Alcor Ipsol:

Guardian of the Twin stars of Alcor and Mizar, this angelic looking being looks to be made of molten Gold taking on a humanoid shape with 2 false eyes and a mouth. Its real eyes are located in its black feathered wings, and on extended peacock looking display feathers. This being can see everything around it as well as remote viewing seems to be a specialty. This being is also proficient in dream work, hidden knowledge and protection work But the true reason to work with this being is as an introduction to multidimensional work. He can give you the knowledge of what happens in other timelines and dimensional versions of the self. Though tread carefully with the questions you ask, as it tends to connect you to the other versions of yourself more emphatically. Eventually a side effect to working with him can be visions of your other current lives including traumas and Deaths and you will get a sense of pure dread watching and feeling such things. It will give you a sense of moments that you could have died or of the flipside moments you could have taken a risk that you didn’t and watch yourself have a better life then you do now. This being can act like he cares when he senses danger but empathy isn’t too much of a strong suit for him, he does as he’s asked even if you were not ready for the results.

Destabilizing,Creating The Third Mind

Destabilizing Control
This is a basic khaos magick technique that to me is the purfect lhp practice that is under utulized.Everything stabile is under someone’s or something’s control.Many will curse or attempt to move people around to create certain events.We over look being able to create a destabilizing situation to take advantage of.Destabilizing control and order can be an effective reality smasher.Creating khaos to the point that control of a business or taking advantage of unstabile situation such as a business struggling financially can allow another to gain control.Once another gains control,manipulation can happen to solidify the situation as one desires.
Even allowing yourself to become destabilized can allow you to see the weakness in your foundation to be fixed,cut up or played back to make solid again.
Control destabilized is khaos however with in khaos is a controlling force that can be worked with creating a new situation.

The Third Mind
In my last 2 posts,I spoke about how kut me up and play me back are reality smashers from William Burrough’s and also khaos magick techniques.When done,these techniques create a third mind which operates and understands this new reality and how to influence.Layers make up reality,one usually only deals with 1 to 2 layers in most magicks.These 2 techniques affect multiple layers creating the 3 rd mind being created and awakened.This can also be a reference to the three soul concept.
When these khaos techniques are applied,this leads to a break down of your reality,defences and the minds even going as far as the language being broke down.I wrote about how at some point,a deamonic self will begin to commune with the conscious self in its own evil genius deamonic language.This I have been experiencing for some time.I noticed I can no longer type co- herently at times as my deamonic self creates a self induced trance.This is how 98%of my posts are made.I at times can not communicate with muggles at all choosing silence.
At times,I can affect others in the same manner causing a re-type of messages multiple times,others can no longer speak co- herently to others in my presence.
My evil side grows stronger making me unable to tolerate minor infractions or even the slightest offense.These are how the third mind begins to form.This is also where one must learn absolute control because your connection to reality can be lost and not regained.
Below,I show some depictions of the third mind concept.I do and do not accept it.I see flaws there and am moving into the kutting of the third mind creating a new one.This is madness however there are things I must accomplish and now see how to break up reality.
Please use this and the occult with care.The mind is a terrible thing to waste.


The connection of physical and astral forms:


There is a connection between the physical and astral forms that almost can’t be broken until death. It is the same thing that keeps your spirit linked to your body so you can always find your way back if you astral travel. We all have this connection and this can be both a good thing and a troublesome thing for some.


I have seen some people asking if injury to the human body can affect their connection to the astral body in any way. I have seen others laugh at them for suggesting such a claim. But it can be true in some cases. One thing that can go wrong is you can injure or calcify your pineal gland, or third eye. This will not stop you from using it completely but it could be said to be the equivalent of trying to see in fog or mist. It can make your astral sight and other related abilities harder to hone in. This does not necessarily mean losing your physical sight will affect your astral ability to see, but in some cases disconnects in the astral and the physical brain can cause the loss of the ability to visualize and see in the astral as long as you are connected to this body and vice versa. If you are “born” blind on the astral that doesn’t mean you will be born blind in the physical. Another thing that can happen to show the connection between the astral body and the physical is when someone loses a limb, but they can still feel a “phantom limb” this is because their astral form has been freed from the flesh and taken the form of the limb to help “heal” the body though it can’t physically help. But this phantom limb can help people to seem to feel prosthetics and function the technology we have today a bit easier.


