Devil’S Mask

Each of us wears a mask.What mask you wear defines who or what you eventually become.To achieve apotheosis,one must embody all the many spirits of your pantheon at once.I do not follow any one known pantheon however I do know what spirits I am.I follow my own pantheon of myself in various spirit forms.Masks can allow you to morph into who you want or need to be in order to accomplish goals or attain certain things.I gave up all my beliefs,became godless/spiritless and began wearing my own spiritual deific masks.I changed who I am,my goals and desires.My life is manifesting in ways I never imagined.In the end,I decided I am a slave and submissive to one only-myself.I bow only to myself when I put on any deific spiritual mask.I wear human masks,spirit masks,deamonic masks and animal masks all forms of myself.In the end,there is only the self.Know thy self ,become the self.


Transcendental Occultism

Many are aware of my experience with transcendental Satanism.I consumed shrooms(psychedelic mushrooms) and tripped out to meet the devil.I originally met Satan as a horned one who told me many things I needed to know about my previous relationship.I also had visions of various tarot cards.This original vision still influences me to this day in my satanic beliefs.Though,I am an aethist,I believe that the satanic part of us is something that needs to be found within and unified with the self.I have wrote on this a few times.

I have also taken heat for my public posts regarding drug use which are both here in this forum as well as on my facebook blog-Occult Kitten and in the facegroup -Kitten’s Toxiferous.I do not support drug use however it is a useful tool much like anything else that allows one to tap into other aspects of the self.It is for me a way to see things in an unjilted way free of the conditioning.Meeting spirits,gaining gnosis and gaining access to things typically blocked off from the normal mind.

Much of my writing is done via automatic writing as well as under the influence of marijuana.Though many will not agree with me on my approach.I do not care,drugs and mind altering substances have a long history in the occult,witchcraft and shamanism.Look at Crowley.He was a drug addict sex fiend who paved the way for many of the occult practices we follow now.Perhaps I am a modern version of such now.In either case,I am not opposed to drugs and sex as means for the occult or advancement of one’s path.

Like everything else in the occult,there are risks in it for those who walk this path.I remember a lot of readings and things said about me when I smoke marijuana.In this altered state,I am able to connect many things with my occult path.I channel much easier as well.

Left hand path is about personal responsibility.It is my personal responsibility how I work with the drugs I choose and the gnosis I gain and how that applies/affects my personal life.The same can be said for those who choose self harm methods for the occult such as blood or pain magick.Each claims responsibility for those things.Many of us need to stop the conditioning of society of judging and passing that judgement onto others.We are conditioned to view drugs,drug use and self harm methods as negative.However,there is such a thing as a functioning addict this concept can be applied across the board.

If more of us spent time finding ways to seek our own gnosis then there would be more practicing advancing occultists.

Cigarettes,smoking,smudging,mushrooms and many other things all have deep roots in magick-who am I to deny these aspects to myself?


Curse Eater Part 2

Curse-Eater Part 2
In several previous posts ,I spoke about what is a curse eater and also absorbing energy.In my posts on Succubus Slut facebook blog,I wrote about how one can work with vampyrism absorbing energy into the self as a feeding technique.Someone sends a certain energy and one can absorb it.Perhaps one sends energy of a certain kind such as sexual energy.One can absorb this energy into the self.One can be a submissive and allow another to send their energy while you passively absorb.
In this case,to be a curse eater one is cursed.To be cursed,negative energy known as a malediction is sent upon the target.Another sends energy out to the target where the submissive ,target or passive absorber takes that energy into themselves.Rather then harming the target,it is foodThis can be said to those who send spirits to another.One could be fed or aborbed if one is astrally projecting to another just as spirits sent upon the target is able to be absorbed.This can be a form of spirit consuming or vampyrism upon the spirits as well as the malediction.If one sees the spirit as aspects of the self,then one can is consuming the one who has sent the spirit as part of the attacker.
Absorbing energy can be taken into the body,mind,soul or the aura of the target.Once a person is skilled in absorbing the energy ,one can direct how the energy is used.One must be able to hook or grab control of the energy right at contact with the self.This can be done as being food astrally consumed,this can be taking the energy as one inhales air.
Consuming energy is a form of vampyrism that can allow one to gain alot of energy and become skillful in connecting and controlling energy as well being able to identify or even see the malediction and its caster.
Vampyrism comes in many forms such as incubus/succubus,traditonal psi vampyre ,spirit eater,curse eater.This can be a form that changes depending on what energy and its source.It can also be seen as one form .I was saw them in seperate forms however I have only one form now of vampyrr.I am going to share a few other techniques and ways to work with being a curse eater and vampyrism.



