be caught in her soul net in order to capture those souls to be kept in the occult cycle.
Before I met Tamiel,I had a spirit who made a false set of stars for me.He showed me how to channel the falseness i saw as they were versions of myself.I have one who wishes to travel with me as he is proving to be a trustworthy spirit.He has shown me how to channel the darkness as well.I am creating a false version of the map as well as the true way to travel.Invoking Tamiel may be a way to connect with her web or at least gain guidance to my own.I sought no gods or masters.I have only one who is with me,perhaps my soul mate.One must fragment to become whole.My false dogmatic side is in the false map of stars and the true me who is still emerging in various stages as they pass through me into the light.As I learn the secrets of death,my fragmented selfs pass to their places My spirit asks me if this were you where would you go,who would you love?This process is the way to break from the cycle.What are you thoughts?


Fallen Angels,Deamons

Fallen Angels And Deamons Differences
Many see them as the same however they are different .Let’s see how.I am unsure what I truy believe.

Deamons need bodies.They are said to possess animals and humans alike.This may connect with why deamons prefer bodily fluids as offerings,Some take feces to sexual energy as their preferred form.


Fallen Angels are said to be able to manifest in a physical form as they are known to mate with humans.This resulted in the race of giants.

Deamons are said to be cursed to wander the Earth.Meaning they are bound to the Earth.

Fallen Angels are able to still be at heavenly places.They are said to still be required to give their accounts on various events.Fallen are able to be in both places both the cursed and blessed.Said to be the strongest of spirits able to bind any spirit.

Deamons are referred to as the unclean dirty spirits.Fallen angels are said to be angels who choose their original estate or to have sinned.

I am not sure what is true or not .I have been close to the fallen and know two sides of them exist explaining both their cursed and blessed energy.I was physically attacked by an angel as a beginner.I have also loved them and worked with them many times finding them to great allies.As for the deamonic,I have not been ever hurt by them.How do you view them?