Another connection we have is the ratio of our astral body vs physical. Just like the example of losing a limb, you can have more or less limbs than your physical body. Your astral body can be larger or smaller than your human body as well. Just because your body is human does not mean your spirit is. Spirit can be of anything energetic, any being or force in existence can make up your astral body. Some spirits just form from energies while others have vast spiritual bloodlines. Angelics, Demonics, Djinn, Draconic, Human, Vampiric, etc. Are all possible bloodlines for some. And beyond that there are trillions out there. These different spirit body types can contribute to other factors such as how connected you are to your physical body when you attempt things like astral travel, bilocation, energy work, why you might feel pain in certain spots, do you feel trapped in your physical body, cramped, unfilled, heavy, light? Do you have certain habits that you feel are deeper connected to your spirit? It can influence your emotions, habits, thoughts, personality, magickal ability and proficiency. All these things are possible things to consider when thinking about the connection between physical and astral.

Crystal Properties


Pyrite- potential and possibility, draws abundance and manifestation, helps one to summon self worth, vitality,  and willpower, helps to bring confidence, strength, and a gambling stone.

Peridot- potential, manifestation, possibly, courage, deep abundance,  stone of faith, opens you up to new opportunity and the true depths of life meaning.

Green Aventurine- luck, abundance, major growth, keep in cash drawer to grow finances, in the garden to grow flowers, brings more of what you seek into your life.

Shungite- great purifier, negative vibration can not sustain negative energy in the presence of this stone, used to purify water, removes all dark, evil, or negative force/energy in its path, causes harmful entity to flee.

Citrine- financial issues, abundance, inner will force, helps to manifest and maintain mental clarity, to stay on top of your intentions, clearing and overcoming obstacles.

Jade- strength endurance, business success, money, helps you stay strong despite life’s issues, maintains balance and perspective,  offers healing energy for physical body.

Lepidolite- rubbed on skin releases lithium mica partials that relieve anxiety stress and depression to offer a good night sleep.

Sugilite- reduces inflammation in the body, heals central nervous system, helps migraines, anxiety, depression, and many other mood inhibiting disorders.

Andalusite- helps persevere the storms of life, gives a sense of purpose and is the stone of accomplishment and achievement. It is also the shaman stone of 4 directions the elements stone.

Tektite- enhances communication between the other realms. Helps to access and deal with submerged trauma and experience of this life and past lives alike. Helps to Calm fevers and prevent spread of disease when held.

Iolite- stone of astral travel. Aids in honest communication from guides and the spirit/astral worlds, aids in meditation. Helps fear and anxiety.

Quartz- universal healer (points are for healing/cleansing, clusters for raising vibrations of a room)

Rose quartz- love and goodwill, friendship, self love, eases pain, calms nerves, brings peace.

Lemurian Quartz- ancient knowledge, master stone of astrologies.

Tibetan Quartz- contains energy from the beginning of the universe called “OM”

Smokey Quartz- Protection and transmutation of negative energy, purifies spaces and aura cleanses low vibrations and repurposes them for higher good.

Amethyst- Purple stone associated top psychic stone, it is  very useful in all aspects peace, divine, cleansing, balance, sobriety of all kind, links you to wise spiritual energy, self control, wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli- powerful emotional healing stone, helps empaths in healing both emotionally and physically, helps to read emotion, detects where needs healing, opens 3rd eye, helps with psychic visions and lucid dreams, can store energy for later use.

Mook Jasper- protection stone for mothers and unborn children.

Serpentine- stone protects against snake bites, protection stone, connect to communicate with snakes and snake/dragon spirits, used in many awakening ceremony,

Blood stone- gem of circulatory health and cardiac wellness build stamina and aids powerfully in physical recovery process after any kind of illness or surgery.

Coral- nature and life connection stone

Granite- protection from evil, high vibration stone

Prehnite- the healers healing stone, heals you as you heal others

Azurite- full body healing stone, clears 3rd eye, enhances and focuses psychic abilities, heals kidney and liver

Tree Agate- stone of physical healing, grounds excess energy in tense environments

Sunstone- Happiness stone, encourages good luck, prosperity and joy. Energizes and strengthens body, root chakra stone.

Howlite- calming stone, helps relaxing and overcoming insomnia, exellent used in meditations, enhances psychic energy, clears crown chakra

Black Tourmaline- .protective armor around people or places, preventing theft and crime grounding/ shielding, creates subtle energy boundaries.

Obsidian- deep spiritual grounding, protection, releases blockages, mourn freely, shadow integration, aura healing.

Garnet- protective, nurturing, love, healing, holds ancient wisdom, intuition, blood magick, vampirism, nourishing, guidance.  

Mugglestone- programmable stone, you can program one of the following
    1)courage to overcome adversity
    2)financial success and expansion
    3) relief from arthritis pain helps circulation of blood

Transcendental Occultism

Many are aware of my experience with transcendental Satanism.I consumed shrooms(psychedelic mushrooms) and tripped out to meet the devil.I originally met Satan as a horned one who told me many things I needed to know about my previous relationship.I also had visions of various tarot cards.This original vision still influences me to this day in my satanic beliefs.Though,I am an aethist,I believe that the satanic part of us is something that needs to be found within and unified with the self.I have wrote on this a few times.