Curse Eater Part 1

Curse Eater
What is a curse eater?How do they feed and what can they do?
A curse eater is a vampyric deamon who has the ability to eat curses.Curses are a type of magick that is cast to harm another.A curse eater is immune to being harmed by a curse large or small.Rather they feed on it.Someone who has the ability to passively accept energy sent to them absorbs energy.A skilled person creates and allows one to send energy.Once energy is sent,it is attached too.Once attached,that energy source can be tapped into and drained.
If curses are sent upon one,a skilled person can feed on them becoming a curse eater.A curse eater becomes stronger by eating curses sent to them.Curse eaters can be in a variety of deamonic forms.It is a form of predator magick.Instead of being a victim,a curse eater is a predator who may be smart enough or manipulative enough to make themselves a target in order to grow stronger.Feeding projects such as projects or life goals.A curse eater is a damned creature who has no soul.Its only goal is to eat dark energy,to absorb this curse energy.These creatures are dark,bold and strong.Unwilling to die or unable to die,there is only their agenda.The stronger the curse the more they feed.Curse eaters have nothing to lose.As they feed on curses,the source and casters of these curses are fed upon.Appearing stronger then they are,the victim will be a constant source to feed on.When dealing with a damned cursed occultist,one never knows which skills they have acquired.
Curse eater is a skill,a deamon and an aspect of ourselves.Curse eaters carry within their essence a darkness which carries no light.
Am I curse eater?Yes.


The separation of soul and spirit:



What is a soul? A soul is to me your set persona for the lifetime you are currently in. It is a semi predetermined factor you are born into that changes as you change in your lifetime.


What is a spirit? A spirit is the collective being of you throughout all your lives. The spirit is made up of many souls, lives, and past backgrounds overlaying and building up who and what you are completely.


The soul is a shard of the spirit that may be gained back or lost depending on the choices in your life. If you are a Christian in that life your soul may go to heaven or hell but most of the time your spirit will remain the sum of the rest of the untaken parts. When someone summons a relative or someone who has passed they are summoning that soul shard from where ever it may be and not the entire spirit. This is why one can be reincarnated or moved on and still be called upon in that life alone.


This leads to more drastic questions, like what happens if you “sell your soul”. First off it is only a shard of your entire being used in one lifetime, so it may be disposable anyways depending on your believes. But, “selling your soul” means selling your devotion to an entity in that life time in exchange for knowledge, power, etc… and there are a few ways that this could go. This being could be in it for your benefit as a healthy mutual relationship, letting that shard go back to the spirit where it came from letting you keep that knowledge power and etc… for good while making a more permanent bond. Or on the other hand they may devour that soul shard after granting you all you wish for in the mundane life or some other form of keeping that shard for themselves while your consciousness will go back to spirit from there but you will lose all you have gained, to become a part of said spirit giving it the life force of the soul shard at death or becoming a part of its collection. It is up to you to decide how you want to gamble this life away and if you are serious about what your doing.

