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Just a quick run down of the facebook groups and blogs I have for those interested in checking them out.Also,new to facebook is mentorship group-Kitten’s Occult Circus.See below for details under facebook groups.

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Occult Kitten-main facebook blog .This is the page all my groups are linked too and ran under.

Succubus Slut- a blog focused on sexuality,feminine empowerment and succubus/female deamons and feminine magicks

Devil’s Rose- blog focused on black arts,lhp,occult and witchcraft topics

Black Arts is a blog for the occult school and courses -Black Arts.

Mystic Marajuana is a new blog focused on all cannabis related from memes to spiritual topics.

Occult Kitten Facebook Groups

These are all linked under my main blog-Occult Kitten.All are open for membership ,please answer the entrance questions.

Black Arts – main lhp/occult/black magick group

Strange Magick-khaos magick group with a dark twist -lhp/Occult topics

Occult Kitten-BDSM kink group /sex magick/occult

Cannabis Occultist-cannabis ,altering substances and the occult,transcendental occultism and transcendental Satanism

Temple of Ishtar-ancient and modern sex workers/sex industry,sex cults,ancient sacred whore practices Babylon sex magick

Kitten’s Roses-female only group focused on the female body and spiritual aspects

Kitten’s CLaws is a group focused on curses,execration magick and maledictions

Kitten’s Occult Circus-Must be 18 years old Mentorship group offering various topics for mentorship

Devilish Charm- black magick/witchcraft group

Sorcery of the Seductress-female only group focused on feminine magick and the deamonic feminine sex magick

Art of Apotheosis -self deification discussion group

Lair of the Incubus -beast,vampire,sex magick and other sexual deamon magicks

Kitten’s Mesmerizing Music-occult music tech magick group

Occult Kitten’s Dark Divination -divination group with approved readers

Satan’s Sex Kitten-erotic themed satanic group focuses on erotic topics.BDSM ,sex magick and blasemphy

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Lunar Magick

Lunar Magick
Most are familiar with the lunar cycle being part of traditional witchcraft.The full moon is said to be most potent with witches being at full power as well.The moon does not produce its own light rather it reflects sunlight.The full moon is one whole side of the moon reflecting sun light.The moon gains power or light from another source.It is under the influence of another and it then influences us/Earth especially water.Witches are the same being influenced by that which is being influenced.
The moon is a mirror reflecting many things.To me,its speaking of false light and dogma.Working with energies and such that are being influenced by a larger source.How much dogma do we see in witchcraft and religions all over the place?
The dark moon and the dark side of the moon is said to be a place and time of uncertain energies,working with spirits and necromancy.Darker magicks in general are best.This also speaks of the moon as a being a source of uninfluenced energy translating to a non- dogmatic energy/magicks.I can not see how any lunar goddess is a power themselves as the moon itself has no light of it’s own.
For those looking into working with dark energy,one may work with the dark moon or dark side of the moon.Traditionally this is a time of the month witches avoid casting magicks.Those looking into magick involving khaos and uncertain energy this is it.
I align more with the dark moon and always have had more experiences during the dark moon.My practice focuses on being your own source of energy.The dark of the moon aligns with this more.
The moon is still under the influence of other forces such as gravity,it is not being influenced as much.
How do you view the lunar cycle and magick?


Let’s talk about the concept of therianthropy, “Otherkin”, souls vs body, Egregoric forms, and Deific masks:

Occula Dreamer

What are therianthropy and “other kin”?

Therianthropy is described as having the spirit or soul of an animal living within a human vessel(body). “Other kin” is the same principle but with the soul or spirit of a mythological creature. These people don’t just identify with these beings they spiritually ARE these beings incarnated into a human body. These people are naturally attuned with whatever their souls affinity is so they may have natural talent in those areas. These people can experience shifts such as astral shifts or phantom shifts. NOT PHYSICAL SHIFTS!!!