I have also taken heat for my public posts regarding drug use which are both here in this forum as well as on my facebook blog-Occult Kitten and in the facegroup -Kitten’s Toxiferous.I do not support drug use however it is a useful tool much like anything else that allows one to tap into other aspects of the self.It is for me a way to see things in an unjilted way free of the conditioning.Meeting spirits,gaining gnosis and gaining access to things typically blocked off from the normal mind.

Much of my writing is done via automatic writing as well as under the influence of marijuana.Though many will not agree with me on my approach.I do not care,drugs and mind altering substances have a long history in the occult,witchcraft and shamanism.Look at Crowley.He was a drug addict sex fiend who paved the way for many of the occult practices we follow now.Perhaps I am a modern version of such now.In either case,I am not opposed to drugs and sex as means for the occult or advancement of one’s path.

Like everything else in the occult,there are risks in it for those who walk this path.I remember a lot of readings and things said about me when I smoke marijuana.In this altered state,I am able to connect many things with my occult path.I channel much easier as well.

Left hand path is about personal responsibility.It is my personal responsibility how I work with the drugs I choose and the gnosis I gain and how that applies/affects my personal life.The same can be said for those who choose self harm methods for the occult such as blood or pain magick.Each claims responsibility for those things.Many of us need to stop the conditioning of society of judging and passing that judgement onto others.We are conditioned to view drugs,drug use and self harm methods as negative.However,there is such a thing as a functioning addict this concept can be applied across the board.

If more of us spent time finding ways to seek our own gnosis then there would be more practicing advancing occultists.

Cigarettes,smoking,smudging,mushrooms and many other things all have deep roots in magick-who am I to deny these aspects to myself?


Aura Control,Energy Control

Aura Control,Energy Control
I have been speaking about absorbing energy alot via succubus and curse eating.This is based on energy sent to you.Where do you place and store energy ?First be sure the energy you consume is under your control.Know yourself,Be sure you control your own thoughts and actions.Once the energy is controlled,you make it your own.I direct,place it where I need it.Many times,I place it into my immune system,any place I am hurt or just build up my physical energy and stamina.
I build up my aura up.I place energy into my aura to shield,protect and also to influence.
Once you have a solid aura energetically,you can begin to extend and shrink it.I begin in my ritual room by extending my aura then further out.I also began to experiment with changing its color,size by shrinking it as well.
This can influence others and your environment.You can pull,extend or place your aura on others.By placing your aura /energy on someone,energy can be forced into their own aura and mind.
You can extend your aura over large areas or extend your energy over large distances.This takes practice and also large amounts of energy.Influencing bigger things takes larger amounts of energy.To influence a city,an event or long distance ,larger amounts of energy are needed to influence or dictate the course larger things will run.
The aura is a way to the mind as well.Soak the aura with a charged energy and it will soak into the mind.I am going to post on extending your energy versus absorbing energy passively sent to you.



Curse Eater Part 2

Curse-Eater Part 2
In several previous posts ,I spoke about what is a curse eater and also absorbing energy.In my posts on Succubus Slut facebook blog,I wrote about how one can work with vampyrism absorbing energy into the self as a feeding technique.Someone sends a certain energy and one can absorb it.Perhaps one sends energy of a certain kind such as sexual energy.One can absorb this energy into the self.One can be a submissive and allow another to send their energy while you passively absorb.
In this case,to be a curse eater one is cursed.To be cursed,negative energy known as a malediction is sent upon the target.Another sends energy out to the target where the submissive ,target or passive absorber takes that energy into themselves.Rather then harming the target,it is foodThis can be said to those who send spirits to another.One could be fed or aborbed if one is astrally projecting to another just as spirits sent upon the target is able to be absorbed.This can be a form of spirit consuming or vampyrism upon the spirits as well as the malediction.If one sees the spirit as aspects of the self,then one can is consuming the one who has sent the spirit as part of the attacker.
Absorbing energy can be taken into the body,mind,soul or the aura of the target.Once a person is skilled in absorbing the energy ,one can direct how the energy is used.One must be able to hook or grab control of the energy right at contact with the self.This can be done as being food astrally consumed,this can be taking the energy as one inhales air.
Consuming energy is a form of vampyrism that can allow one to gain alot of energy and become skillful in connecting and controlling energy as well being able to identify or even see the malediction and its caster.
Vampyrism comes in many forms such as incubus/succubus,traditonal psi vampyre ,spirit eater,curse eater.This can be a form that changes depending on what energy and its source.It can also be seen as one form .I was saw them in seperate forms however I have only one form now of vampyrr.I am going to share a few other techniques and ways to work with being a curse eater and vampyrism.