Living Spirits

Living Spirits
Many do not completely understand what I am speaking about when I talk about the deamonic or spiritual aspects of the self.I take the concept of thoughtforms and servitors to apply to myself.This is taking parts of myself,creating an energy form both internally and externally.Servitors are forms of spirits man made.By incorporating aspects of yourself into a ritualistic aspect ,you can advance yourself.As I believe the mind and consciousness is the soul,It can be reprogrammed .This gives you the ability to create yourself into a living spirit.The living spirit is a servitored controlled aspect of yourself that is part of your consciousness.This can allow one to send energy out to complete tasks and return also allows yourself to have astral abilities by these servitors being aspects of the consciousness mind that is physically aware.This combines the astral spiritual and ritual aspects of the self into a physical form with abilites of a physical body such as second sight ,hearing and for myself the ability to experience sexual pleasures perhaps even to the level to create new spiritual baby aspects of the self to grow .By creating these living spirit family ,one can also influence or create your genetics and family blood line.This could possibly allow or create spiritual hybrid children physically.Perhaps a succubus may become pregnant or carry within her the spiritual female egg inside her to be able to create a child at some point with a mate of her choice.Or even allow her to change the genetics of the human female egg within herself to create a succubus child or whatever deamonic or monsterous type of child she can choose to bring into the physical body that she resides in.Living spirits to me is like skin walking where my deamonic form of myself is a true spirit on a soul level attached to the physical self.This can be worked with much like possession in which the deamonic spirit self eventually takes over the body completely.This can allow one in ritual to cast from a deamonic self form.This is taking a witch or occultist practicing witchcraft to a deamon working occult magicks.This changes the spiritual signature of ones self as well as advance the abilites of the occultist to the abilities of a deamon or god who walk the earth.This can also be worked with on a primal animalistic level or even to the point of being able to influence the sun,moon and nature by creating them into servitor aspects of the self.Below is an example of a deamonic primal animalistic aspect.How do you view the living spirit aspects of yourself?


Multiple Souls,Aspects of The Self,Spirits

What Is The Soul?
To me,the soul is our consciousness of this life.To me,it is stuck in the body.Astral projection,shades of the dead are but servitored aspects of the mind.If one can create attachments from a curse or ritual,thoughtforms ,we can mind control,servitor ourselves.

Multiple Souls,Aspects of The Self,Spirits
For many cultures,the soul has an aspect that is the name of the person.For me,I have multiple alias which are names people go by or are known as.I came into the world with more then one legal name not just a first middle and last.I am also a gemini.I have created other names for myself.These can be worked with as various spirits,familiars of the self.These are also ways to safe guard power,your soul or even your magicks against another.Some of these aspects of the self can bear the same energy signature which some recognize in my groups,writing or blogs.Some aspects of the self can have their own.Think of a multiple personality person or one with a split personality on a spiritual or magickal level vs a mental disease/difficulty.Recognize these aspects of the self,figure out what type of person,what jobs,magickal abilities and practices.Give them a name and form.I consider this servitoring the self.I have spirits of the self which none have met.Some are attached to others allowing me to remote view,dream or influence them.Energy working can be done.Think of it as a web.The main brain is the hub where these spiritual aspects of the self are connected and are able to act from.The aspect of the self which looks at things from an outside view can be seen as the controller to a degree.The shadow cast by the sun is a soul piece.For me,I do not see the soul as some higher aspect.I see it as my consciousness which one can servitored and controlled consciouslyEven the subconscious can be reached.People can block out memories and have flashbacks or remember traumas that happened ,in this way the subsciousness can be servitored.There is nothing more powerful and dangerous then the mirror.Know thyself .I know myself through a million names,lives and adventures.I have begun to work with death aspects of myself.Many times these selves die and I guide them through the afterlife.If my consciousness is so programmed to do things when I physically die,these consciousness soul pieces will be so ingrained to the very core.I should be able to program,store these pieces of consciousness with a food source.One prefers to eat fruit while another prefers wild foods.Many have animal forms/familiars.The conscious mind combined with the subconscious becomes a unified self of power.I am my own cult,my own cove,church,organization.Mind control of both aspects of the mind is possible as a way to control the soul and remove yourself from the slave cycle.Slave the aspect of the mind,make it a servitor slave then move into master form which can be seen as the spirit form.The spirit form can be the fallen angel ,deamon or Goddess. Human soul progression that creates its own life cycle of reincarnation,your own blood line.This allows one in a sense to live past,present and future lives.Know thyself,master the self,spirit the self.