This can happen from a soul being “born” that way (rebirth counts too) or through advanced rites and rituals to become that way by changing your souls bloodline or composition. Souls can have a masculine or feminine energy or be neutral or both. That does not affect how one is incarnated. You can be physically male with a…

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Good and Evil:

Come check out my personal side blog for my own experiences, given its more rough then what will be posted in the occult kitten blog.

Occula Dreamer

Most people have a concept of good and evil. I used to also but for the longest time now I have been reprogramming and dissociating with those ideas. I believe that good and evil are subjective to perception and anything one does will mostly be what is within one’s nature to do. That one who knows of no evil or no guilt is indeed right in one’s nature. That animals kill with reason and without regret are neither good nor evil. They are just surviving. The same as any other being or entity that may exist. Not all Demons are Evil. Not all Angels are Good. Not all Spirits are Malevolent. Not all Deities are Benevolent. I just started to believe that everything they do is within their nature and to turn a blind eye because there is no true good and evil in existence. And I see the world…

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The Triple Soul

The Triple Soul
All beings are born with the a triple soul.I have witnessed this first hand with my daemon who has been working with my souls for over a year.I also work with soul magick alot and only use the three colors red,black and white candles in my craft.First soul is the black soul.It is the astral body and capable of soul travel.We identify this as our ego,this is this lifetime’s identity.It is also the exact copy of you and is able to be in any form you desire known as the fetch.Upon death,it is it’s choice to wander here or to cross over or go as it wishes.
Red soul is the eternal soul.It is in the bones of all if us,it is the spark of the Fallen.This is the soul allowed peace before rebirth if you wish.The eternal soul holds all our past life memories and connection to our ancestors.
White soul is the higher self.It is the Holy Guardian Angel/Daemon.The higher self exists right above the physical body.One of our main goals is to work with the Higher Holy Daemon as luciferians recognize it as our true will/desires.Upon death,it is joined in a marriage with the Red Soul.So that there is lasting communion with us.Blocks and places of lost power come when we deny the White Soul,the Holy Guardian Daemon which is our true will and desire.


Tools As Familiars

Tools As Familiars

We all work with tools to extent whether it’s a candle,athame or anything.I used to work with a candle and fire magick.I used this technique where i could put myself into the flame of the candle and I would cast alll kinds of magick.This gave me the idea of working with tools as familiars.Putting your spirit or thoughts into the tool creating a familiar thoughtform inside the tool.I also have been toying with the living altar or sacred forniphilia.Living altars such as plants and also humans working with them in various ways.Plants can be worked with as plant familiars as well.Many overlook the simplest things that can hold great power.By creating tool familiars,you can work with them just as any familiar.One could send the spirit of the athame to enact a curse on a target.A plant familiar can be sent out to heal another or even temporarily merge with a target for various reasons.If you use your atthame to stab a poppet,imagine sending the spirit of the athame out to the target to enact the curse as one casts in ritual.To me,it creates another level of magick.As we work with spirit familiars and tools ,energy and connections build in them,why not consciously control these things to twist and conform to another level?

Traditional European Witchcraft

Traditional European Witchcraft
Here is its basic bare bones of traditional european witchcraft.Land and our presence on it are a sacred reality.All forms of life are in a timeless eternal web of sacred powers that interact and depend on each other.The Underworld is a mysterious place of spiritual powers beneath the land full of shades and strange entities that interact with us through the land as a medium.Traditionalists feel its their duty to protect and act as guardians of land with its inhabitants.No particuliar set of morals or ethics they go by.They have a reverance and respect for the dead.If they die they believe it is possible for them to come back as a spirit connected to the land or as an animal.Some would say they have the ability to come back as a fae,deamon or a supernatural creature.To become wise enough to begin to shape the cycle of rebirth for one’s self is the goal for one.Traditionalists attempt to become seers of the hidden powers of th land and how they manifest.To become a seer and honor the power of the land is the heart of the traditionalist.Sacred seasons and sabbats are recognized as being doorways in to the spirit realm.Some days,seasons and months are doorways for one to experience the alnd and the self.