Not a term I hear much in the occult.I consider myself queen due to what queening means.
Facesitting is queening.I tend to use this act as an act of dominance with partners.I ritually view this rite as an act of creating submission of your partner to serve you.
In games ,it is the move from pawn to queen meaning that a girl or woman moves from being a pawn of others to being queen.Leveling up in life in some manner.
Queening is also a term for cats giving birth.This can be viewed as the act of the vagina/womb opening up to give birth in both animals and women.
It is also a poltical position controlling poltics.If one is queen you are in charge,you are leveling up and you are creating the laws that others/yourself may/are subject to.
One other facet of queening is the gaining of the menstrual cycle where a girl/princess gains her menstrual cycle moving to woman/queen.
I do not see much of it here in the occult .Work with ancient queens to attune to the current of queens.Be a queen ,be the owner of a male harem,create a hive mentality by becoming Queen be.Advance in blood magick.

Tech Craft Basics

TechCraft Basics

Many dismiss techcraft due to such a small percentage working with it and not much info out.I worked it many times successfully.I started trying to figure out how it works.Here is my theory.

Leylines are the earth’s natural power grids and power lines connecting to sacred sites and various earth hot spots.
Think of wifi as traveling along the same lines .Images are transferred to televisions,phones and computers by signals from satelites .These satelites are connected into this manmade system.We have wifi hot spots think of them as sacred spots or technology sacred sites.
When you are working with tech craft you are placing intention,images and words into this manmade energy grid just as one would tap into leylines.
Think of google as the askashic records,sacred library and informational sources.
Include various spirits beings and deities as well and you are connecting these beings into your man-made energy grid to manifest
Discord is a great place for magickal techcraft.I have discord altars,ritual written roleplay,imagery and music workings.
If interested,join discord app.Friend me under OccultKitten#0534.
I am going to add a few posts on this topic.Screenshot_2019-09-03-00-47-51-1.png

Creating Advanced Familiar Spirits

Creating Advanced Spirit Familiars

I recently wrote on creating a beta fighting fish familiar.This is another more advanced version of animal spirit servitor.Many years ago,I created a spirit servitor to keep telepaths out after a telepath began to attempt to feed off me.When the telepath attempted to connect with me,I saw in my head my servitor.I went years with out meeting another telepath.

I also had a cat that was my pet.We had a telepathic link which I never had with any other pet.I could see her project both when she was alive and dead.She passed away at 14 years old.My cat connection gets deeper.

I once held a room dedicated to cats.I also had dreams of this servitor walking on water and changing to another form.Years later,I found a second picture of the first cat servitor vessel.I have also now met a telepath who is a tiger imprisoned.

Here is the advancement of servitor spirit familiars.Creating a powerful servitor of animal form is the first step.Include the tasks and a food source for this servitor.I gave it power to fight physically against anyone intruding on my mind.
Once your spirit animal is created and complete give it a vessel to live in.After you are stabile with this animal servitor,you can combine it with deceased pets.
Learn the basics of animal necromancy.I successfully have brought a two headed fox to me .Working with animal parts and oracle decks can help attune to animal currents.I summoned the owner of the rare cat tooth-the cat itself as well as my deceased cat.I did both to begin merging them slowly into one cat form creating a familiar spirit both domesticated( a wild animal under control by magick and spirit) and in a wild primal form.
Once they are merged,They are then merged into ones own mind creating the basis of a godform.Example -tigers and lions are connected with Ishtar.One could essentially build a god form in this way.Ill be writing on animals and godforms shortly.Screenshot_2019-09-02-22-22-17-1.png

Alcor Ipsol:

Guardian of the Twin stars of Alcor and Mizar, this angelic looking being looks to be made of molten Gold taking on a humanoid shape with 2 false eyes and a mouth. Its real eyes are located in its black feathered wings, and on extended peacock looking display feathers. This being can see everything around it as well as remote viewing seems to be a specialty. This being is also proficient in dream work, hidden knowledge and protection work But the true reason to work with this being is as an introduction to multidimensional work. He can give you the knowledge of what happens in other timelines and dimensional versions of the self. Though tread carefully with the questions you ask, as it tends to connect you to the other versions of yourself more emphatically. Eventually a side effect to working with him can be visions of your other current lives including traumas and Deaths and you will get a sense of pure dread watching and feeling such things. It will give you a sense of moments that you could have died or of the flipside moments you could have taken a risk that you didn’t and watch yourself have a better life then you do now. This being can act like he cares when he senses danger but empathy isn’t too much of a strong suit for him, he does as he’s asked even if you were not ready for the results.

Atheist Ritual

Atheist Rituals
I recently saw in social media the statement oh if you are an atheist you give up rituals.In my previous posts,I spoke of how we are the spirits we invoke.On that note,you can work rituals.You could build up yourself in any spirit form with your own personal name such as Karissa the Succubus.Also in regards to raising energy ,there are 8 ways of power raising.I have spoke about that many times as well.Raising your own energy into self created rituals based on self created spirit forms to me is a form of apotheosis.You are elevating yourself in several ways.Why do we limit ourselves into bowing down? Anyone knows me knows I do not bend for others.Not because I have any reason other then I am more then capable of being standing alone.
Atheist is a term not given much consideration in regards to being potent or a way of magick.
Rethink terms labels paths.Elevate yourself.cropped-1a640425.jpg

Advanced Magick

Advanced Magick
Many times we work magick based on our natural world.Being able to control and work both hands in the natural and supernatural magicks is advancing so that there is only one will.The Chariot Tarot is an example of this struggle.Both hands are not just limited to white and black labels but perhaps being able to control natural forces or the natural flow of energy and also the oppositional forces.Oppositional forces can be seen as adversarial or supernatural.
To me,witchcraft is working whatever magick via natural magick.Natural magick is elements and forces of nature.
Occult means to me the working of magick via oppositional forces or adversarial magick in wbatever form that may be.This to me is advancement.One may begin working air magick with a slyph to advance to working with Lucifer.That is moving from witchcraft to the occult to me.Not black or white but the ability to take something in its natural state and move it into its un-natural or supernatural or adversarial form.
This is how one overcomes duality.There is no duality if you move from Sylph to Lucifer.Its a smooth connection versus a lhp/rhp view.
When the web of energy becomes one connected aligned and activated,you become the creator/controller of the universe in a sense.You are able to create and control both energies.
Duality is a struggle between both the conscious and subconscious,the left hand /right hand path and natural /supernatural.witchcraft and the occult.2065148-bigthumbnail

Kitten FaceBook Blog Events

Kitten Events

These are the two I have been waiting for .These events will continue on this page and Black Arts school page once a week.

Next Events :

Sacrificial Magick Basics -this event will discuss historical aspects,sacrificial beings and holidays.Also includes Sacrificial Magick Course details .Aug 21 here.

Outlaw Occultism -this event will be focused on various occult methods surrounding the criminal .Cults and deities that are associated with criminals,crimes and illegal activities.
Hand of Glory and soul beliefs of a criminal will be discussed.

Both events come with disclaimers which will be posted in the event.
Please join us for these taboo topics here.