Slavic Vampyres

Slavic Vampyres
The first and prized predator was the werewolf where it was widely believed that a man could transform into a wolf and back again.This could be done at will even after death their spirits were said to be able to transform.This myth of being blood thirsty evolved into the vampyre.Werewolfs who died came back as vampyres after death.He was originally an evil spirit who crept into rooms at night to drink from the living sitting on the sleeping suffocating them.This myth reminds me of the incubus/succubus which I always said was a vampyric spirit.The slavics spread much of their myths corrupting surrounding areas to these beliefs as well.
How do they deal with the “mora”?Effigies are burnt representing the vampyres.Some are buried at the cross roads.Some are chained to their graves with garlands of roses.Roses have a long history with vampyres I am going to be posting on shortly.Some places cut the heads off and place it between the legs of the mora.Russia stakes them in the heart.Poland buries the head smothered in poppies.Slavic vampyres are quite different then the myths we usually hear.Werewolf and incubus beginnings.Perhaps these are all forms of the same spirit that has seperated and became independent much like servitors can be yet they all are connected.What do you think of the slavic vampyres?

Second Death,Astral Forms,Soul Stealing

Second Death,Astral Forms ,Soul Stealing
When the body dies,the consiousness(soul,astral form) that is connected to this life.This consciousness is what is the shade.When one is able to feed and sustain them selves in this form with out a physical body is partially also will power of the person depends how long and how helpful the shade is able to live,Most die after some times.Hauntings are when the consciousness has bound to a physical location,item or buiding even a person.The soul can be summoned and stolen at this point by binding to a vessel before the second death or the binding of the soul to another object.
In the living the astral form of the living form is summoned and bound from the body but to a spirit vessel.If one were to add items to the vessel to torment and feed the soul to allow the astral form to become seperated,tormented and still alive.Soul theft.This can be worked with to create a death spell for physical body.Adding a death essence to the physical vessel can result in some form of death such as suicide or murder.
In either case,when the astral form is stolen from the living or the dead is soul stealing.This can then be cursed,made into a forced slave or familiar.One could even begin to work with changing the form from a human soul to another gorm such as angelic or deamonic.The deamon or angel soul can be released by breaking the vessel or uncorking the bottle.
I once studied with a woman who was interested in witchcraft.I did a jar spelll on her within a year she was christian bapitized.I believe i stole the soul part who was capable of being a witch.I do not think she is capable of being a witch.
Poppets of witches that are destroyed can destroy part of the witchs power.

Now a knowledgable witch can work this to build her strength up from these magicks.Also,witches are capable of more then one form making it harder to bind,take or destroy.Also,decoys are possible as well.Take the time to study well and practice.As cold as this sounds practice on randoms.Sheep are for sacrifice.


Astral Energy Ripping

Astral Energy Ripping
This was a topic really popular a year ago,it seems to be coming back.I recently had my astral guts ripped out.I was aware and did not fight it for a few reasons.One it was a person in an energy exchanges.Two if it’s not done how do you learn to regrow astrally?Three how will you know when some one does this to you?
This is a dangerous route but I am already damned and cursed.So do so at your own risk.
I felt physical pain in my stomach.I had emotional pain for a day after strongly.I was able to find the source of energy he had ripped energy from.It was a painful relationship of my recent past year or two ago.I channel my pain.I was able to readjust my energy there.Letting go of a few things.One of them being love still held in mixed with rejection and lost dreams we had.I was able to stop the hemorrhaging of these negative feelings and a connection to him as well.Just because I am dark cursed and damned does not mean I am with out love.Rather it is pain from love that fuels many things.Processing these emotions and regenerating energy and that astral form is key.I was able to do so.At this time,I was able to start and work two jobs with a great deal of energy.One may need to feed energetically more to regrow or replace that energy.I am considering asking him to destroy some weak aspects of myself.Those who feed on destruction may find this type of feeding more satisfying.Please keep in mind this is not for the faint of heart or one who is only with one Astral form.Much like my groups and blogs I am more then one.I may even put an astral form out there to lure my enemies to me and place their energy and curses on me in my workings with dark cursed objects.
Energy Ripping is a form of destructive vampirism that is not for a beginner but for a stronger advanced vampirism on both ends.It does have risk.One must also work the ability to regenerate and get stronger.However one can add deamonic parts,angelic parts or even machine parts to the inside as they repair.even placing various items iniside their astral forms or creating metal body .There is much one who is willing to work and create with in order to grow stronger.


Restoring Of Power

Restore Power
If one was unable to cast or manifest or even lost abilities,there are ways to restore power.Also,if one is seperated from the witch self and unable to manifest,it is possible to restore.
One method is create a poppet of yourself.This can be to recreate the soul of a witch.When you create this soul doll,place inside many herbs of power,witchcraft and anything you want.Perhaps you were a weak healer or vampyre ,add items inside to create these items.Place strength,immunity and endurance herbs and items inside.Draw veves and sigils for both inside or outside.You are creating yourself as a witch or occultist,let your imagination go wild.Add items inside and outside.Link it to yourself or your body .Create ways to never become seperated or damaged again. Make yourself more deamonic,more whatever you want.

By working with this doll,your magick will either return or begin again as a new source of magick within yourself.What is lost,damaged or stolen can always be rebuilt,reborn or made anew.Take the precautions to never have it happen it again.




Fallen Angels,Deamons

Fallen Angels And Deamons Differences
Many see them as the same however they are different .Let’s see how.I am unsure what I truy believe.

Deamons need bodies.They are said to possess animals and humans alike.This may connect with why deamons prefer bodily fluids as offerings,Some take feces to sexual energy as their preferred form.


Fallen Angels are said to be able to manifest in a physical form as they are known to mate with humans.This resulted in the race of giants.

Deamons are said to be cursed to wander the Earth.Meaning they are bound to the Earth.

Fallen Angels are able to still be at heavenly places.They are said to still be required to give their accounts on various events.Fallen are able to be in both places both the cursed and blessed.Said to be the strongest of spirits able to bind any spirit.

Deamons are referred to as the unclean dirty spirits.Fallen angels are said to be angels who choose their original estate or to have sinned.

I am not sure what is true or not .I have been close to the fallen and know two sides of them exist explaining both their cursed and blessed energy.I was physically attacked by an angel as a beginner.I have also loved them and worked with them many times finding them to great allies.As for the deamonic,I have not been ever hurt by them.How do you view them?


Sexual Energy-Embrace Darkness

Energy Exchanges
This is a mutual exchange of energies between at least two people.Most of the time,its for sexual pleasure .These exchanges can happen in astral forms,sexting/phone sex and physical sexual acts.Both parties are in a mutual exchange with each other.These energies can become intense causing intense sexual pleasures and connections.It can allow one to heal,place one in trance and create sexual energy connections that can allow one to physically feeling another.If both parties petition the same deity to participate ,increase the connection between lovers and create a strong sexual energy that can be climaxed towards a mutual intent .It is sex magick on an energetic plane.It is sex energy of the mind.Distances can become non existent between lovers causing a mind connection that is pleasurable for both parties increasing openness,telepathy and visions to be exchanged between them.When done with intention,connections to deities,spirits and deamons can become stronger as well being able to focus intentions for both parties.Have you ever exchanged energies with someone?If so,add a ritualistic element to it and watch the rise of powerful spiritual sexual energy .

Dark Sexual Currents

Many do not address or work with these darker aspects which is a shame as it is powerful when harnassed.An orgasm is referred to as a mini death.It can be harnassed for darker purposes such cursing or death energies.Lillith energy currents has ties to orgasming while visualizing sex on the corpse of your enemy in the midst of corpses and decay,bile and blood/gore.A vampyric essence is created when one orgasms while in pain.Necromancy also melds the energy of death and sex as well.Curses can be cast while focusing on maledictions to your enemy.Dark servitors can be created with vampyric essences.Sex mixed with gore and disgusting things are said to tie into dark taboo energies that are able to bond to you or task.Blasphemy such as the satanic rosary,Satanic Lord’s Prayer and The Satanic Apostle Creed can be done with flogging or whipping.There are dark pleasures to be explored while still obeying the laws of the country.How do you view these dark aspects?Do you work with them?


Adversarial Lesson,Spirit Of The Self

When I entered into the left hand path,many spoke of being the adversary as a reason for the weak troll version of themselves in social media .That is not the adversary.The adversary is the questioning or the battle of something that causes one to self evolve or grow to a more advanced level.This can be painful for some to break through.For me,it has been .I have been a target and am well on the path of being the most hated occultist in social media circles.I never wanted to be the adversary for so many or myself.My spirit used to tell me I battle myself,I destroy myself.I never saw it ,instead I fought the spirit .I fought against becoming what so many saw in me already.I am not a bad person but rather I challenge others who make others victims.I teach and advise many who come to me on anything they ask me.I am accepting I am the bad guy ,I am the adversary.A she-devil,the succubus is taking flesh.

I always showed honor to my enemies deeming them worthy to receive my mercy .No one has granted me mercy not even my spirits.I am fighting my own evolution.I am fighting my own ascension to power within.Destroying an enemy publicly is a show of power however accepting the side of yourself who does have the power to destroy is even bigger show of power to yourself.I do not honor my word as I once did rather you must earn my honoring of any word to you.I see none worthy so there will be none.I would rather burn fighting for what I am then to become a sell out.A sell out to money,friends or fame.I am not like the others nor will I be as the herd.

When the same events happen over and over with one acting in the same manner you are not evolving but surviving.When one rises above the situation and reacts differently, then one can begin to evolve.

I am hated by almost all occult leaders currently in the social media forums.I am death cursed by multiple covens,cursed by ex friends,shunned  by wanna be lovers and those who find me to be difficult or as I am told cold and heartless.

I took on the ego of Occult Kitten as the adversary.She is more then that.I made her my own enemy and realized I am fighting me.When first attacked,I killed who I was in most public forums.I have become Occult Kitten fully .She now demands full possession of me and my life.It is the taking of the mask,it is the adversay,it is the self becoming a servitor to the self.I was once told in a reading I will lose my humanity.Losing humanity is the lose of the dogmatic weak self.I am not afraid of what will happen as the deamonic and my familiars are with me.I do not work under spirit or deity.I chose to work under myself thus I was my own adversary ,my own satanic self fighting to be free.I died when I was murdered by the first lies told against me,the first betrayals of friendship.What came back to life is not as human as I was once was.I believe we have the power to change our souls and when we agree to serve only the self on a true level,the change happens.It is painful,terrifying and sad to see one’s own death.However,Once the adversary and the deamonic soul are given the chance for life they will continue to abuse,batter,control and manipulate you into changing into one of their forms as either a self sacrifice ,an offering or even payment.The human self ,the muggle is always the one who pays the price for the witch.The witch pays for the occultist.The occultist pays for the beast.The beast pays for the deamonic .The deamonic pays for the self deified form of the flesh.The self deified form pays for immortality,vampyrism,control of the death cycle.I am the only one who has came from the dead in my family and since then I have died a thousand times.Pieces of the self continue to fight for survival.I understand now the adversarial aspects better then I have ever have.

I do not believe in the soul however I do believe in the conscious mind.This is where the adversary is for me challenging me creating failure and adversity for me.I do not know why I have chosen the path of hate against me however I am understanding being infernal is not the path of love .If I am to burn,I will burn in adversarial strength,godlike power and bow to no man,woman or child.My spirits once showed me burning and I asked do you burn?They have not answered me nor do I watch them burn as I see me burning over and over again.Fire is many things from the red glow of a soft spirit,to a burning inferno,the violet flame,the blue flame until it takes it’s final form of the black flame forever ignited.It will appear as one is losing power but one is gaining power through knowledge, experience and acceptance.

The adversary starts small and grows in strength.Feeding on pain until he is full while inflicting more until one understands the path of evolution.How is your adversarial self alive ?How is the adversary challenging and leading you ?